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The men in green, the legend and outlaws - well mates, you're in the right place at a Nottingham stag do.

They talk about Broken Britain, saying that we’ve lost the morality and decorum that we had in the old days. But take Robin Hood and his crew in the 15th Century. You’ve got single girl Marian, living in the forest with a bunch of thieving blokes wearing tights. If there was a Daily Mail back then, it would’ve exploded in outrage. Nottingham was the sight of the scandal, of course, and there’s just as much fun and debauchery going on there these days.

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 Taking your merry men to Nottingham for your stag is a decision you won’t regret. Outdoors, you’ve got the aforementioned Sherwood Forest, which is bound to stir the imagination of every Stag as you run around pretending to be Kevin Costner and everyone tries not to get called ‘Little John’. Just remember in days of old, they hunted the stag with bow and arrow! You’ve also got canals and the river Trent if you fancy wetting something other than just your whistle, and the city is big on all kinds of hearty outdoorsman activities like archery (obviously) and adventure sports like karting, off-road mud buggies, quad-biking, paintballing and clay-pigeon shooting. You just can't fail to have a brilliant Stag weekend here in Nottingham!

Feel free to call our dedicated Nottingham Stag team today on 0131 5168222 or 0800 567 7101 and let them arrange a wicked weekend.  Don't worry, even if you don't have exact numbers (team members) right now just give us a rough idea and we will do the rest.

But don't forget to ask yourself one question, “when was the last time you went GoBananas”!

Below are some of our most popular stag weekend packages in Nottingham

Top Stag Day Activities in Nottingham

  • Honda Pilots
  • White Water Rafting
  • High Ropes
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Go Karting

Up and coming Nottingham Stag favourites

  • Hovercrafting
  • Adventure Bus

Top Newcastle Stag Night Ideas

  1. Lap Dancing Clubs
  2. Medieval Banquet
  3. Party on a Bus
  4. Murder Mystery

Why not embrace the old skool vibe and have fun flinging around a few chicken legs at a medieval banquet for the Stag? Alternatively, hop on one of our stag party buses, get the tunes on and the beers out and have us ferry your "Hoods" into the heart of the city for some after-dark stag party fun.

Nottingham’s made a bit of a name for itself as a cheeky after-hours drinking destination, thanks to the council granting hundreds of late-licenses to some very clever pub owners that saw an opportunity to serve late night ales to your stags. While other cities are shouting ‘time gentlemen, please’, Nottingham’s just getting started, which makes it a perfect party location for you and your very merry bunch of Stags. Never mind merry men, you’ll be absolutely slaughtered men by the time Nottingham’s had its way with you. You’ll be well lubricated enough to not worry about making a pratt of yourself on the dance floor of one of Nottingham’s many stag friendly nightclubs. The city has a wicked club scene that won’t fail to disappoint. And let’s not forget ‘Naughtyngham’s’ very thriving lap-dancing scene, either. We don’t know what Maid Marian got up to on those long dark forest nights, but we doubt she looked as good in a g-string…

Of course Nottingham is also famed for its notorious ‘Five women to one man ratio’, and although we doubt that’s strictly true, the odds are definitely stacked in our favour, boys. And we don’t want you to get too excited but we should mention that the city is also crawling with student nurses. Do you need any more incentive to, er, come?

The men in green, the legend and outlaws - well mates, you're in the right place at a Nottingham stag do. Nottingham is also about booze, women in the buff and stag friendly places that offer everything you need for a memorable stag weekend in Nottingham.

Now that you've decided on a Nottingham stag do, you can sit back and give us a call, we can cater for the rest. Gobananas will get you great accommodation and extensive choice of Out/In door activities. Your Nottingham stag do will be great with sumo wrestling or white water rafting or something more exciting like a high rope course or honda pilots.

After a hard day with your opted activities you can then get ready for you evening entertainment, we have a few ideas for your Nottingham stag do nights - Why not go for lap dancing or perhaps a medieval banquet or simply party on a bus

For the best stag time ever do not miss out on the following - Jongleurs Comedy Clubs, Gatecrasher Nottingham, Senoritas Nightclub and The Marcus Garvey Ballroom. 

If you'd like more information on organising your Nottingham stag do give one of the Bananas a call on 0800 567 7101.

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