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Birmingham Stag Weekends and Ideas

Birmingham is home to one of the worlds biggest motorway interchanges- Sphagetti Junction which continues to confuse tourists looking for an Italian restaurant

OK so Birmingham may not be the prettiest place on the Earth, but who cares if you are going there on a stag do!  Any way what you doing looking at buildings?

Birmingham Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
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Why You Should Come To Birmingham

Birmingham is just a really cool city that pretty ticks all the boxes when it comes to having a great stag weekend. You have a fantastic night life here with just a ton of different bars, clubs and even venues to check out some live music. And then there is the crazy stuff that you can get up to during the day! In all Birmingham is just a perfect stag do location.

Birmingham has a ton of attractions for you to go to that the tourists just love. If you have a sweet tooth then check out Cadbury World where they do offer a few free samples I might add. And there is also one of the UK’s largest entertainment venues, The NEC.

Having A Great Stag Night In Birmingham

So what the hell can you do in Birmingham during your stag night? Well look below and see four of the best places a group of guys can go in Birmingham.

Legs 11 Lap Dancing Club

T and A!!!!! is there anything more that the groom to be really wants to see on his stag night? Come on going to a lap dancing club is almost like some kind of civic duty that you guys are required to do on a stag night. It’s up to you guys to let the main man see some different boobs! This is a really cool club, Legs 11 actually have two locations in Birmingham and they are both awesome. Great chicks, plenty of alcohol and some of the sexiest dance moves you will ever see.

Broadway Casino

Do you fancy yourself as something of a high roller? Then a night here is freaking awesome! This is a great casino that offer a wide range of gaming options from slots to poker and for you non gamblers who are being dragged here, you can kick back in the bar, cheer on your mates and eat some damn fine food as well. They do some great deals here where you can have a drink, some food and even get a few gaming chips as well. This is a fun night out and you never know one of you might get lucky and win some money.

The Glee Comedy Club Experience

Do not worry my hard rocking amigos this has nothing to do with that horrible TV show. The Glee Comedy Club offers a great night of comedy. You never know who is going to be on stage here, could be a local comedian or perhaps a famous comedian who is touring the UK. You will see a few different acts during your night here and there is a great MC who keeps the laughs going in between acts.

Electric Nightclub

Most stag nights will end up at a nightclub at some point and Birmingham is home to one of the coolest and most bad ass nightclubs in the whole of the UK, Electric! This place just has a really cool vibe and the ladies sure as hell like to dance here (and seem to wear very little I might add!) they play great tunes and regularly have guest DJ’s performing here. So if it’s a nightclub with an ice cool vibe you are after then Electric is the place you need to come to.

What You Gents Can Do During The Day

Birmingham has a ton of cool things for you blokes to get up to during the day and here are my personal picks for you that are sure to guarantee you a great time.


There are certain activities that just scream stag weekend! And paintballing is one of them. This is just a great day out and an awesome way to inflict a little pain on your mates, relive your childhood and feel like a total badass in the process! This is a great spot for a game of paintball at a few hundred acres, multiple different game scenarios and the latest paintball equipment make this the best place in the Birmingham area for a game of paintball.

Grand Prix Go Karting

At just a mile away from the centre of Birmingham a day going kart racing here is an awesome idea. Here you guys will get to see who is the best driver so put your real life driving skills to the test or hell put your Mario Kart skills to the test as you try to tackle the tight turns, fly down the straights and prove you are the best when it comes to driving. This is a great day out and there will be a clear cut winner who gets to act like a big man because he won!

Bungee Jumping 160 Feet!!!!

Here is a stag do activity where you get the chance to see who is a real man and who is a little chicken! Bungee jumping is a weird activity in that it really is scary as hell when you are about to jump. But the rush you get once you jump is indescribable. I think a stag weekend should see you guys doing something a wee bit mental and what is more mental than leaping off a huge ass crane?

Bubble Football

Now this is just perfect for a stag weekend! I am sure you may be wondering what Bubble Football is, well it’s a game of five a side football. But you are inside these giant inflatable balls, well your upper bodies are. This is a riot and trying your silky Ronaldo style crossovers is not going to happen. Well you can try, but your mate will probably just slam into you sending you rolling on the floor! This is football that even non-football fans can have a laugh with.

Cool Places To Eat

Bella Italia

For a nice meal at a great price, fun atmosphere and a menu that is full of all kinds of good things that even Mr Fussy will like, you cannot beat the Bella Italia. One thing I have to mention here is their awesome double decker pepperoni pizza……. I could really just eat one of them right now actually. The fact its located pretty much in the city centre means you can eat here then roll out into a pub right away.

Viceroy Tandoori

If you want a little spice before you hit the pubs and clubs of Birmingham. Then a nice evening meal here at the Viceroy Tandoori is a great idea. They have a large menu that has plenty of hot and spicy dishes for you more adventurous types as well as some mild dishes as well. In all there is something on the menu for everyone here.

Getting To Birmingham

As well as having a crazy amount of cool stuff, Birmingham is a popular stag do location because of how easy it is to get to. This is the UK’s second largest city and as a result you can get here via train, bus or even plane if you want to live it up! And of course if you have a guy who is cool with driving then just hop on the M6 and you guys will be fine!

Top Packages & Activities

Full House and Full Fun - Birmingham Stag Weekend Package

We have got your weekend covered from start to finish, you just worry about the drinks and getting one up on the stag!



Need For Speed Birmingham Stag Do

A fun filled stag do in Birmingham that won't cost the group a fortune! Includes ► 2 nights accommodation ► gokarting ► Saturday night Q-Jump



No Frills - Birmingham Stag Weekend Package

We cover all the basics in this stag package so you can have fantastic weekend in Birmingham without worrying where to go or where to sleep.



Shoot the Pigeon - Birmingham Stag Do

You get accommodation x 2 nights + lap dancing at Spearmint + 25 clays + comedy club in the great little stag do package



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