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Leeds Stag Weekend Packages

Don't wallow in the slough of despond! Once you've seen our packages, you will be inspired and you will feel your problems are over. We have created some Leeds stag do packages that include all the entertainment and activities you need and we thrown in different types of accommodation to suit you. Use them to book your party immediately or just use them as a source of inspiration from which an even better party can be built.

A Bundle of Laughs - Leeds Stag Weekend Package

Start your weekend with a laugh and make it last throughout your stay in Leeds... a few other surprises are in store for you with this package.



Carry on Partying - Leeds Stag Weekend Package

Guys its time to get away to a different city for the weekend with one of our best Stag deals....►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry and Bar Crawl.



Great Balls of Fire Leeds Stag Do Package

Leeds stag weekend featuring 2 nights accommodation, nightclub Qjump on friday night, 7-a-side footie & meal. Good value and you can build on it



No Frills - Leeds Cheap Stag Weekend Package

All pennies add up to pounds - this package will allow you and the boys to enjoy a weekend in Leeds►2 nights accommodation, Nightclub Entry and Lap Dancing Club entry.



Paint The Town Leeds Stag Do

A boys weekend away in Leeds that includes ►2 nights accommodation, ► Lap Dancing Club Entry, ► Nightclub Entry and ► Paintball.



Tank Commander - Leeds Stag Weekend Package

So you have the task of organising the boys weekend away...this package will have everyone smiling...



The Magnificent Seven - Leeds Stag Weekend Package

The Big One..... a package that has a bit of everything - something to suit everyone in your group...



We tend to think of Leeds as a mini Manchester, which is not something that the natives of Leeds think much of. However, it has all the things that Manchester has got but in a smaller scale. It's got a great nightlife and it is a great night out; and, I suppose, the best thing is you only have to travel around a few streets to enjoy it. It's location in Yorkshire means that it is surrounded with some great outdoor activities, so if you want to have fun during the day, there is a lot to do.

Getting started as a stag do organiser is not easy. Where to start, what you need to do, and what matters can be tricky. Organising 15 to 20 young men in their 20s requires the services of a sergeant major. We're here to get you organised and help you make sure that things happen when they need to. Our packages on insight into what we think makes the best local stag weekends and if you don't trust yourself you can trust them.

If, on the other hand, everybody's putting their all in with advice, then we can make modifications as required to please the maximum number of people the maximum amount of time. If your stag had a particular thing they want to do, then we can probably find it for you..

Whatever else, feel free to contact us and after some advice and we can push you in the right direction. Remember, booking a stag package with GoBananas is no more expensive than booking it directly yourself and importantly it saves you lots and lots of time.

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Leeds Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
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