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New Suppliers to Gobananas

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You probably already work with companies like Maximise, Chillisauce, Redseven, Last Night of Freedom, Freedom Ltd just to name a few. offers very similar services but with one crucial difference! Our new site will allow customers to communicate directly with suppliers through our group booking system.

Most large group bookings including corporate, stag and hen parties tend to book through agents as they are unable to find local suppliers easily. This is where Gobananas will offer a brand new service, we will be able to connect customers directly with suppliers through our database but at the same time still offer our professional agent service if requested.

The benefit of this system for you as the supplier:

We will take care of payments and confirmations of number on your behalf. All payments will be made prior to event in most cases (last minute bookings may not reach you in time) normally by BAC's.

To join Gobananas please fill out our supplier form.

If you have any problems uploading your activities or have a lot to upload please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.