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Brighton Stag Weekends and Ideas

Everyone loves Brighton and its piers residents- Scores of Kamikaze seagulls that swoop down like dive bombers hoping to pinch some of your over-priced chips!

Brighton has been a top destination for party goers and groups for years, remember the Mods and Rockers?  Now it's the stag and hen groups. although not in battle mode, more like love mode.  There are loads of top bars and clubs to choose from, which will mean you never have to visit the same place twice on a stag weekend.  

Brighton Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
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What Makes Brighton A Great Place To Come To

You know one of the things that makes Brighton such an awesome place for a stag weekend? That the girls here seem to like to wear hardly any clothes, one of the joys of being a seaside town I guess. But even in the winter months the nightclubs are full of sexy young ladies who love to show a bit of skin, so you single gents will be in heaven here. While that is cool, Brighton does have a ton of great things for you guys to do both during the day and during your stag night as well.

If you guys want to do the whole touristy thing because you are genuinely interested in them or because you just want to try and score with the local ladies then these places are pretty cool. Brighton Pier is always a very popular place with tourist (and the ladies) and also the Brighton Wheel is a top beach tourist spot.

How Easy Is It To Get To Brighton?

Pretty damn easy is the best way to answer this question. If you are getting here on the train, Brighton is no hassle at all from pretty much anywhere in the country. To give you an idea of the kind of time it takes, London is about just under an hour away from here. By car you can get here via the A23 and A27 pretty easily. Once you get here thanks to the public transport system there is no need to drive anywhere really, unless you are going just outside Brighton for one of your activities.

What Can We Do During The Day?

Here I have for you fine gents just a small selection of the awesome things you can get up to during your stag weekend in Brighton. All these have proven to be very popular with stag groups.

Rock Climbing

You know the scene in Mission Impossible 2 when Tom Cruise is rock climbing? What you never seen the movie, it’s awesome. Anyway, rock climbing is a real manly activity that as well as being pretty physically challenging is also a great deal of fun. It’s the kind of activity where a group of lads can either cheer each other or offer kind words of encouragement. Or they can just take the piss and make fun of each other, either way you are in for a great time. You guys will be with an instructor and be shown the right way to climb so the only thing stopping you reaching the top are your own nerves!


Ok so first thing I am not even sure that hovercrafting is a real word, I know my spell checker seems to flag up that I am a dumb ass every time I write it! Anyway most stag weekends see the guys get behind the wheel of something, usually a go kart or a quad and that is cool, but for something a little different how about a freaking hovercraft. Talk about bad ass! These things just fly, you will be taken by surprise at just how fast these things can go. While it may be about a 20 minute drive from Brighton it’s well worth the trip to make your stag do extra special.

Bubble Football

This is a whole new take on the game of football. This is a version of football where those of you who are not to good can mix with those who still think they have a chance of making the next World Cup squad. Bubble Football will see you gents have to wear this big inflatable thing over your upper body. This throws your whole body of and trying to run in one of these things in hilarious and when you get knocked over you will do about 50 rolls before you get back up! This is a great activity for even those who are not into football.

Outdoor Go Karting

Here I have for you guys a classic stag do activity that is just balls to the wall action! Go karting is a proven classic of a stag do event as it first of all is a great deal of fun for the people doing it, but there is also a competitive edge here. Where there is a clear winner and also a big fat loser as well. So you guys can run some kind of official competition and have the winner showered with praise and millions of pounds, or maybe a few free drinks it’s up to you guys. But the loser should have to do some kind of degrading forfeit!

How To Have A Mental Stag Night!

Brighton has a good nightlife and here are just a few of the things you guys can do!

Rendezvous Casino

While going to a casino is a bit of a classic when it comes to a stag night, but here at Rendezvous Casino you are getting something a little different, well you are still getting to gamble, but there is also a damn fine restaurant here and a bar. So for those in your stag group who do not want to partake in the two floors of gambling, while the others are trying to win big at poker, black jack or on the slots they can kick back with a drink in one hand and a burger in the other.

The Pussycat Club

You know with a name like the Pussycat Club there are only two things this place can be. An animal shelter for cats or one of Brighton’s finest lap dancing clubs! And I think you know what one this is! Pussycat Club is awesome as not only does it offer lap dancing it offers something even better. What could be better I hear you ask! Well its simple, fully nude lap dancing! So sit back with a drink in your hand, pillow over your lap and enjoy the show!

Funky Fish Club

If you guys want to come to a nightclub that is not all about gimmicks and for lack of a better term, up its own ass then a night out at the Funky Fish Club is for you. These guys are all about the party so there is no dress code or any hassle just some great tunes, plenty of booze and an awesome atmosphere. If you want to party then this is the place for a no frills party where plenty of fine looking young ladies flock to!

Bedrock Sports Bar

Now this place is cool and many a stag night has started here and actually not left the place because it’s that awesome! What you are getting with the Bedrock ! is a bar, nightclub and sports bar all wrapped into one fun filled package. For a group of rowdy lads there is no better place to roll into! With some great booze, banging tunes and sports on the big TV’s, Bedrock ticks all the boxes for a great stag night!

Some Places To Eat Some Damn Fine Food!

While of course, Brighton has all your favourite fast food places. If you want a nice meal with your mates as part of your stag weekend then you have just a crazy amount of choices. Here are just a couple of my favourites for you guys.

La Tasca

This is an amazing Spanish themed tapas restaurant that has plenty of fine food from all kinds of places such as Spain, Columbia and Brazil to name a few. While the menu does have some more exotic dishes. There are plenty of more “normal” dishes for you guys who are a bit on the fussy side.

Burger Brothers

Hey I love a McDonalds and a Burger King as much as the next guy, but the best damn burgers in the whole of Brighton are found here at Burger Brothers. So if you want a burger that you will really struggle to hold with both your hands because it’s so damn big then check this place out!

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