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Swansea Stag Weekend Guide

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  • Swansea Stag Do IdeasCruise around Swansea Bay, indulge in a fishing trip or enjoy a sun tan in one of the city's many sandy beaches, Swansea will surprise you with the unexpected. Though beach activities take up the center stage in Swansea,  the city would not  disappoint  any genre of party revellers as it has some of the best outdoor fun options in the Wales. Enjoy the frolic and mayhem of paintball, the frenzy of  motor racing or the excitement of shooting activities, Swansea stag do ideas will fit in all your moods and needs.

    Swansea Stag - Daytime
    Swansea Stag - Night

    The adrenalin junkies will find  mountain climbing or abseiling a perfect pick. Swansea takes credit to many imposing mountain cliffs and rocky terrains that are well suited for this activity.  Extreme activities like canyoning and high ropes offer ample scope to challenge your limits and to be right on top of the world!  Swansea is equally enticing after sunset when its night life comes alive in its many vodka bars and night clubs. Waltz all night, enjoy a few drinks or get naughty with the stunning damsels in a strip club. A party bus will be a good choice to go around the  purple spots of the city and to keep the party mood alive. Call us at gobananas to have the best options at unbeatable prices!