Stag Weekends

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Night!

Aviemore-1No need for this to be a winter of discontent, not when you can fix up your stag or hen weekend with GoBananas! We have some great stuff you can do even when the days are short and the nights are long.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, it’s always party time at GoBananas!

Obviously skiing is top of the list and there really is no need to go far afield to have a great time on the slopes when there are some brilliant locations in Scotland. If the snow doesn’t materialise then up and down the country there are indoor and outdoor all-weather centres you can go to. Boarding is another option either on snow or artificial slopes.

There are also plenty of driving options you can get up to in all weathers. There are both indoor and outdoor karting tracks all across the country. There are many more driving options to choose from with GoBananas so if  you don’t find karting cool you’ll still be able to fix up your fix behind the wheel (or handlebars!).

Something else to get you all fired up – a spot of shooting! We have loads of shooting options from clays to combat laser. This is always a great group activity – find out who’s the crackshot and who’s the crackpot!

One place you won’t ever mind it being cool is in the clubs! In fact the night time is always the right time for some fun. There are tons of  things to do at night, perhaps a bar crawl or the lap dancing clubs, butlers in the buff,  not forgetting strippers of course!

All it takes is one quick call and we’ll get the (snow) ball rolling right away!  You’ll be walking in the air when you find out how easy it is with GoBananas!






Edinburgh Stag Do? Don’t Miss This Deal!

falkirk karting 3We’re brilliant at cutting out all the hassle of organising a great stag weekend – now we’ve cut the cost as well! Our canny top GoBananas team has managed to peel back the price of our Need For Speed Edinburgh two-night package by an impressive £50 for the winter months so all you pay each is £89.99!

That includes accommodation, karting, Club Class Bus bar tour and lap dancing! The money you save could let you add another great activity to your weekend or pay for a shitload of beer to keep you weekend wet rather than mildy moist!

This hot deal is only on for the winter so we wouldn’t be hanging back if you want to get booked!







Wheels Keep on Turnin’

argocat-1Stags and Hens and others who like to to be in the driving seat can track down something different at GoBananas!

We all know karts and quads are cool and great fun but that’s not the only way you get around.

Ok you might not need filled in on the fun of 4×4 driving but did you know you can also get down and dirty in mud buggies?

Then there’s Argo Cats, Honda Pilots, Powerturn and RageBuggies, Hovercrafting, Rally Driving, Tanks and Segways! You can even see if you have second sight by trying driving blindfold!

No need for a satnav to suss out a shortcut to some motorised mayhem…..just get in touch with our top team at GoBananas now!

A Quick Guide To Feeling Fruity!

naughty bananaThere are plenty of lotions and potions you can buy to improve your love life but it surely must be better to go the organ-ic route If you really need to perk up your pecker or make your pussy juicy!

If vanity means you don’t fancy asking the doc for viagra or the temperature in the bedroom is bordering on Baltic the best remedy is readily available in every supermarket.

You can easily uncover some fantastic aphrodisiac options  in the fruit and veg aisle, plus your fellow shoppers will assume you’re some kind of health nut with your trolly-load of fruit, not a sexual adventurer!

Continue reading

Stay Ale and Arty on a Craft Beer Diet

Getting rat-arsed, rubbered, buckled or bladdered (in other words pissed) must be top of any stag or hen do itinerary. But let’s face it, this isn’t really that out of the ordinary, probably just what you do most weekends. Lads and lasses do like a dry sherry or two of an evening and why not. Continue reading

Bucket List or F*ckit List?

OK I guess most of you are A: Decades younger than me and B: Not expecting to expire anytime soon. So yeah its a bit early for Bucket List but it certainly isn’t for a F*ckit List.

What the f*ck is a F*ckit List?

Dead simple, its the stuff you really should be doing right now, the stuff you claim to be dying to try but don’t get round to, dangerous stuff, funny stuff, all sorts of stuff. Could be fairly easy like sky or scuba diving or swimming with sharks, funny business like trying stand-up in seedy social club, living dangerously like walking into Rangers pub dressed in green from head to toe, smashing the 100m sprint record (fighting chance if you try the previous one first), volcano boarding and so on. Continue reading

Tips To Tackle a Horrendous Hangover

OK we sorted out your Stag or Hen night and you had a fantastic time (we knew you would!) and somewhere along the line there has been a fair bit of booze consumed – doh!

But we’re big on customer care and it seems to us that if we’ve pointed you in the direction of extreme drinking then an extreme hangover could be the next event, so here are a few extreme hangover cures to keep in mind.

Turks don’t mess about, if your stomach is heaving then heave in a bit of stomach. They reckon tripe (a coo’s stomach lining) makes a great soup with a bit of garlic and cream. We confess we haven’t checked it out-yet. Continue reading

No Stags on the horizon? Find another reason for a mates’ mad weekend!

Last chance saloon before parenthood robs you of all your freedom[/caption]

Are you pissed off waiting for an excuse for a proper piss-up with your mates? Can’t see any Stag nights on the horizon ‘cos you’re all hitched already? Fear not, we have a cunning plan to get you out on the town.
Odds are that one of your tied-down mates at some time will about to become a Dad so before what little freedom he has left disappears in pile of Pampers and he starts smelling of sick and shit get organised and get out for one last proper fling. Continue reading

Recreate your own The Hangover style Stag Party

Hangover Poster 3 MovWith the greatly anticipated blockbuster movie The Hangover III just being released in the UK, us guys at GoBananas started thinking about whether it could be possible to recreate the original “The Hangover” style stag do for your Groom (are you really sure you would want to?!).

Set in the popular Stag or “Bachelor” party town of Las Vegas the original “The Hangover” movie see’s the introduction of three buddies and one outsider forming the “Wolf Pack”, and having the wildest unimaginable evening, most of which they hadn’t planned for and don’t remember (sounds like a typical stag to do us!).

With that in mind, we have put together a stag party plan to match the boys adventures in Vegas -somewhat dampened down to avoid you guys getting arrested, being kidnapped, getting ditched by your other halves or losing any parts of your body (don’t worry there’s still some fun to be had!)

Take Roofies on the top of a Las Vegas hotel roof:
If you want to remember your stag do and have your groom actually marry his bride this might be one to avoid. There are lots of alternatives that will probably leave you just as fuzzy eyed as the lads, most involving pub crawls, lots of beer and some unidentifiable spirits for good measure.

Casino Stag Friendly

Don’t forget to make a toast before you’re first drink and unite your stags a suitable gang name, preferably containing some sort of reference to the nature and the wild – because you are after all wild animals for this one night!

Beer Tasting, Whisky Tasting

Gamble in a Casino and win $80,000 dollars to pay back some angry Asian gangsters:

There are lots of casinos around the UK where your stags can don their best suits and pretend they are stars of their own Hollywood movie. Unless you’re as good at counting cards than the surprisingly expert Alan in the movie, we can’t promise $80,000 dollars worth of prize money but there is no doubt you will walk away feeling incredibly cool.

Casinos, Poker


Rescue your kidnapped buddy with the ransom money you won at the Casino:

Because your head stag is a true friend, you’ll want him to have at least a few hours where he actually fears for his life, so why not get him kidnapped by some specially trained ex-military recruits. Just be sure to learn from the lessons of the guys in the film, and check the kidnapped guy is infact your lost stag before making deals with any rough and angry looking gang members.

Hostage Stag Activity

Hostage Rescue

Have one of your stag’s pull out his own tooth to prove he is a proper dentist.

If you insist on pulling out your teeth, we would be more than happy to provide the string for you to do so!  Otherwise you could get your stags together to have a go at some Boxing lessons, don’t wear your mouth guard and with a good right hook you could find yourself with a smile like Stu’s!

Go to a strip club, marry a nice looking stripper and then borrow her baby

Borrowing children is generally frowned upon in the real world, but the rest is definitely doable.

There are plenty of lovely ladies across the UK waiting to entertain stag parties, although getting one of these ladies to marry you might not be the easiest of tasks, even with the gift of an expensive inheritance ring.

If you are desperate for an exchange of vows on your stag night, it might be wiser to swear with your other stags never to share any of the stories or photos from your evening with another human (unless of course you’re telling us at GoBanana’s – we love a good stag story!)


Stripper HangoverSteal a tiger from Mike Tyson

The only thing to match stealing a tiger from Mike Tyson, would be stealing a tiger from Mike Tyson. Good luck.

Wreck a Mercedes that belongs to your new in laws Mercedes

If your stag’s inlaws don’t own a Mercedes, don’t worry! Any car will do. It’s likely your head stag will protest to this idea, so there are lots of alternatives.

Get your stags out on a day of rage buggies so they can drive around like crazy men in car chases. Or get them to try a bit of blindfolded driving, just try and avoid any public roads.

Blindfolded Driving, Rage Buggies

If you guys have any “The Hangover” style stories, or advice for those planning their stags please share them with us below, we would love to hear them!