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CSI Training Day

Explore CSI scenarios and develop a wide range of observational, analytic and commmunication skills! Excellent staff development and team building day.

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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Test wide range of skills and abilities
  • Unusual and very interesting
  • Every business skills called into use!

Our team building events are based around Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation and although a lot of the practical aspects are similar, they are very unique to each individual organisation. This is because we ensure that we listen to the needs of our customers and we focus on particular issues, or draw out particular skills that are identified in each organisations objectives.

This is easy for us to do as it is often not recognised how many key skills, that are essential to the successful running of any business, an investigator will use subconsciously as part of their everyday role, for example skills such as; effective communication, the ability to problem solve and think outside the box, adaptability, time management, leadership skills, working as part of a team and analytical skills to name a few. Although these skills are organically embedded into what we do, listening and talking to the client, allows us to adapt our approach to ensure we are delivering what they need.

Strategically a full day event will run in the following way;

In the morning introductions will be given, followed by ice breakers and getting to know you activities. We will then split the whole group down into smaller teams. We will work collaboratively with you prior to the event to establish who you would like in each team, or alternatively we will be happy to choose the groups. Within each of the smaller teams, delegates will be given a description of different of job roles and the personal qualities needed to fulfil these roles. Delegates will be asked to analyse their own skills and attributes as well as that of their team members, in order to decide as a group, who will be best suited to which job role, as they will undertake that role later in the scene examination. This will form part of a decision making activity which encourages open and honest debate and requires the use of excellent decision making skills. 

We will then carry out workshops and demonstrations with the whole group, in order to give them the skills that they need to become investigators and conduct a full crime scene investigation.

A number of Crime Scenes will be set up, along with an intelligence gathering and analysis area.

Each smaller group will work on a crime scene and at suitable points, team decisions will be made for investigators to break off and communicate findings, gather intelligence and take information back to their own teams.

A debriefing will take place, prior to analysis of evidence to establish who our offender is and solve the crime. Following this we will take time to reflect on the day’s activities and how the skills they have utilised can be used back in the workplace.

Benefits of CSI Team Events

There are many benefits to engaging with CSI Training and Events including:

  • Our sessions and the suspense around them creates a real buzz and excitement before, during and after any event. This will energise and motivate your staff whilst encouraging their attendance and participation in the training day
  • Our experience and the practitioner learning that we deliver, means that we can offer a fascinating, realistic view of Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation
  • Everything we deliver is related to ‘real life’ crime cases, allowing us to put learning into context and thus driving engagement and boosting enthusiasm
  • Our hands on sessions help to develop practical techniques and put employability skills into context, whilst encouraging group participation, engagement and team bonding
  • Key employability skills such as; leadership, communication, logical thinking and problem solving, are embedded into the sessions helping to bring out the best in your team members and highlight new, unrecognised skills in some! This makes staff better equipped to deal with tasks in the work place, whilst increasing team performance and productivity
  • Your staff will have so much fun they won’t feel like they are taking part in a team building event! Imaginations will be captured from the outset, uplifting team members and boosting morale
  • The events help to bond teams which will help to motivate and unite employees on all levels, creating a happy team who will work better together
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