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Tandem Freefall Skydive near Riga for Party Groups

Price Starts From 346.99
Very memorable 12 foot skydive including 60 seconds in freefall with instructor. Obviously popular but really one to remember! Book early as super limited availability!

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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Riga Tandem Sky Dive
  • Adrenaline filled
  • Unique activity
  • Transfers included
  • Photo CD of jump by para photographer

This is a tandem skydive where you are strapped to an experienced instructor who wil control the whole experience while you simply enjoy the feeling of falling through the sky for 60 seconds (approx) before the parachute opens and you then calming waft back to the firm ground. 

The plane will climb up to around 4000 metres (4 kilometres) or 12000 feet after which you will step out into the great blue yonder for a minute of freefalling before the parachute is deployed and you drift back to terra firma and into the waiting arms of your laughing friends. Most stag activities you don't remember - this is one you will and if you bring a gopro camera you can capture it all for the amazement of the bride! 

It takes about an hour for each person to go up then come down so you should allow the whole day for the group to get their turn. A BBQ is provided during the day.
A separate parachutist photographer will record the whole day's fun for you to keep on a CD.

Weather conditions are obviously important in deciding when it's safe to go and you're jump can be called off in even in mid-air if the wind changes. If the weather prevents skydiving then alternative activities will be provided up to the value of the jump.

Availability on this is limited so don't hang around if you think you want to do it!

BTW not everybody in the group has to do it (chickens!) and you should be healthy: ie a heart attack at 2000 metres is not cool.

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Minimum Number: 2
  • TimeStart: 9:00
  • Quick Summary of Inclusions: All Necessary Equipment
  • Suitable for: Adult Party, Great for Small Groups, Hen and Stag Parties
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