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Nottingham Stag Weekends and Ideas

The men in green, the legend and outlaws - well mates, you're in the right place at a Nottingham stag do.

They talk about Broken Britain, saying that we’ve lost the morality and decorum that we had in the old days. But take Robin Hood and his crew in the 15th Century. You’ve got single girl Marian, living in the forest with a bunch of thieving blokes wearing tights. If there was a Daily Mail back then, it would’ve exploded in outrage. Nottingham was the sight of the scandal, of course, and there’s just as much fun and debauchery going on there these days.

Nottingham Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
Nottingham Stag Nights and Evenings
Nottingham Stag Party Hotels & Apartments

  • You can kick back with a beer as we organise everything!
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What Makes Nottingham A Good Choice?

You do not have to come to Nottingham in green tights and pretend to be Robin Hood. If anything you should pretend to be Green Arrow he is way more bad ass! Anyway Nottingham is one of the last remaining true old timey English cities. Nottingham is getting modernised, but the old mixes with the new very well and you have a place that is truly unlike anywhere else in the UK. Nottingham more than makes up for its not to wild nightlife by having some of the most amazing day activities a group of guys could get up to!

And if you want just a little bit of educational value or maybe a wee bit of culture on your stag do then check out places such as Old Market Square and Nottingham Castle where you can see some of the real Nottingham.

How To Get To Nottingham

Nottingham is nice and easy to get to this is a city where its like busses and trains seem to be pulling in every five freaking minutes. And thanks to being very well connected to the rest of the UK via a few different motorways. If you do have a guy willing to drive, you can get here without any problems that way also.

Cool Stuff To Do During The Day

Here I have a few ways that you gents can make the best of the outdoors here in Nottingham!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

This is a really cool stag do activity and one where you can feel like a mix of an old timey Englishman and also a total bad ass. Let’s face it holding a shotgun is something that we all want to do at some point in our lives and a stag weekend and a round of clay pigeon shooting is the perfect opportunity. Here you fine gents will be taught the right and proper way to handle your gun and then you will need to have eyes like a hawk when you try to take down those clays. This is a really fun activity and one I am sure you will all have a blast with.

Off Road Dirty Buggies

Here I have for you guys a way to really tear it up! Dirt Buggies are like an awesome mix of go karts and quad bikes. You will be racing on a purpose built track that really lets you get the best out of these buggies. This is just so much fun and the power these things have is pretty amazing. Many people will have a blast quad biking or go karting. But dirt buggies are a little unusual and special and that is what a stag do should be about.


Here we have an awesome place for you guys to have a great game of paintball! This is a really fun day out and you guys will be split into teams and then one team will most probably attack and the other defend. There are a few different game scenarios for you guys to play out and you will be amazed at how competitive paintballing is. So grab your gun and shoot your best mates right in the ass as you lead your team to victory!


Well as this is Nottingham I thought that I pretty much legally had to recommend that you guys have a fun round, game or whatever the hell you call it of archery. Here you get to unleash your inner Robin Hood, Hawkeye or Green Arrow as you learn the ways of archery and how to hit the target. This is a fun sport and one that is easy to pick up and learn. But to be really good and actually hit the target, you will need to listen to what your instructor tells you. This is a great way to have a little competition with your mates and see who is the best archer.

What To Do On A Stag Night In Nottingham

I will admit that Nottingham is now known for its crazy stag nights, but there is still plenty of things for you gents to get up to here.

Just The Tonic Comedy Club

A trip to Just The Tonic Comedy Club is a great way for you guys to start your stag night with a few laughs. You will get to see some of the very best comedy acts in the UK performing here people such as Johnny Vegas have performed here as well as some other well established acts. And also Just The Tonic are known to give some up and coming stand ups their break. So for a night of laughs this is the place you guys want to come to.

Alea Casino

How about a little poker? Some blackjack? Roulette? And maybe even some slots? Well you can do all of this and more with a fun filled night of gambling at Alea Casino! You guys have a ton of different games to play and if you want you can even grab a drink and a wee bite to eat as well. This is a fun night even for those of you who are not too big into gambling. If you are new to some of these games then they will actually teach you how to play them!

Rock City

Here I have for you one of the coolest music venues in the whole of the UK. Rock City plays host to a number of great bands such as Papa Roach, The Used and many more. If you guys love good rock music then Rock City is the place for you. There are not to many rock clubs these days which is a damn shame! So if dance music is not your thing and you want to see a great live show and enjoy a beer then this is the club you guys need to come to on your stag night!

The NG1 Club

As one of the largest dance clubs in the whole of Nottingham, The NG1 Club is always wall to wall with sexy local ladies dancing. The NG1 Club is based over two floors with different areas playing different styles of music which is always cool. There are more than a few bars here as well so you never have to wait in line to long to get a pint. If you want a nightclub where the single members of your stag party can try their luck with the ladies then this is it.

Cool Places To Eat In Nottingham

Nottingham’s has you boys more than covered with places to grab a bite to eat. If you are in a hurry then you can go to a number of different fast food places. But if you want to go to a place that is a little more special and cool for your main stag meal then check out the Pelican Club which is a really nice and laid back place for a meal. If you want some classic good, English style pub food then a meal at The White Lion is a great way to start your stag night.

Top Packages & Activities

Nottingham Need for Speed Stag Do Package

How fast can you go?  Nottingham Stag Do with gokarting + Lap dancing + 2 x night accommodation + club Qjump



Nottingham No Frills Stag Do Package

All pennies add up to pounds - our no frills contains accommodation + club entry + lapdancing club entry. Quick and dirty weekend!



The Action Man Nottingham Stag Do

You get 2 x nights accommodation in cheap style + quad boking adventure + lap dancing club entry + clay pigeons + nightclub Qjump. Upgrades available



Wet & Wild Nottingham Stag Weekend Package

So you have done the drinking weekends before - let us organise something different.



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