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Cardiff Team Building Events and Ideas

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has a new found energy and vibrancy following the massive re-development of its waterfront using a cash injection from the EEC. You see- good old European Heritage money does work! Sporting fans will be familiar with the Millenium Stadium along with the massive warm welcome from the locals. Cardiff is the economic hub of Wales and home to the Senedd (the Welsh Assembly). Down by the waterfront, Cardiff supports a range of sohisticated retail outlets and a plethora of cosmopolitan "Gastro-pubs" to suit the most discerning of palettes.

The very best team building and corporate events incorporate proven activities. Our staff are able to deliver a range of great activities both for day and evening sessions. A particular favourite is the Evening Party Boat in Cardiff bay giving your team the opportunity to cement relationships whilst letting their hair down.

Our team can successfully tie up all the loose ends for your team or corporate day, including transport and great accommodation.

Cardiff Indoor Team Building Cardiff Outdoor Team Building Cardiff Christmas and Staff Party Events
Our Most Popular Team Building Activities in Cardiff

Unusual Venues to visit in Cardiff

Unusual and unique venues include:

  • Millemium Stadium
  • Senedd - Home to the Welsh Assemblyl
  • Cardiff Bay Waterfront re-development Area
  • National Museum of wales
  • Goleulong Lightship ( and cafeteria)
  • BBC Centre in Cardiff Bay
  • Barocco's Bar in Wharton St

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