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Bristol Stag Weekends and Ideas

Bristol played an important role in developing the UK tobacco, wine and cotton trade.This legacy manifests itself in the badly dressed, chain smoking, alcoholic residents.

You can bet that whatever you fancy getting up to on your Stag Weekend Bristol will have the answer. Get smashed on Scrumpy or legless on local ales in an endless selection of pubs or clubs as a reward for maxing the daytime mayhem on rage buggies, power kiting and lots more!

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What Makes Bristol A Good Choice For A Stag Do

If you want to go to a place that is kind of like London, but lacks the pretentiousness and over pricing on stuff then Bristol is for you guys. Bristol has more bars that it does people, so yeah maybe that was a little exaggeration, but this place is just stacked with pubs! In all Bristol is just a really fun place for a great stag weekend. With a good mix of nightlife and fun daytime activities, Bristol is the kind of place that really does have something for everyone.

Bristol has quite the reputation for its entertainment. This makes it a tourist hot spot with such places as the amazing Bristol Zoo . if you want to see some live bands in a really cool venue then it’s always worth seeing who is going to be performing at the O2 Academy. And if you want to do something that is a little more cultural then a walk up to Blaise Castle is something to look into. Scroll down for more information on Bristol

Eating In Bristol

I know that eating can get in the way sometimes of your drinking time, but I have a few of my favourite places to grab a bite to eat in Bristol just below.

Bella Italia

If you gents want to have a nice evening meal in a place where the menu has something for everyone. Then the Bella Italia is where you guys need to go. From pizza to pasta, the Bella Italia has you fine gents covered.

The Raj

If you want to eat somewhere during your stag weekend that is nice and spicy then make a booking at The Raj which is one of Bristol’s most popular Indian restaurants Nice staff and a diverse menu make this a great choice.

The Old Spot

If you guys have a hankering for some good old fashioned British pub food, say like burger and chips. Then you guys will love it here at The Old Spot. A nice and welcoming atmosphere a great pub menu and of course a great variety of booze to help wash it down with.

Is It Easy To Get Here?

Over the last couple of decades, Bristol has become a pretty big tourist spot in the UK. So thanks to its train station, bus station and even a freaking airport- matter how you boys want to get here you will not have a tough time at all, “but we have talked a mate into being a designated driver” well in that case do not worry as you can get here right on the M4. A drive on the M4 is always hassle free……. If you do not count bad drivers, road works and god damn cones on the road every two minutes.

Awesome Stag Night Ideas

The stag night is there anything better about getting married? No I do not think there is. Here is just a small selection of some of the best things that you guys can get up to here in Bristol!

Illusions Magic Bar

I am not giving you an BS here when I say from the heart that this is the most under rated place in Bristol! Illusions Magic Bar is part normal pub where you guys can come in, sit down and pound down a few beers and have a “normal” good time. The other part of this bar is where you will be getting to see some mind blowing magic tricks while you are having a few beers. You are getting some great entertainment here and you will be wondering for hours after how the hell some of these tricks were done.

Temptations Lap Dancing Club

If you are any kind of mate then you owe it to the groom to be to let him see one last set of boobs (and more) before he gets married and ruins his life ( relax I am only kidding) well here at Temptations Lap Dancing Club you stags will get to see not only just topless dancing, but also fully nude as well. They only have the sexiest women here and even better they are willing to take it all off! A strip club on a stag night is one of those things that simply must happen during your stay in Bristol!

Syndicate Nightclub

If you want to have a stag night that is truly epic then I cannot think of a better nightclub for you guys to end the night at than right here at Syndicate! This place is just amazing and you guys will have a wild night here. This is one of Bristol’s most popular places and as a result of this it’s always filled with sexy looking ladies who like to dance with very revealing clothes! They are always having some kind of theme night going on here such as a 80’s night, guest DJ and so on that you never know what the hell is going to go down here.

Casino Night

Here we have one of the premier casino chains in the country, Grosvenor Casino's! What is really cool about spending part of your stag do here is that while some of you guys will no doubt want to play some black jack, a little poker or try your luck on the slots. Some of you guys will have a slight interest in gambling at most, well here they have a nice restaurant, bar and sports playing on big screens! So those who want to gamble can and those who do not can grab a bite to eat and have a few beers

Making The Most Of The Day Time In Bristol!

It is pretty tough to narrow down this list to just four, but I have pounded down a Red Bull and had a protein bar and I am going to go for it!

Indoor Go Kart Racing

Go karts are a great stag do activity! What is really awesome about this place is that it has over the last few years undergone some pretty major refurbishments and has seen a whole new fleet of fast go karts be added to the place. What I love about go karting as a stag do event is that while it is a great deal of fun it also lets you guys get the eye of the tiger and indulge your competitive drive as you try to prove you are the best! Whoever wins gets the bragging rights for the best of the stag weekend.


Nothing shows how much you care for your mates like hunting them down and shooting them with a paintball gun! Paintballing is just an absolute riot and you really do feel like quite the bad ass when you are all in your paintball gear with your gun in your hand. What I love about this place is that they have two settings for you guys. There is an urban kind of Call Of Duty arena and there is also a woodland arena that is more like a classic Vietnam war movie.

Quad Biking Adventure

Here I have for you guys a stag do activity that pretty much anyone can do! Quad biking here is a great deal of fun as you will be navigating all kinds of obstacles, there will be lumps and bumps all over the place, areas where you will be able to go full throttle and parts where you will need to take it nice and slow to make it through. In all this is just a ton of fun and quad bikes, while they do have some real power behind them. Are actually really easy to learn the basics of and after a really short lesson, you guys can cut loose and have some fun.

Laser Tag

Located just 20 minutes away from the centre of Bristol, laser tag is fast becoming one of the most popular stag weekend activities. This is different from paintball, first of all there is no running out of ammo or getting bruises from being shot. But the setting here is awesome there are all kinds of lights, fog and in many ways it feels like you are in some kind of sci-fi movie like Aliens or Star Ship Troopers. This is a great action packed activity and one I highly recommend you look into.

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