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Brighton Stag Weekends and Ideas

Everyone loves Brighton and its piers residents- Scores of Kamikaze seagulls that swoop down like dive bombers hoping to pinch some of your over-priced chips!

Brighton has been a top destination for party goers and groups for years, remember the Mods and Rockers?  Now it's the stag and hen groups. although not in battle mode, more like love mode.  There are loads of top bars and clubs to choose from, which will mean you never have to visit the same place twice on a stag weekend.  

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Of course being on the coast mean loads of great daytime activities including water sports and other top outdoor activities to keep your stag group out of the pubs and drinking all day.

Top Stag Day Activities Around Brighton

  • Paintball
  • Rage Buggies
  • Laser Combat
  • Kite Buggies
  • Go Karting
  • Tank Driving

Up and Coming Brighton Stag Activities

  • Paramotoring
  • Zorbing

Top Stag Nights in Brighton

  • Casino
  • Lap Dancing Clubs
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Party on a Bus

Brighton is renowned internationally for celebrations that make it one of the busiest tourist destinations in the UK. This town turns out to be a paradise for music enthusiasts as many popular performers have made this town their base. The night life in this town is buzzing!

After enjoying your time out by indulging in any of the outdoor activities offered by Brighton there remains a lively and energy packed night life for you. The town boasts 400 pubs and as many nightclubs its credit. The Brighton Centre and the Brighton Dome have an excellent track record for holding live music events. The Great Escape festival and the Brighton Live are the apt time to spend your Stag Party in Brighton as this will provide an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy a world class music fest, which will gear up the festive mood of your Brighton Stag Weekends .

Top Packages & Activities

Action Man - Brighton Stag Weekend Package
As the name suggests you and the guys will see some action during the weekend - plenty to keep you entertained.


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Need for Speed - Brighton Stag Weekend Package
How fast can you go? This package will certainly sort that out for you.


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No Frills - Brighton Cheap Stag Weekend Package
You have the task of arranging a stag weekend - you are somehow to magically arrange a weekend when no one has any money .... let us help you


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Paint the Town - Brighton Stag Weekend Package
A boys weekend away.... This package will be sure to have you smiling.


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Shoot the Pigeon - Brighton Stag Weekend Package
The thrill of the clay bursting in the sky awaits you and your group.


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Survival of the Fittest - Brighton Stag Weekend Package
So you have been on stag weekends before...well learn a few new skills on this one that we can organise for you.


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