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Manchester Stag Weekends and Ideas

The worst thing about Manchester is all the southerners who come up here and moan about this city filled with authentic northern soul. Second worst thing is it is always bloody raining here!

Our Guide to Manchester as well as ideas for Manchester Stag Dos, Stag Parties and some of our top Manchester Stag weekend packages!

Manchester Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
Great stag night fun in Manchester
Manchester Stag Do Packages
Manchester Stag Party Hotels & Apartments

  • We know all the best places in Manchester
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  • Our aim is to make sure your stag weekend is just awesome!

Why You Should Go To Manchester For Your Stag Weekend

Manchester the home of Oasis, The Stone Roses And two of the biggest football clubs in the UK. Manchester is the kind of place you come to for a stag weekend when you want things to be nice and easy. You see Manchester is not the kind of place that is going to piss you around and make your have to search above and beyond for things to do. Manchester is stacked with a ton of awesome and fun things to do during the day and a pretty mental night life as well.

Manchester as well as being a bit of a party town does also have some tremendous museums. The National Football Museum is located here which is a must see place if you are a football fan. As well as this there is also the really hard hitting and fascinating Imperial War Museum.

Getting To Manchester

Manchester is so easy to get to that your mate who gets lost when going for a piss in the pub could drive here. Manchester is well connected to the rest of the UK by road, but getting on a train if you ask me is the easiest and most less “wanting to blow your brains” out way to get here. So yeah, in short, Manchester is very easy to get to.

Getting Some Grub In Manchester

Here are a couple places I can personally say offer a damn fine dining experience in Manchester.

Mamma Mia

Thankfully no relation to the terrible movie of the same name. Mumma Mia is a great little Italian that offers a good menu with a good choice of pizzas and all kinds of other Italian stuff. If you have fussy people in your stag group then they will at least be able to have a plain pizza here!

The Rose Garden

Ok so The Rose Garden may not be the most original place to go in Manchester, but if you want to eat at a place where you know there is a well stacked menu that has something for everyone and the staff are cool. Then The Rose Garden will serve as a great place to go for your main stag weekend meal.

What You Can Do During The Day In Manchester!

Before you have a “mad for it” stag night I have some amazing day time things for you guys to check out.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Now this is the perfect way for you guys to have a little fun before your wild stag night. Clay pigeon shooting is an absolute blast and I mean that literally. We all grew up wishing we were some kind of action hero like Arnie. Well now you may lack the huge muscles, but you get to handle the shot gun and shout of some amazing one liners as you blast those clays into a million pieces! This is just so much fun and with a little bit of a competitive edge, you will all want to be the guy who gets the highest score!


Now this is my kind of place! Here you guys will get to have all the fun of paintballing, but you will be doing it indoors. What I love about here is that this place is just freaking huge. It’s actually the largest indoor paintball arena in the whole of the UK. There are a ton of places where you can hide to make an ambush or where you can lay low if the heat is on and you have people trying to shoot your ass! Paintballing is a great laugh and one of the all-time classics when it comes to stag party activities.

Quad Bike Trek

At about 30 minutes away from Manchester. This is one hell of a quad bike adventure! You guys will be getting to ride some really powerful quads that do not take any BS. You will be on a trek on private grounds that are well over 200 acres in size! There will be all kinds of rough terrain that is going to get in your way, but these quads just laugh at it! As well as some tricky sections this trek also lets you really let fly on the throttle and go fast!

Tubing & Snowboarding

Now this is freaking awesome! This is the largest indoor snow slope in the UK and this is something that you can only do here in Manchester. I recommend that you come here and have a go at Tubing. Tubing is where you guys get in these tubes that kind of look like sleds and then you fly down the slopes! Anyone can do this! It’s a right laugh when you have a go and even more fun watching your mates fall out. If you are more adventurous then they do offer snowboarding and even skiing lessons here as well.

The Best Things You Can Do At Night!

Here I have just a wee taste of some of the cool things you can get up to in Manchester during your stag night!

Club Class Bus

There is no better way to experience the Manchester bar scene that a ride on the Club Class Bus this thing is freaking awesome. What the idea is here is that you will get to go to three of the best bars in Manchester and then you will finish your night at one of the best nightclubs in Manchester. Instead of walking from place to place like a loser. You will get on board the Club Class Bus where the music keeps playing, the chicks keep dancing and where the party never stops. You have never travelled until, you have been on the Club Class Bus.

Baby Platinum Lap Dancing Club

If you guys really want to show the groom to be how much you care about him then let the poor SOB see a different set of boobs for the last time here at the Baby Platinum Lap Dancing Club. This place is just high class all the way and is wall to wall with sexy ladies who know how to turn a guy on. If you guys want a more let’s just say private show then there are VIP lounges where you guys can hang out. Is there a better way to spend your stag night than in the company of some very sexy ladies?

Guest List Entry At Tiger Tiger

If you want a club that has a little bit of variety then you boys want to come to Tiger Tiger. With eight different rooms, each one with its one vibe this place is always a wild party. There is the Groovy Wonderland with its light up dance floor, the VIP Opal Bar and many more cool areas. What makes a stag night here even better is the fact we can get you on the guest list so there is no arguing with a giant steroid fuelled bouncer who won’t let you in!

The Comedy Store

If you ask me one of the best ways that you guys can start your stag night is with a night of stand-up comedy at the amazing Comedy Store. Seeing some of the UK’s best (and some new and unheard of as well) comedy acts really does get your stag night off to the best possible start. This is just a really cool place where you boys are guaranteed to have a great time.

Top Packages & Activities

Stag PartyBus Manchester Bar Tour

Manchester number 1 Party on a Bus:- Pub and Nightclub Tour. Q Jump and Free Entry into 3 great bars and One leading nightclub Venue



2 Course Meal with a drink

A two course meal including a drink in a Latin American themed restaurant, perfect way to start your night.



Action Man- Manchester Stag Weekend Package

Stag package of Action Man Weekend in Manchester. Includes 2 nights accommodation, lap dancing, nightclub, off road karts, paintball, Bar Crawl.



Boys and their Toys Manchester Stag Do

Stag Do Package includes ► 2 nights accommodation ► Lap Dancing Club Entry ► Karting ► Nightclub Entry.



Magnificent Seven Manchester Stag Do

Action packed Manchester stag do with ► 2 nights accommodation ► Casino ► Lap Dancing Club Entry ► Quads ► Clays ► Party Bus.



Not Rocket Science Manchester Stag Bash

Cheap as Chips Manchester stag ► a bed for 2 nights ► lap dancing entry ► nightclub entry.



Paint the Town Manchester Stag Weekend Package

Paint the Town-Manchester Stag Weekend Package. Includes bed for 2 nights, lap dancing club, paintball and nightclub entry.



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