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York Stag Weekends and Ideas

York has a huge student population some of whom are horribly posh. Feel free to beat the shit out of them at any opportunity

York – the land of Kit-Kat, Yorkie bar and the York race! The accolades of York are truly awesome that you might run out of words of praise in a lexicon! This is a compact historical city set up by the Vikings, elegantly gift wrapped by its imposing city walls. It has innumerable tourist attractions and activities that would leave the visitors spellbound. From churches to palaces, museums and galleries, York would push many other European cities to a pale shadow by its irresistible charm.

York Stag Weekends and Stag Do Ideas
York Stag Nights and Evenings
York Stag Party Hotels & Apartments

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Why You Fine Gents Should Come To York

I bet at least one SOB will let out a groan when you tell everyone that York is your stag do destination. Well tell him to shut his mouth because York is actually gaining some serious popularity as a cool place for a stag weekend. Yes the nightlife may not be like say Edinburgh, Newcastle or London. But York is just stacked with cool stuff you guys can do during the day which will make your stag weekend very memorable.

As an old timey type of place as you would expect, York is quite the hit with the tourists and if you guys do want to do a wee bit of sightseeing then places such as Clifford's Tower and York Castle Museum are places that can make you feel a little more cultured. Or at the very least you can go there and pretend to be smart and try to pick up women.

Good Places To Eat In York

Bella Italia

If guys cannot be assed to look for a place that has a menu that has something for everyone. Then you need to come to the Bella Italia. This is a really nice Italian that has a great menu with a ton of pizzas, pasta, spaghetti based dishes and everything else you would expect from an Italian. For a nice Italian meal you will be hard pressed to beat this place.

The Go Down

For a more traditional English type of meal The Go Down has you guys covered. As well as having a huge menu and top quality staff. The Go Down also love stag groups and can handle a pretty large group.

Jorvic Spice

If you have a desire for some spicy Indian food then book a table at the Jorvic Spice. This is a nice family owned place that has some of the spiciest Indian food you will have ever eaten. Jorvic Spice is the perfect place for you boys to kick start your stag night.

Cool Stuff To Do During The Day In York

Here I have just a few ways for you guys to make sure you stag weekend in York is one to remember for ever!

Off Road Go Karting

I am sure you have seen go karts before well we are taking things to the extreme with a great few hours of Off road go karting. These karts have a 200cc engine and you better hold onto your ass because these bad boys can really go fast! What I love about driving these is how well they handle. So you get a great mix of being able to really fly down the more straight parts of the track, but because of how well they handle you can take the corners pretty fast too. So have a little race and see who is the best driver!


While this is a short drive from the centre of York this is well worth it. The thing with abseiling is that it’s actually really hard to describe the feeling you get the first time you step over that edge and take your first steps down the rock face! You guys will always have an instructor with you who will help guide you and you can call on your mates for some encouragement as well. This is a real team building/bonding type of activity and you guys will get a huge rush when you reach the bottom. This is one of those events that, as dramatic as it sound, you really will remember for the rest of your life.


I am sure even the most uneducated of your group will have heard of the Yorkshire Dales. Well here I have for you guys the ultimate adventure, Caving. You guys will be amazed at the crazy crap that is under ground. There are underwater pools, water falls, huge rock faces that seem to go on forever and creepy cave people societies that have been living under ground for hundreds of years. Ok so maybe the last one was a lie, but you never know where the hell the next turn is going to take you. If you guys are really into the outdoors and want to go on an adventure then this is the activity for you.


You really cannot go wrong with a bad ass game of paintball. This is an amazing day out and what makes this place different from all 500 million other paintball centres in the UK is that they have the largest paintball bridge in the world! This bridge is amazing and will play a pivotal part I am sure in your strategies. With different game scenarios and some really friendly staff, you guys will be in for one hell of a great day here. And also the joy you get from shooting a mate in the back is unparalleled.

The Best Things To Do At Night In York

If you guys are not to beat up and knackered from your day of mayhem then I highly recommend these awesome nightspots!

Black Orchid Gentleman’s Club

This is the newest lap dancing club in York and what I love about this place is that they also have a cool whisky bar in here as well. Any good stag night should have you guys gawking at some very sexy ladies in next to no clothes or even better totally nude. And let me tell you the girls they have working here are jaw dropping hot! They have champagne suites and VIP areas if you guys want to take the party to a more private area. In all this is just a really cool place to spend a few hours and put a huge……. Smile (come on I know what you were thinking!) on the grooms face.

Pop World

Now at first glance you may think I am mental for suggesting a place like Pop World for a stag night. But this place is a cool, fun, weird and funky place to party. But perhaps best of all about this place is that it’s a huge hit with the local ladies and hen parties! So if you are looking for a club that offers some pretty cheap booze, cheesy music and also a place where the chicks flock to then a few beers here is a great idea.


A stag night to me should be all about having fun and when it comes to finding a club that will ensure you guys have a wild and fun night, Flares will make sure you guys have a blast! The best thing about Flares if you ask me has to be the weird and wonderful theme nights that they have on during the year. Chances are no matter when your stag weekend is the people at Flares will have some kind of mental theme night going on. If you guys just want to pound a few beers and have one hell of a good time doing it then this is the place you need to be at!

Getting To York Without Any BS

Train!!!!! For any stag group coming here where no one in their right mind wants to be the designated driver then train is the only way to get here…… well it’s not- you can get a bus if you want. But the easiest and most hassle free way to get to York is on the train. The train station is pretty much right in the middle of the city.

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