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Just how many Starbucks can London cram into one street? London transport system is fast and easy to use- makes fleeing the capital after a drunken mishap incredibly easy!

Have you ever thought about a little town called London for your stag event? It might just have a few things going on there that could interest you.

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Seriously, your only excuse for doubting London as a top place to have a stag do is the possession of a Martian passport. In what is quite possibly the best city in the world you’ve got no excuse to get bored, and if you can’t find a good time in London then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Feel free to call our dedicated London Stag team today on 0131 603 4860 or 0800 567 7101 and let them arrange a wicked weekend.  Don't worry, even if you don't have exact numbers (team members) right now just give us a rough idea and we will do the rest.

But don't forget to ask yourself one question, “when was the last time you went GoBananas”!

Top Stag Day Activities in London

  1. Clay Pigeon Shooting
  2. Paintball
  3. 4x4 Off Road Driving
  4. Abseiling
  5. Go Karting

Up and coming London Stag favourites

  1. Hovercrafting
  2. Quad Biking
  3. Kayaking

Top London Stag Night Ideas

  1. Strippers
  2. Lap Dancing Club
  3. Party Bus
  4. Beer Wenches
  5. Meal

It's not just that it’s the home of the world’s best restaurants, the hottest nightclubs, the classiest casinos, legendary venues and, last time we checked, close to a billion boozers. It's the fact that when you’re in London you can relax in the satisfaction that you’re in the coolest city in the coolest country in the world.

Being in London is like wandering around the set of a million great movies, and ones by Guy Ritchie. History drips from every building and there's a whole load of famous landmarks that you can tie the groom to in his underpants. Rub shoulders with the people off the telly around Soho, where you can be sure that whatever mental outfits you’ve all got dressed up in for the night, in London no one will give you a second glance.

In London the high-class rubs shoulders with the keeping-it-real. So every kind of night out is available to you and you don’t have to be a high roller to have good time. You can go from the glamour of the West End to the smart, understated vibe of Islington to the underground cred of Peckham or Dalston. Camden’s the place for your alternative scene with loads of grungy, gothy bars and in Shoreditch and Hoxton you’ll find ultra-hip clubs where the trends are set.

London’s a place where every nation is represented and that means you can sample the whole of the world’s cuisine in one city. You’ve got lap dancing and table-dancing on tap, the best live comedy and music at world-famous venues plus a club scene that still sets the bar for the rest of the country. In London, as Del Boy says, the world is quite literally your lobster.

London offers you with vibrant clubs and choicest bars that you will ever see anywhere in the world! With London stag offering so much, it is hard for you to fit it all into one weekend. A stag weekend would be packed with tons of glamour, fun and a pulsating pace. London flaunts its club culture and has a never ending list of clubs. In some of its prestigious clubs you can rub shoulders with the cream of celebrities. Hop into a lap dance club or roll the dice at a casino or even a comedy club here!

London Stag Do offers you the best clubs, best bars, totally international people everywhere you go - you will never know who you will meet (or eat). London has got the party spirit and its's also the ideal location for a group looking for something with a bit of style. And then there is the theatre...
Activities in London

If you thought a London stag do is only about partying and dancing, you should hold your thoughts. Cruises on the Thames, rock climbing, pro go karting, off roading, comedy nights, party buses much ,much more. London is deffinately a top destination. You guys can look for loads of fun and frolic in your buzzing London stag party.

"cracking! absolutely cracking! Mike, thanks for organising a great London stag do. As you prophesied, lots of fun and lots of trouble"!

Top Packages & Activities

A Bundle of Laughs - London Stag Weekend Package
Start your weekend with a laugh and make it last throughout your stay in London... a few other surprises are in store for you with this package.


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Need for Speed - London Stag Weekend Package
How fast can you go?  This package will certainly sort that out for you......


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No Frills - London Cheap Stag Weekend
All pennies add up to pounds - this package will allow you and the boys to enjoy a weekend in London.


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Paint the Town - London Stag Weekend Package
A weekend with your mates, this package will keep you entertained...


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Paintballing and Nightclub London Stag Package
Paintball and Nightclub in London. Includes 2 nights accommodation, professional guidance, safety equipments and nightclub entry.


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The Dirty Dozen - London Stag Weekend Package
A full weekend all sorted for you, we think we have thought of everything to keep you guys entertained..............


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The Magnificent Seven - London Stag Weekend Package
This is definitely one for the boys -  Great nights out, petrol heads can get dirty and shoot guns during the day ...


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