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Cheltenham Stag Weekends and Ideas

Cheltenham has acquired the status of Chav Capital of Europe. Amazing amount of middle class fakery driving 4x4's with kids called Hugo and Binky. Great spectator sport at the same time.

For your lads weekend in Cheltenham we can arrange both day or night activities including stag friendly hotels right in the centre.

Cheltenham Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
Cheltenham Stag Nights and Evenings
Cheltenham Stag Party Hotels & Apartments

Dance and dine are the best parts of any stag weekend. Toast a special evening to celebrate the last night of freedom of the bachelors. If you are a large group, then do not forget to place pre-orders as it would save time and effort considerably. You could set the ball rolling by a spell of tenpin bowling, which could be followed by a peppy booze cruise or a rib tickling comedy session. The sports enthusiasts cannot afford to miss out a memorable tee session or a game of pool while the shopaholics can ransack its market places to pick up some real cool deals.

If you want something quirky then opt for some wild and weird activities such as naked mud wresting or naked dessert making which are undoubtedly not for the chicken hearted! Your trip to Cheltenham would remain incomplete without a trip to its world famous hot springs and spas to enjoy a natural rejuvenation. Night times are party times in Cheltenham, so you can opt from an impressive line up of hot and steamy activities such as lap dancing or strip limo, while the more level headed amonsgt you can settle for a casino or a dance session There are countless options that match your tastes and wallets, so break off all your inhibitions and enjoy the most stunning Cheltenham stag party of your life time!

It goes without saying that you will need a night club to moonwalk and to meet cool chicks and to have some real fun. Q jump to experience some funky moments that would add dollops of charm to Cheltenham Stag Weekends.The party decker would take you on a party on wheels as you can enjoy the stunning city center and other happening places of this city such as multiplexes, restuarants and bars that register a staggering 30000 footfalls or more on a typical weekend!

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