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Plymouth Stag Weekend Guide

Stag Weekends in Plymouth

Plymouth is an immense city that extends along the estuary of rivers Plym and Tamar and basks under the glory of its maritime legacy that dates back to eons of years. Even today Plymouth is home to the largest naval base in the whole of Western Europe! There is always a ship in this seafaring town of Plymouth.

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  • It is a perfect stag weekend destination with a rich sprinkling of cinemas, cafes and art galleries apart from the many historical monuments and stately houses that parade its rich legacy. There are stunning nature spectacles and sporting activities along with some of the finest stretches of sand that allows you to indulge in an array of water sports. Plymouth has a sporty populace of university students that add strokes of vivacity to this city.

    Plymouth stag weekends is all about fun, so make the most of it with your mates. What more? The shoppers can explore the various markets and shops at the Barbican where you net some cool deals while picking up some stunning native crafts and art forms. There are many first class hotels and restaurants for you to make your stag weekend memorable. Plymouth offers an astonishing array of activities to fill in your weekend. The Alfresco revelers can go karting where they can burn their rubbers to come out with flying colors. The high power version of Grand Prix Race is great to experience the buzz and fizz of racing against your own friends or colleagues, which makes it all the more special. The indoor games feature many headline grabbers like the casino; where you can roll the dice without risking any money to win some stunning prizes. There are different gambling games to try your luck on such as poker or black jack.

    The rocking university town of Plymouth is fast emerging as a West County party Mecca with many pumping discos and pubs that cast a magical spell over its revelers. Hit the Barbican slot of the city, which is the brimming hub of many restaurants and taverns for an unforgettable evening. You can even tailor your own stag party by adding live music, magic shows or comedy sessions to add zing to the whole party. Thump the dance floor with some snazzy dance steps all night through, not to forget the exotic wine and food to top off the celebration.