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London Stag Weekends and Ideas

Just how many Starbucks can London cram into one street? London transport system is fast and easy to use- makes fleeing the capital after a drunken mishap incredibly easy!

Have you ever thought about a little town called London for your stag event? It might just have a few things going on there that could interest you.

London Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
London Stag Nights and Evenings
London Stag Do Packages
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Why London Is The Number 1 Choice For A Stag Weekend

Ello Mate! London, the big smoke, the big city or whatever the hell you want call it is a city that is just perfect for an out of control, balls to the wall kind of stag weekend. There is so much trouble you boys can get up to here it’s just unreal! There is always some kind of action going on in London. So no matter what sort of things you guys are into, this is a city that will have you covered with its fun things to do during the day and its crazy nightlife as well.

You know there is a ton of touristy stuff to do in London and that has its time and place, a stag weekend is not a time for “sightseeing” but if you must do something that is kind of touristy then I recommend going on a tour of one of the football stadiums here. London has a number of great clubs so do not freak out if I have missed yours out. Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal all offer popular stadium tours.

Making Your Way To London

London could not be any easier to get to. A straight line on the M1 heading South will pretty much get you guys here. And there is what seems like a never ending line of trains and busses pulling into the city. Driving once you are in London (if you have never driven here before) is a huge pain in the ass so make use of the great public transport system.

Great Places To Eat

London has something for everyone so no one is going to be moaning here. There are plenty of fast food joints for you, but if you want a nice evening meal before you hit the town then try one of the many amazing restaurants in London such as a couple of my favourites right here, The Art Of Pizza have the best selection of pizza in London and everyone loves pizza! If you want to eat somewhere fun then head to The Ship Of Adventures where you land lovers will feel like real pirates as you eat some nice food in a pirate themed restaurant.

Day Time Activities To Do In London

Hey before you guys hit the big city for a wild stag night have some tremendous fun activities you fine gents can do during the day.


You know that Mayhem Paintball is the kind of place that takes paintball serious when you see the downed chopper in their front yard! This sets the tone for just what a freaking bad ass place this is. You guys will be put into teams and then it’s off to war. Different game zones and scenarios will get you guys into the spirit of things and you will really think you are in a war zone. So get your mate in your sights and take his ass down!

In Door Go Karting

Go karting is just an awesome stag do event and this place right here are proud to boast one of if not the largest indoor go karting track in the whole UK. This place really makes a day of it as you will be all geared up looking like actual race drivers and let me tell you these go karts can really go. You will be shocked at how fast these things can really go! While this is all about having fun, you will want to put something on the line be it a few drinks, a couple of quid or whatever so that you guys can get competitive and show who is the best driver.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Here I have for you guys a real classic of a stag do event. Just because you are in London does not mean you have to be in the city. Clay pigeon shooting is awesome for numerous reasons. I could lie and say it’s about getting back to nature, testing your hand eye coordination and a bunch of other BS. But the real awesome thing about this is just holding a real life shotgun and feeling like a total rock star, bad ass in the process. Clay pigeon shooting is a great deal of fun and the satisfaction you get when you hit your first target is amazing.

Archery Tag

Yep that is not a typo my friends, we live in a day and age where you and your mates can have a game of archery tag during your stag weekend. Now this is not “real arrows” so no one is going to be getting their heart pierced or anything like that. This is all safe and you will be using special arrows. This is many ways is a bit like paintball, but there is much more skill involved as shooting a moving target with a bow is pretty tough. This is a great laugh and something not to many people actually do, so make your stag do really special with a great game of archery tag. As far as I know this is an activity that is not available in to many places so take advantage of it while you can.

Night Time Fun In London

Look as amazingly smart and sexy as I am just picking a few of the awesome things London has to offer is tough. But I have had the calculator out, crunched the numbers and come up with four of the best that this amazing city has to offer a group of men on a stag weekend.

Club Class Bus

Many people wonder just what in the blue hell is the Club Class Bus? Well think of it like a good old fashioned London pub crawl, but instead of walking from one London nightspot to the next. You blokes will be jumping on board the ultimate party machine on…. However many wheels it is a double decker bus has. This bus is just crazy with music pumping and a crazy staff who keep the party going. Your Club Class Bus adventure will see you visit three pubs before ending the night at one of London’s best nightclubs.

Spearmint Rhino Lap Dancing Club

This is perhaps the most famous lap dancing club in the whole world! The Spearmint Rhino has the sexiest ladies not just from London, but from other parts of the UK and world as well. This is as VIP as you can get in a lap dancing club. The vibe here is just so cool and you guys will feel like real rock stars as you are checking out the sexy moves that are on stage. Why not all chip in and make sure the man who will only see one pair of boobs for the rest of his life is given some special attention with a private dance!

he Ice Bar

Now this is cool actually it’s so cool its frozen! The Ice Bar is a bar that is made from ice, you guys will be drinking from a specially made glass that is also made out of ice. This is just a really surreal experience and as this is the only ice bar in the UK it makes for a very memorable and special thing for you guys to do during your stag night.

Opal Bar

If you guys want that big London, party night kind of atmosphere. Then you need to come and get down at Opal. This is one of the most popular and funky places in all of London. This is a spot where even VIP’s are known to hang out. This is just a great place to party and the ladies of London seem to all love this place. So for the single men in your stag group this place will be even better. We can even get you guys on the guest list so you do not have to argue with a big bouncer outside who won’t let you in!

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Paint the Town - London Stag Weekend Package

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Paintballing and Nightclub London Stag Package

Paintball and Nightclub in London. Includes 2 nights accommodation, professional guidance, safety equipments and nightclub entry.



The Dirty Dozen - London Stag Weekend Package

A full weekend all sorted for you, we think we have thought of everything to keep you guys entertained..............



The Magnificent Seven - London Stag Weekend Package

This is definitely one for the boys -  Great nights out, petrol heads can get dirty and shoot guns during the day ...



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