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Blackpool Stag Weekend Packages

A selection of all inclusive stag weekend packages in Blackpool. Get accommodation, activities and entertainment with one swipe of the mouse.


Blackpool Stag Weekend Package

Let's keep it simple guys - kip, clubs and, of course, lap dancing and at a price that leaves plenty of cash for the kitty - Stag Weekend sorted!.



Don't Shoot the Comedian - Blackpool Stag Weekend Package

Blackpool Stag weekend Package. Includes 2 nights accommodation, lap dancing & nightclub entry, clay pigeon shooting, comedy club.



Shoots & Clubbing-Blackpool Stag Weekend Package

Shoots & Clubbing Package in Blackpool. Includes accommodation and equipments for clay pigeon shooting. Entry into top clubs and and no waiting in queues.



We know that planning a stag do for your best mate, however much you love him, is just one big pain in the arse. That is why we've put together some juicy little stag do packages that are intended to help you shortcut the process. Each package contains accommodation, daytime activities and some stuff to do at night.

The choice you're going to make is most likely to be driven by two factors: Price and activities. The way it works, in our experiences, is that at the start people proclaim that they don't mind, but as soon as you propose what is going to happen, then every Tom, Dick and Harry puts there oar in. Before you know it, your plans are in tatters. Sounds pretty depressing, doesn't it?

The good news is that we are wise to it, so whatever you plan, remember, we can modify to suit the needs of your party. They might pursue off, but we won't. So, go ahead and book yourself one of our packages and then feel free to come back, apologetically, and ask us to make some changes. Just so long as it is not too late, and we can get the availability, we will do everything we can do to help.

As you already well-known, Blackpool is a real laugh, so the last thing we want is for you to want to slit your throat before you even get there. Our job is to try and make the whole thing fun and to support you in the process. Questions? Contact us and we should be able to put you straight.

Blackpool Stag Weekends and Ideas
Blackpool Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
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