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Oxford Stag Weekends and Ideas

Great looking girls everywhere in Oxford especially in the summer months. Favorite pastime is watching drunken students punting on the river and then falling in- hilarious

Oxford has got to be one of the all time great towns to organise any kind of party in. With thousands of Students all hell bent on finding any excuse NOT to study, the chances of having a mediocre time in Oxford are NIL.

Oxford Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
Oxford Stag Nights and Evenings
Oxford Stag Party Hotels & Apartments

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Why You Should Come To Oxford

Oxford………. Those dots were a long pause because that is what more than a few people do when you tell them Oxford is your stag do destination. Well screw those people, because Oxford is a great city and a place that is ideal for a stag weekend. You have many cool activities that you can do during the day in this old timey city and its surrounding rural areas. But Oxford also has a crazy nightlife, you see this is a student city so that means there are a ton of pubs and clubs to party in……. and plenty of sexy students to try your luck with.

As I am sure you are aware Oxford is a city that is just oozing with culture and if you want to do something, let’s just say a little refined then a trip to the Science Museum or the Pitt Rivers Museum can make you feel way smarter and more cultured than you actually are.

How To Have A Good Stag Night In Oxford

Oxford has a pretty crazy night life which does take some people by surprise. But down below I have picked four of the best that this place has to offer a group of wild stags.

Guest List Entry To Lava & Ignite

This is one of the best clubs in Oxford, actually Lava & Ignite have won a number of awards….. what a nightclub wins an award for I am not actually sure, but one thing I am sure of is that this place is party central when it comes to a stag night. This is one of those clubs that just ticks every single box when it comes to what makes the perfect club for a mental and fun stag night. And we can hook you guys up big time by getting you on the guest list so you do not have to deal with a bouncer who looks like he could kick the Hulks ass!

Night At The Dogs

Here I have for you a great stag do activity and that is a night taking in some awesome dog racing. Dog racing is one of those things that is really hard to describe. I mean it on paper does not sound all that exciting, but once you are there at the side of the track and the dog you have picked is hauling ass, you get right into it. And if you want a little bit of VIP treatment then see about sitting in one of the boxes and enjoying the racing action from afar. Either way this is a really exciting time and one that really gets the blood pumping.

The Lodge Burlesque Club

Look we have all seen plenty of naked chicks (well I have mostly on the internet, but I have still seen them) and that is cool, but for a stag night you guys deserve something a little extra, something a little more special and that is what you get here at The Lodge Burlesque Club. You are still getting to see some very hot naked women here, but there is a real “show” about an evening here. If you want a more private experience there are a few areas you can hire where you guys get a more personal show.

The Glee Club

Here you get to hear all the best songs from the amazing TV show Glee!!!! I am of course kidding and if you said cool to that then you have issues my friend. The Glee Comedy Club is a great venue where you can come see a few comedy acts, an awesome MC in between the acts and also have a wee bite to eat and a drink if you want as well. Starting your Oxford stag night here is a fantastic idea and it will put you all in a great frame of mind for the rest of the stag night.

Eating In Oxford

Atomic Burger

I love me a damn good burger and some of the combinations that they come up with here are crazy. Atomic Burger is the kind of place that will test you guys who think you can handle your food. Some of the burgers are so big that you literally need a knife and fork to eat them! If I had to suggest one place to go for something to eat in Oxford then it would be here without a doubt!

Chiang Mai Kitchen

As this is a stag weekend, you may want to have a meal in a restaurant that offers something of a more let’s just fay fine dining experience. Well that is what you get here at the Chiang Mai Kitchen they serve a great menu of Thai food. Thai food is something a little out of the ordinary so that makes it a good style of food for a stag do as it’s not the kind of thing you eat every weekend.

What Kind Of Things You Can Do During The Day In Oxford

ere I have for you some of the cool day time activities you can do in Oxford. Oxford does have plenty of outdoors fun for you guys to do so read on to see what you can get up to.

Go Kart Racing

Now this is one hell of a cool go karting track. What I love about go karting is that first of all no matter how bad a driver you are on the roads it’s easy to get to grips with. And also it is kind of like you are racing in a video game. This is just an awesome go kart centre as not only do they have really kick ass go karts the track is phenomenal and you will feel like you are actually racing on a F1 track. So put your foot down and see if you are the one who is standing high on the podium at the end of the day!

Laser Kombat

You know a place is serious when they spell combat with a freaking K! Laser Kombat is the chance for you guys who love sci-fi to take part in an inter galactic war against your mates. You will be split into teams and you will have a state of the art laser gun to try and take down your enemies with. This is just a great laugh and it offers the same kind of excitement that paintball does, but without having to buy more ammo and getting big ugly bruises on your skin!


The Oxford Archers have been around for years and the love nothing more than to have a gang of eager blokes on a stag weekend to teach archery too. You guys will be taught the right way to shoot a bow and arrow and then you will be able to have some fun and see who is the best shooter in your group. Will one of you have what it takes to be the next Robin Hood……… I highly doubt it, but I am sure you will have a wild and fun time here anyway!

Day Of Bad Ass Driving!

For you guys who love cars and like to drive fast then I have the perfect activity for you! Here you will get to drive some really cool cars as part of your driving experience. You will get to go behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Evolution or a Subaru Impreza during a sighting lap and then you will get to have some fun in the car that you have picked. This is a really fun day out and a chance to drive a car that you man never get the chance to otherwise!

How To Get To Oxford

Oxford is really easy to get to via train or coach which for me is the best and easiest way for a large stag group to roll. But if you do have a mate who you have either talked into or bullied into being the designated driver then if coming from the North or South you will want to be on the A34 and I would say A420 from the West and A422 from the East.

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