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Cambridge Stag Weekend Packages

You don't need to be a genius to organise a stag weekend but you do need the patience of a saint, so why not let GoBananas help you find the ideal stag weekend for you and your friends

Cambridge Ropes & Clubbing Stag Do

1 Night Accommodation + high ropes + Guest List Entry into Night Club. Accommodation based on budget & preferences.



Need for Speed Cambridge Stag Weekend Package

How fast can you go? This package will certainly sort that out for you......



Shoot the Pigeon - Cambridge Stag Package

Cambridge stag package with 2 nights budget accommodation, nightclub entry, Clay pigeon shoot. A little bit of something for everyone.




If you went to university in Cambridge, then you know what it is all about, but if you've had the bright idea that it's time to leave behind your redbrick university and have a wild time with all the posh students at Cambridge, then we can make your dreams come true.

It is our opinion the Cambridge is not the wildest town in the world but then again if what you want is a somewhat more moderate stag do with a bit of a student feel to it, then Cambridge like Oxford would be perfect.

Our all-inclusive stag packages are designed to kill a few birds with one stone. It gives you an indication of the sorts of costs involved and also gives you some idea of the sorts of combinations that are possible. These packages are not fixed in stone you can use them as a foundation for building a different weekend. We can modify the accommodation both in terms of quality and location and we can also help you select different activities, or more activities if that's what you need.

We are pretty flexible. We know that when you start the planning process, you will have a only a rough idea of the number of people that are going to come. We know and understand that so we expect you to change the numbers as time goes by and stop the same reason we do not expect you different to pay for things up front, all we need is a small deposit to get going.

We are experts in putting together a great stag weekend, so why not rely on us to both help you make some choices and also get all the different things planned and booked.


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