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Its A Knockout

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Straight from the famous TV series, Its a Knockout is the funniest craziest team games ever. Hilarious stupid but addictive for any Stag Group

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Its A Knockout- Crazy Stag Games

The competition is based over a minimum of 6 different Games that each team will be scored on competing against other groups with prizes on offer.

Each individual game will take 20 mins. The activity will last between 2 to 2hrs 30mins with time before and in between games for refreshments toilets etc. The full event lasts 3 hrs that includes briefings and registration. There will be a large scoreboard and PA system in place at all times so the teams can see and hear how they are fairing against other competing teams. Music will be played during the games. Where possible we will try and make a mix of Stag & Hen Groups during each Session. Each Team will have the option to play a ‘Joker’ on a game of their choice where they will receive double points and boost their score.

For each Session there will be prizes & medals for 1st 2nd & 3rd – with a Winner’s Podium and Champagne for the Winners based on most points scored and a ‘fun’ booby prize for the lowest team score. The final 2 games will always have water & foam (wind permitting) included to build the excitement & laughter.

If it rains it is highly likely that the events will still run and we would only look to cancel in extreme weather conditions with Safety the main priority. Toilets and Changing Rooms on site for all groups and there will be a spectator area for non-competing members of the group.

Following games can be played but we reserve the right to change the games on the day depending on weather safety etc but will include a range of 6 from our suite of Inflatable’s games.

"The actual staff were great the event its self was a right laugh and fun was had by all." - John Masters


  • 10 Maids a Milking - Through giant mangle inflatable up to milking cow prop milk cow next person goes etc
  • Ski Funday - Giant 5 man skis down the track either run as a relay if team numbers are big or straight race if smaller team numbers
  • Penguin Pursuits - Giant penguin suits players 'don' the suit run down the inflatable lanes pick up a ring from the first penguin cut out prop up to the line and throw ring over their teams penguin to score a point
  • Rubber Band Race - Giant Caterpillar track race with 7 or 8 of the team passing track over their head and walking along the track.
  • Second 4 games typically with water
  • The Water Works water transfer game with sponges and passed down the line from 1 end to the other includes ring markers for players to stand in a good 'ready to get wet starter game'
  • Rapid Run one person from each team sits on a raft and is slid by the team who stand each end with ropes from 1 end to the other on the inflatable lanes transferring water from 1 end to the other in a leaky pan (they get very wet) we add some foamy water to assist with the slide
  • Fast Food Frenzy - We cover the biff n bash inflatable with foam and hide various rubber fast food items in the foam the players enter the foam hunt out the correct food for the team before exiting the inflatable up to the fast food sign and throw it to their costumed chef who catches it in their tub first team to get 6 food items to the chef wins
  • Run Chicken Run uses the 3 knockout inflatables and a special set of lay flat tunnels in a giant obstacle course finale which requires them to find rubber chickens in the foam biff n bash inflatable before going through the tunnels through the inflatable mangle back down the lanes and to the start when the chicken is in the teams bucket the next 1 goes 10 chickens in to win!
  • As well as the above we can always add the following activities as appropriate ;
  • Archery Rifle Shooting Tug o War Assault Course


  • All equipment is being manufactured in the UK at present from our design and has Amazon Events Logo’s and in our Corporate Colours to promote a real professional image and quality of product.
  • Secured a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on the equipment so we can ensure continuity for you and your clients.
  • 8 Inflatable Games in total and each team will compete in coloured Costumes.


  • Each team must have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10.
  • For Groups of 11 or more then we will split them into 2 Teams e.g. a Group of 14 will be separated into 2 x 7 on the day and compete as separate Teams
  • There will be between 4 and 12 groups competing on the day within each session
  • Minimum Number: 7
  • Maximum Number: 10
  • Duration in Minutes: 150
  • Suitable for: Great for Large Groups, Hen and Stag Parties, Staff Day Out, Team Building Event, Youth Groups
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