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Stag Weekends Scotland

Stag Weekends Scotland - We’ve got to declare our interest – we’re proud Scotsmen and Scotswomen at GoBananas. We’re currently writing this from atop a wind blasted hill, on horseback with our faces painted blue, nothing under our kilts, a deep-fried battered Mars Bar in one hand and a wrap of skag in the other, like every other native of our beautiful land. It’s no wonder we’re patriotic when we think of all the opportunities this country has for the seeker of thrills, fun, hedonism and adventure. Scotland’s got everything any stag party could ever need. It's a country of contrasts so whatever you’re into and whatever kind of Stag weekend experience you’re looking to have, you can bet Scotland’s got it covered. All that and the friendliest, funniest, sexiest people you could ever meet, and that’s just us at GoBananas.

Click on the links below for our top stag weekend destinations in Scotland:

One of Scotland’s strengths is its amazing diversity in character and landscape across different parts of the country. In the wild, untamed wilderness of the Highlands you’ll find breathtaking views, a rugged terrain that’s ideal for thirst-developing hikes and walks, and amazing characterful pubs full of amazing characters. The islands of Scotland have got their own distinctive, eccentric vibe, complete with dramatic views and eccentric locals, so you’ll have loads of stag weekend stories to bring back home. The islands also produce an incredible array of whiskys. It would criminal not to sample them, so get stuck in, purely in the interests of research, of course.

Glasgow is the ultimate Scottish Stag party town - the whole place goes like the clappers and the people go absolutely mental in their quest for a good time. It's ultra chic, uber-trendy, stuffed full of world-class restaurants and cutting-edge clubs. If you’re looking for full on, you can’t go wrong in Glasgow. Edinburgh’s pretty much the same but a bit more classic, smart and refined. It's still got everything you might hope to find for a stag including first class places to eat, drink, dance and ogle girls. And if you fancy splashing out (not on the girls) you can find casinos, lap-dancing clubs or even spas to recover at after a night of having it large.

Watersports (which is sports on water, you dirty minded wretches) are a Scottish specialty, what with our famous lochs and everything. Aberdeen will give you the coast, Stirling and Fife are renowned for their stunning golf courses, as is St Andrews. Bonnie Scotland’s got it all, basically, plus pale-skinned beauties that are well up for a laugh, so get your pants off and your kilts on and get to your stag to Scotland ye wee radges, you won’t regret it.


Aviemore for a stag weekend offers quite a few options: you can get there by car or train and is about 40 mins from Inverness airport.  It is incredibly popular with skiers in the winter and people who are into outdoor pursuits. We have some great deals on accommodation and activities including quad biking and white water rafting. Click for more on Aviemore Stag Weekends


Edinburgh has long been our top destination for a stag weekend, with so much on the door step it's no surprise.  Getting there is easy with loads of cheap flights on a daily basis. The busy times in Edinburgh are when the festivals are on in August and rugby weekends.  Our most popular stag activities include white water rafting, paintball sessions, quad biking and party on a bus.  We also have great deals with stag friendly places to stay in Edinburgh, some exclusive to GoBananas! Click for more on Edinburgh Stag Weekends


Glasgow for a stag weekend in Scotland has slowly grown in popularity especially with Ireland in spitting distance if the wind is blowing in the right direction.  Glasgow like Edinburgh has lots of great outdoor activities about 1 to 2 hours from the centre so again you have lots of options to choose from.  We have some great deals on accommodation in Glasgow and they tend to be cheaper than Edinburgh. Click for more on Glasgow Stag Weekends


Inverness used just to be the quiet capital of the Highlands, but in the last year we have sent more and more stag parties to Inverness as other towns like Aviemore have become more expensive and busy.  Inverness has loads going for a stag weekend in Scotland.  With Loch Ness on the door step and the Cairngorm National Park just to the south, there are loads of options for a great stag weekend day and night.  We have all the popular stag activities from quad biking to spa treatments. Inverness is also easy to get to, train, plane and automobile. The sleeper train also still runs from London. Click for more on Inverness Stag Weekends


Perth although is classed as a city is actually more like large town, it is incredibly pretty and is really the gateway to the highlands of Scotland.  Perth has a couple of nightclubs which we have deals with and the bars are plentiful.  There are some good restaurants in the centre and most of our accommodation is fairly central although it's not difficult to get around even if you are on the outskirts.  Most of the activities like rafting, clay shooting and quad biking to name a few, are within 30 minutes of the centre. Click here for Perth Stag Weekends

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