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Cambridge Stag Do ideas

In 2009 residents of Cambridge spent more on takeaway food per head than anywhere else in the UK. Either the takeaways are great or all those brilliant academics are devoid of common sense

One of the most enchanting cities in the UK, Cambridge is a superb choice for a perfect stag weekend with loads bars and student pubs not forgettin an impressive listing of activities to keep the lads on the stag do entertained.

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What Makes Cambridge A Good Choice For A Stag Weekend

Let me tell you guys, Cambridge is more than just pretentious students, annoying people on bikes and a football team who struggles to keep in the football league. Cambridge is also a pretty cool old timey, English city that can serve as a great place for a stag weekend. You have a good mix of the city life here and plenty of things you can do during the day as well. So please read on and I am sure you will be pretty mind blown by all the cool stuff you can do here.

For you guys who like to get our camera and binoculars out and do the tourist thing, Cambridge has some cool things to see. One place in particular that I think is awesome is the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences where you can see all kinds of cool fossils and other interesting stuff.

How To Get To Cambridge

Cambridge is really just a wee bit off the A1303 and getting here is no trouble at all. Its 50 miles (give or take a few) North of London so heading for London can help if you are totally lost and have no clue where you are going! You can get a train here which if you ask me is the most hassle free way to get to Cambridge as this way everyone can have a drink!

How To Have A Great Stag Night In Cambridge

Cambridge is actually a pretty cool place for a stag night. Thanks to it being a student town there are are loads of things to do here. Here are just a few of my pics for having an awesome time after dark!

Cambridge Junction Comedy Club

This is a really cool way for you guys to kick off your stag night in Cambridge. Cambridge Junction Comedy Club plays host to a number of local and touring comedians and a night here is sure to have you guys laughing and stealing jokes to pass off as your own at work the following Monday. You get a really great mix of different styles of comedians performing here and a night here is always going to be full of laughs.

Ballare Nightclub

With having a huge ass student population, Cambridge does have more than a few awesome nightclubs. One of the best is Ballare. Ballare is the kind of nightclub you come to when you want to either dance or check out the sexy local ladies dancing. There is a monster of a dance floor here and the amazing sound system and over the top lighting they have makes you feel like you are part of some crazy, over the top rave. As the ladies love this place some of you single guys can use your dance moves to impress them and who knows you may even pull!

Churchill Casino

If you are bringing lady luck with you on your stag do then you will want to get your butts over to the Churchill Casino here you guys can play a number of different games such as roulette, craps and blackjack to name just a few. The guys and gals here are really cool and will help teach you the way to play some of the games if you have no clue what you are doing. A few hours here at Churchill Casino is the great way to start your stag night.

Fez Club

For you guys who are not really into getting on the dance floor and like to kick back in a nice booth, listen to the tunes and pound down a few hundred beers. The Fez Club is where your stag party needs to end up. This is just a really high class kind of club and there are a good mixture of different areas. So for the blokes in your group who once they have had a few drinks think they are Justin Timberlake they can get on the floor and dance, while the rest of you look on from the comfort of your booth and laugh!

During The Day

There is just a ton of stuff you can do here in Cambridge and its surround areas during the day. I actually think the daytime activities are a huge part of what makes this a great city for a stag weekend.

Go Karting

This is the best place in Cambridge to race some go karts! This venue is freaking huge and they are actually the only place in the UK where you can race go karts both indoors and outdoors! So no matter the weather you guys can suit up and see who is the best driver. This is a great fun day out and even the guy who comes in dead last…….. and brings shame to his family in the process will have an awesome time here. The staff here love stag groups as well so you will all be taken very good care of.

Battlefield Live

It may be a wee drive from Cambridge, but I guarantee it’s well worth it! Battlefield Live is just like being in a Call Of Duty, Halo or one of the million Battlefield video games. This is not paintball so there is no getting screwed into buying more ammo or getting covered in ugly and sore welts. This is laser tag and you will get to use state of the art guns that look like they have been stolen from the set of an Aliens movie. You guys will be split into two teams and then it’s off to war! Do you have the guts to lead your team to victory?

Indoor Rock Climbing

Here I have for you an outdoors type activity that you can do indoors. Rock climbing is one of those things that on paper sounds easy, but it’s actually pretty tough. It’s more about getting the nerve to scale this 17 feet high and over 40 foot wide wall! You can either work together and offer words of encouragement or you can shout abuse and laugh when they cannot do it. The staff here are cool and will make sure you are safe and they will at least encourage you to make it to the top

Day Of Shooting

Now this is an activity that is for you bad asses out there. They have a range of shooting options for you here and by the end of the day you will feel like you are Jason Bourne or James Bond. So what kind of shooting will you be able to get up to? Well they offer clay pigeon shooting with a shotgun, You can feel like a real assassin with an air pistol. They even have these air rifles that shoot the balls of an ant 50 feet away! My favourite and the last one I will mention is the pistol crossbow. I swear that there are few things in life as freaking cool as using a crossbow!

Perfect Places For A great Meal

La Pergola

This is a really nice Italian restaurant that is perfect for you stag groups who have a few fussy eaters. La Pergola These guys take pride in making real homemade Italian food. You pizza lovers will just be blown away by this place, you have not had pizza until you have had homemade Italian style pizza.

The Curry Palace

Here I have for you a really nice and classy Indian restaurant. What is really awesome about The Curry Palace is that they have just a ton of really hot as hell dishes where you will be begging for a beer or glass of water! But they also have more than a few mild Indian dishes for you guys who are not too keen on the hot and spicy!

Top Packages & Activities

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1 Night Accommodation + high ropes + Guest List Entry into Night Club. Accommodation based on budget & preferences.



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How fast can you go? This package will certainly sort that out for you......



Shoot the Pigeon - Cambridge Stag Package

Cambridge stag package with 2 nights budget accommodation, nightclub entry, Clay pigeon shoot. A little bit of something for everyone.



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