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Bristol Stag Party Packages

Transform the experience of organising a stag party from the frustrating to the glorious with one of our Bristol all inclusive stag do packages. Each package contains everything you need for a great party: accommodation daytime activities and things to do at night. It's just crazy how easy we make organising a stag do.

Action Man - Bristol Stag Weekend Package

So you want to find out who will come out on top - this package will keep you entertained all weekend...



Driving in the Dark - Bristol Stag Weekend Package

Boys...we have the perfect package that will keep everyone happy for the weekend....



Need for Speed - Bristol Stag Weekend Packages

How fast can you go?  This package will certainly sort that out for you..► 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Go Karting.



No Frills - Bristol Cheap Stag Weekend

You have the task of organising a boys weekend away and already the guys have no money... 2 nights accommodation, lap dance club and Club Q jump



Paint the Town - Bristol Stag Weekend Package

A weekend away with your mates, this package will keep you entertained - 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club, Nightclub Entry and Paintball.



The Dirty Dozen - Bristol Stag Weekend

A full weekend all sorted for you, we think we have thought of everything to keep you guys entertained... includes accommodation, casino night, nightclubs, activity day and meals.



 We think Bristol is a bit underrated as a city, but for a stag do it's perfect. There is a time of things to do at night and the city is veritably ringed with activity centres.

We have designed a range of stag do packages that combine accommodation and activities to help you plan your stag more quickly and more cheaply.

The problem with these extended weekends stag parties is the amount of organisation they require. It's not just getting the guys to agree on some dates and budgets, it is also working out what people want to do and then whether that is possible that is where we come in as we already have answers to those questions. A lot of our customers though – we book a package that they often use the package as a starting point for the whole weekend. They serve as both a bit of inspiration and give guidance on what a weekend might cost.

All our Bristol packages feature city central accommodation which we can upgrade or downgrade to suit your budget. We have outdoor and indoor activities both in the city and also in the countryside roundabout and we can help you choose something that is in a suit you in terms of where you are and how far you want to travel. If necessary, we can arrange transfers for you.

Booking a package with us does not oblige you to keep the package the same way. We know that members of a stag party have an annoying habit of putting their all in just when you think you have the whole thing organised. You can come back to us and ask us to make modifications and we will oblige as best as we can. Certainly, when you book the package all we need is a small deposit and later on we can collect the final payment, but also change numbers since we know that some of the people who say they they can come will later change their mind. It's not a problem for us. Contact us to have questions answered or just to find a shoulder to cry on.

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