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Blackpool Stag Weekends and Ideas

Blackpool home to a unique breed of landladys with razor sharp tongues. Reckoned to be Britain's answer to Las Vegas- but only if you have never been to Las Vegas

Blackpool was built for Stag Weekends. Actually it wasn't, but who cares, it's had 100 years to turn itself into the North West's Stag central. Stuffed with enough attractions to keep you semi-sober during the day and stacks of clubs and pubs guaranteeing the night will be one to remember - or perhaps not, depending on just how pissed everyone gets - there isn't a better stopover to give a Stag fitting send-off!

Blackpool Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
Blackpool Stag Nights and Evenings
Blackpool stag do packages
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Why You Guys Need To Come To Blackpool

Let’s face it no matter if you are 8, 18,38 or 68 it is impossible not to have a great time in Blackpool. This is a place that is pretty much perfect in every single way you can imagine for a stag weekend. The nightlife, the daytime fun and the tons of bars and clubs. There is always some kind of action going on in Blackpool and you guys will know that you will be in for one hell of a great weekend.

Of course as Blackpool is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country there are all kinds of cool things you guys can check out if you want to. If you are doing a wee bit of sightseeing then a trip to Blackpool Tower is a must. And of course you have the Central , South and North piers.

What Are Some Great Places To Eat In Blackpool?

Mi Casa Su Casa

This is a really nice tapas restaurant that offers a dining experience that is probably a little different from what you guys normally have. Mi Casa Su Casa offers a great menu (I love the Moroccan chicken!) with a friendly atmosphere. For me this is the perfect place to go for a lunch in between your day time activities.

AJ’s Bistro

Here I have for you the perfect place for a spot of fine dining and the perfect restaurant for your main meal during your stag weekend. AJ's Bistro offers a really diverse menu that has some more special and exotic dishes for people wanting something new and also offers things like a nice steak for those wanting something a little more basic.

Just How Awesome Is The Blackpool Nightlife?

It would take a man of the prestige of let’s just say Batman to cover all of what Blackpool has to offer on a night out, but do not worry as I have some of the best places Blackpool has for you guys just below.

Genting Casino

Ah if there is any night when its ok for a group of guys to do a little gambling and not get any hassle from their wives and girlfriends, it’s on a stag night. Genting Casino is a really cool place that offers all your favourite games from blackjack to poker and of course a vast amount of electronic games as well. You can have a few drinks a wee bite to eat and in general have a fun time here before you hit the pubs and clubs.

Sinless Gentlemen’s Club

Come to Sinless and you guys will see some of the sexiest ladies in the whole of Blackpool. This is the kind of lap dancing club you want to come to. You see while they do have plenty of smoking hot ladies in the place. They also know how to make a guy’s pants a little tighter by putting on one hell of a sexy show. They quite often have theme nights here so make sure you look out for that as I can tell you from experience that they are awesome!

Comedy Station

Jason Manford and Lee Nelson are just two of the big names who have appeared on the stage here at the Comedy Station. Blackpool is well known for live comedy and this place has many of the best comedians performing here. But what is really cool is that they also have some local and up and coming acts performing here during the year as well. A few laughs here is a great way to make sure your stag night in Blackpool is getting off to the best start.

Domain Nightclub

These days Domain is regarded by many as the best club in Blackpool. This place is just so freaking cool it is unreal. You have five different rooms with each one having its own vibe. You have the main room that has huge TV’s, a crazy light and sound system and quite often a guest DJ. Other rooms include an outdoor terrace and a more laid back chilled lounge. This is just a great club where you can literally spend the whole night.

What Crazy Things You Can Do During The Day

Here is just a little tastier of the crazy stuff you guys can get up to during the day here in Blackpool!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Back in 1946 the government said that any stag do in Blackpool must go to the Pleasure Beach! This is one of the best “attractions” in Blackpool and it is just so much fun. There are live stage shows, plenty of places to eat and drink and of course a ton of rides as well. I do not care what anyone says I still think this is the best amusement park in the whole of the UK. You guys can spend the whole day here and not get bored! If you want a day of crazy, fun and most probably getting wet then this is where you need to be!

Laser Quest

If you want to feel like a marine from the Alien movies or like some kind of bad ass from a video game then a game of Laser Quest is what you need to do! I love this place, you get a different experience than you do with paintball when you have a game of laser quest. One thing, you will never run out of ammo and another thing is you will not be covered in welts and bruises. The confined space means that you can run, but you cannot hide! This is just a great activity and one I really think you guys should do on your stag weekend.

Adrenaline Zone

Located down at the South Pier, Adrenaline Zone is an action man and thrill seekers dream! Will you have the balls to go on the Sky Coaster? Will you puke after a go on the Sky Screamer? These are just two of the awesome attractions that are on offer here. You guys will love it here! This place is just mental and how people come up with ride, attractions or whatever you want to call them I have no idea, but I do know they are a ton of fun to have a go on.

Climbing Towers

Here I have for you an activity that is for you guys who want to do something a little physical. Climbing Towers will see you climb up these huge tripod structures all the while with the great sights of Blackpool in the background. You will have an instructor on hand to make sure you are safe and doing it right so do not worry. This is quite tough, but it’s also a great deal of fun and you will feel like a million pounds when you make it to the top.

Getting To Blackpool

Located in the North West, Blackpool is very easy to get to. I do not think there is a town or city in the UK that does not have a few coaches running here each week. And of course you can get the train if you want. If you guys are coming in the car then the M6 / A585 will see you pretty much get here. At the end of the day if you get lost just look for the huge ass tower with all the lights.

Top Packages & Activities

2 Course Meal with a drink

A two course meal including a drink in a Latin American themed restaurant, perfect way to start your night.



Blackpool Stag Weekend Package

Let's keep it simple guys - kip, clubs and, of course, lap dancing and at a price that leaves plenty of cash for the kitty - Stag Weekend sorted!.



Don't Shoot the Comedian - Blackpool Stag Weekend Package

Blackpool Stag weekend Package. Includes 2 nights accommodation, lap dancing & nightclub entry, clay pigeon shooting, comedy club.



Shoots & Clubbing-Blackpool Stag Weekend Package

Shoots & Clubbing Package in Blackpool. Includes accommodation and equipments for clay pigeon shooting. Entry into top clubs and and no waiting in queues.



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