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Cardiff Stag Weekend Packages

Suddenly, organising your best mates stag do doesn't seem such a pain in the arse when you've chosen a GoBananas party package. We combine everything you need in one go: daytime activities, stuff to do at night and your accommodation. Who thought it could all be so easy?

Bundle of Laughs - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

Its that time.... a boys weekend away... We have the perfect weekend for you which will have you laughing your head off...► 2 nights accommodation, Comedy Club, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry.



Need for Speed - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

How fast can you go? This package will certainly sort that out for you..►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Karting.



No Frills - Cardiff Cheap Stag Weekend Package

You have the task of organising a boys weekend away and already the guys have no money...We have the perfect solution.....



Paint the Town - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

A boys weekend away.... This package will be sure to have you smiling and leave some pennies in your pocket ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Paintball.



The Magnificent Seven - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

Let the boys have fun with our specially designed Stag package which offers you plenty of thrills and spills.



Wet and Wild - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

So you have done the drinking weekends before - let us organise something different.........



It may be that we have bad memories of Cardiff from watching great Welsh teams beat up English rugby teams, but we have no bad memories of the fun that you can have in Cardiff. It's a great little city and it really buzzes on a Friday and Saturday night. So if you've chosen Cardiff as your stag party destination, you're off to a good start. To help you get going we've put together a few stag weekend packages that combine some things to do in the daytime, some night-time entertainment and also your accommodation.

Packages are not designed to constrain you but to inspire you with the sorts of things that you will be a will to achieve. For most stag organisers, the real pain is trying to get answers out of the lads. Even if you haven't got all the answers you need you can still go ahead and book one of our packages or work with us to create a package that you think will suit the most people. As we say, we are not here to constrain you or make life hard. We know that you will need to change numbers and we know that you will get advice from Philippe fellow partygoers about the sorts of activities that they should be doing. That's no problem we can make changes as necessary. For example we know that numbers will change, so let's start with the largest possible number and then work our way downwards. Also we know that your credit card limit is not infinite, so to get going all we need is a small deposit which can be collected from you from or all of the guys individually, then we can hold activities and accommodation for you until the final numbers are decided.

If you are beginning to pull your hair out, then contact us and ask is either to advise or to put some ideas to you with prices and then you can get all the organisation on the road.

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