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Blackpool home to a unique breed of landladys with razor sharp tongues. Reckoned to be Britain's answer to Las Vegas- but only if you have never been to Las Vegas

Blackpool was built for Stag Weekends. Actually it wasn't, but who cares, it's had 100 years to turn itself into the North West's Stag central. Stuffed with enough attractions to keep you semi-sober during the day and stacks of clubs and pubs guaranteeing the night will be one to remember - or perhaps not, depending on just how pissed everyone gets - there isn't a better stopover to give a Stag fitting send-off!

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No time to be bored during the day with, of course, go karting, laser shooting and paintballing in the mix as well as all the amusements, arcades and those theme park rides.

Head for the Pleasure Beach to tackle some of the rides (note to self - Big Dipper best before beer crawls) or that other beach where as well as the donkeys there are plenty of other asses and other attractions on view, courtesy of the Blackpool girls!. You can peer from the piers or tackle the Tower to while away the time until night falls and the serious business of bar and club crawling begins.

Before then it's a fair bet that the munchies will strike and it would be sacrilege to stuff salads in yer gob when so much fast food is on offer - from kebabs to curries plus fish and chips and more, or if it's posh nosh you seek then there are plenty of places to find that too. Besides it's a fair bet that you've missed breakfast so go for that fry-up frenzy - it's odds on you'll lose it one way or another on the big dipper anyway!

So what sort of clubs can you find? Pole dancing, lap dancing, strip clubs - who gives a toss about the other ones? You can always fill in the gaps between clubs by grabbing a few swift pints in some of the many pubs along the Golden Mile.

You may or may not see the light or rather lights because the famous illuminations are seasonal but either way this is a really switched-on place for your Stag Weekend. Let the trams stay on the straight and narrow, Blackpool is a place where you can definitely go off the rails!

Feel free to call our dedicated Blackpool Stag team today on 0131 603 4860 or 0800 567 7101 and let them arrange a wicked weekend.  Don't worry, even if you don't have exact numbers (team members) right now just give us a rough idea and we will do the rest.

Top Packages & Activities

Blackpool Stag Weekend Package
Let's keep it simple guys - kip, clubs and, of course, lap dancing and at a price that leaves plenty of cash for the kitty - Stag Weekend sorted!.


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Don't Shoot the Comedian - Blackpool Stag Weekend Package
Blackpool Stag weekend Package. Includes 2 nights accommodation, lap dancing & nightclub entry, clay pigeon shooting, comedy club.


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Shoots & Clubbing-Blackpool Stag Weekend Package
Shoots & Clubbing Package in Blackpool. Includes accommodation and equipments for clay pigeon shooting. Entry into top clubs and and no waiting in queues.


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