Plymouth Stag Party ideas

Plymouth- Cornwall is just across the river and Exeter is just up the road. Get on any bus- dont worry where its going so long as it is heading out of town at speed

Stag Weekends in Plymouth

Plymouth is a sprawling city that extends along the estuary of rivers Plym and Tamar and basks under the glory of its maritime legacy that dates back to eons of years.

Easy to get to from Bristol via the M5 and only about 3.5 hours drive time from London Plymouth is a bit like the French Riviera plenty of classy birds wearing not a lot - but with the advantage of not having all those awful garlic infused French speaking twits

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You cannot really call Plymouth a "seaside town" but is certainly has a strong naval and maritime connection stretching back hundreds of years. The dockyards and quayside areas have been extensively redeveloped and are a mecca for thousands of tourists each year. Guys- here is a tip. The best talent is found in this area for chatting up or just for a bit of eye candy!

Things to do and see Daytime

The seafaring history of Plymouth makes it inevitable that Sailing and water based activities are just some of the options fas part of a day out. The national maritime museum is a must see venue.

Don't forget that Plymouth is on the edge of the vast natural expanse of Dartmoor with all its outdoor activities.

Every day in Plymouth does not have to be action packed from dawn till dusk. Take it easy in the Barbican area with is shops, cafes and bohemian culture. Chill out, have a few beers and unwind slowly watching the world go by.

What to do in the evening


Plymouth has a great music scene with the Plymouth Live Music night at the City Centre Piazza showcasing several local bands during the summer months. Other venues are spread across the town every weekend and our top tip is to head for the B-bar or the Irish Bar Kitty's

Pubs,Bars & Bistros

The great British Pub is making a comeback all across the UK. There is no shortage of these traditional pubs in Plymouth and the surrounding moors. They feature local ales and ciders accommpanied by the best of local cuisine. More modern bars and pubs can be found in the Barbican area of Plymouth


Plymouth has a number of top nighclubs open to all hours. Try Oceana in the Barbican Area for a guaranteed night out. Union street area of town has a couple of nightclubs all within a few hundred yards of each other offering a choice of music and drinks promotions. Check Out both Jesters and Flares . If you are looking for a Gentlemans club try Temptations T2 at 6/8 Union street where some classy girls will get their kit off. Check out their Stag offers including the topless Pool game!