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Yorkshire Stag Weekends

gokarting-11Yorkshire Stag Weekends - Traditionally a rural and country region in England, Yorkshire is known by some as God's Own County. Mostly by people living in Yorkshire, we imagine! Despite the area consisting of large canvasses of countryside, don't be fooled into thinking there's no city life to be found...

Our top Stag weekend destinations in Yorkshire


Harrogate, otherwise known as The English Spa, has been deemed the most relaxing town in the united kingdom. It's situated on one of the countrys few natural spas and became famous due to the theraputic waters discovered in the 16th century. Whilst still hugely popular due to the health spas on offer, there is a budding city and nightlife which you won't be disappointed by! Click here for more on Harrogate Stag Weekends



Leeds is a fantastic night out, with people travelling from all over the UK to sample the brilliant club scene o - and that's without the motivation of a Stag party! For those of you who want more than a night out, you'll not be disappointed by the stunning array of Stag activities on offer here. Click for more information about Leeds Stag Weekends


Good news - Sheffield has the highest number of trees per person in any European city! Ok, so that might not be enough to draw you Sheffield but the city's huge population and the modern developments make Sheffield an urban Stag's delight. Click here to fine out why you should try a Sheffield Stag Weekend


One of the oldest cities in England; the good people of York have more experience than most in knowing how to throw a party. Founded by the Romans, captured by the Vikings and flooded by the... well, water mostly... York has risen up to be one of the most classic examples of English heritage anywhere in the country. The nightlife, however, is anything but traditional! From exotic dance classes to chocolate making and cocktail lessons, click for more info on York Stag Weekends