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Leeds Stag Weekends and Ideas

Leeds is a laid back and tolerant city despite the huge numbers of Big Issue sellers boasting about how much crack they had!

It’s right grand in Leeds. Down to earth, unpretentious northern lasses, achingly beautiful scenery courtesy of the Yorkshire Dales, a historic city jam-packed with quality bars, pubs and restaurants plus a thrill-seeking vibe thanks to an upwardly mobile young population and visiting students. You can’t go wrong with Leeds for a stag weekend. You can get up to all sorts in the great outdoors including raft-building, sailing and field sports.

Leeds Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
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What Makes Leeds A Great Place To Come To

Leeds!!!!! Is the reaction many people probably get when they suggest here as the venue for a stag weekend, but before you blow Leeds off, let me tell you why this is actually a really cool place for a stag weekend! You see Leeds is a weird kind of place by that I mean it’s just got a ton of the good old English countryside where you can do some awesome daytime, outdoor activities, but it also has one hell of an under rated nightlife scene going on as well. And to make it even sweeter, Leeds is way cheaper than many of the other larger cities.

Now that that I am saying you guys are the cultured type and peeking through your webcam I can see you’re not…. I am kidding (or am I!) Leeds does have many of the classic touristy type places you can visit if you want. Leeds City Museum and the Abbey House Museum are two popular tourist spots in Leeds.

Is Leeds Easy To Get To?

Trying to get to Leeds is not going to make you want to blow your brains out which is always a bonus. If you are coming here by car then Leeds is on this weird cross roads of the M62 and the A1 so getting here if you have a guy willing to drive is easy. But one thing really awesome about Leeds is how easy it is to get here on the train. No matter what part of the country you are coming from a train will be able to get you to Leeds.

Nice Places For A Damn Good Meal

Via Verde

Try saying Via Verde without doing it in a stupid, terrible and perhaps offensive Italian accent. You just can’t do it! Anyway this is a great little Italian restaurant that has a stacked menu with all kinds of tasty Italian dishes from pasta to pizza.

Raja’s Restaurant

Here I have for you fine men a pretty swankyy Indian restaurant. Raja's Restaurant is just a really classy joint and if you blokes love Indian food you will be very happy having your main stag weekend meal here.

What You Can Do In Leeds During The Day

I have some just freaking awesome activities for you guys when it comes to the daytime. Leeds has some really cool stuff to do and I have four things here that are proven favourites with stag groups.

Gorge Walking

Ok so this is a wee drive from Leeds, but this gorge walking adventure is well worth it. You see Yorkshire may not be the kind of place you would think that would make for a great day of gorge walking, but there are a ton of caves, waterfalls and other things that you will need to explore, jump, swim and do all you can to make it through. This is one hell of an adventure and one that will make your stag do one to remember!


At just a twenty minute drive from Leeds, this awesome paintballing centre is just balls to the wall my friends. The game zones here are what make this a great game of paintball. My personal favourite is the one that is designed like an old timey Western village. There are a ton of places to hide and plan your attack. In all this is just a great day out and shooting a mate when he does not see it coming is always funny as hell.

High Ropes Course

Now this will put some hairs on your balls! Think of an assault course and you will have a small idea of what this. Well I say that, you see this is an assault course that is high up in the trees! You will need to climb up the terrifying Jacobs Ladder, take a leap of faith, try you luck on the balance beam and fly along a zip wire. This is a great deal of fun, but building up the nerve to tackle some of the obstacles can be tough. Working together actually makes this high ropes course a wee bit easier.

Pole Position Indoor Karting

Go karting is a great way to have some competitive fun during a stag weekend. Here at Pole Position Indoor Go Karting you are getting as close to the F1 experience as you can. You guys will feel like real life F1 drivers when you are all in your race gear and then the smiles turn to snarls as you want to take pole and make sure you are the winner. Now this is fun, but at the same time you want to be the winner. You will be racing on a track with many twists and turns, but there is also a really long straight part so you can go crazy fast! This is just a great day out and you boys will be talking about this for years!

How To Have A Great Stag Night In Leeds

A stag weekend must have a great stag night and for you crazy SOB’s I have four of Leeds most popular night spots. These places have all been popular with stag groups in Leeds.

Wildcats Strip Club

Hello ladies!!! If you really want to put a smile on the grooms face and the faces of the rest of the stag group. Then you guys need to come to Wildcats! You guys will be very happy here as there are chicks to suit all tastes here. No matter if you want to see a hot and sexy strip show on the stage or if you want to treat your selves to a bulge in the pants inducing private dance. Wildcats is a club where you boys will have the time of your lives.

Club Mission

For you guys who are really big into your dance music, Club Mission is the nightclub that you are going to want to come to. This is regarded as one of the best house music nightclubs in the whole of the UK. The cool thing about Club Mission is that the ladies here sure as hell do like to get up on the floor and dance so you can get in there and try your luck. Or you can just kick back with a beer, either way you are in for a good night.

Stone Roses Bar

Now this is a cool place to go on your stag night. I know not everyone is into dance music so I have another nightclub for you here. Stone Roses Bar is a club that just plays damn good indie music. They have a ton of bands who play here so you might get lucky and there be a band here when you are on your stag weekend. So if you want to go to a club that does not play head pounding dance music, Stone Roses is a great place for you guys to party. Also while they usually wear more clothes, indie chicks are way cooler than dance chicks.

Napoleons Restaurant & Casino

This is a really neat place for a stag night! Napoleons is a great casino. Not only do they have a ton of slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker and other games. They also have a stacked bar and a restaurant that is actually really classy and can serves as a place to eat your main stag do meal at. As well as the normal games they have on here, Napoleons always has some kind of challenge or competition going on so if you are feeling lucky then you may win very big here! And for you guys who do not want to gamble, you can still have a great night cheering your mates who are playing the games and also by having a few beers from the bar.

Top Packages & Activities

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Paint The Town Leeds Stag Do

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