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Brighton Team Building

Team Building Ideas & Activities in Brighton

Discover a wide range of exciting and unexpected ideas for a team building day out with your department or company in Brighton.

Adventure Rally

This activity is fully immersive, groups navigate between 4 venues with a task at each, solving clues along the way.


Bag Beat Music - Energiser

This musical challenger will have your whole group working as one. the rhythm specialists are guaranteed to get your group ready for anything! Energised to the full.


Balloon Tower - Energiser

Each team is provided with balloons and a pump then its time to build a tower with a strict time limit.


Beach Ball Bingo - Energiser

This is a fast moving task which requires thinking on your feet, team work and clear communication to hit “House!”. Great fun for large groups.


Brazilian Drumming - Team Building

Ever heard of "Flow State"? Get this right and your team will love the experience. Rhythm Drumming gives every participant an audio-visual spectacle of extraordinary proportions. The energy everyone feels afterwards is amazing.

Bubble Football

If you have not seen Bubble Football on Youtube, then Google it right now, then you will see why you want to book this for your event.

Chocolate Making Workshop

Learn the art of creating the best chocolates, use this time to learn all the skills required to produce chocolate heaven.


Circus Skills - Team Building

Circus Skills is a great activity if you are wanting a unusual and exciting team building event that will leave your group with a shared, lasting memory and also help with new sense of group bonding with improved mutual support.


Clay pigeon Shooting - Corporate Event

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a fantastic sport that is good fun and provides the perfect outdoor setting to build business relationships or reward staff for achieving their targets.

Cocktail Making Workshop - Corporate

Learn the art of cocktail making, under the watchful eye of mixologist, this has been a popular and highly recommended event from our corporate clients over the years.

Commercial Break - Team Building

Take your team into the back stabbing world of advertising where they strive for success with their own commercials. Team work is everything in this challenge.

Create and Paint - Team Building

Set free your company’s natural creativity in a fun and changing environment of massive canvases and tins of paint. Just great fun for the whole team.


Dance Party

We can organise a great range of team building dance workshops that will get the whole team out of their work clothes and into something more appropriate for the dance moves they will learn.

Eden - Team Building

Eden Team Challenge is an unusual, fun and unique team building activity which helps teams to look and engage with key topical issues while experiencing entertaining, dynamic and informative challenges.


Go Karting - Team Event

It's time to reward your staff and thank your clients! Help improve working relationships and show clients and work mates that they matter to you. This can be a team or individual event, either way it's great fun all year round.

Golf Corporate Day

The peace and quiet of the golf course makes it the perfect place to relax, discuss business and to strengthen client or colleague relationships even in the 19th hole.


Green Building - Team Building

Green Building is an innovative, unique and fun team building event which encourages groups to think about and engage with social and environmental issues


Indoor Team Building - Scotland

Half day indoor team building session which will do wonders to your team work and coordination skills. Great team games to choose from for your team building day.

Kinetic Connections - Team Event

Kinetic Connections empowers groups to explore problem solving and the issues with it such as cross-team communication and working together as they strive for success in the sometimes crazy, unstable and ever-changing business environment.


Maelstom - A Powerful Whirlpool

Begin on a fast pace of enterprise, competing against the clock to reach the core. what makes this different is this multi-activity indoor team building event devolves total control to the teams who must decide what to do and when to do it


Mini Highland Games - Team Building

Join us in this clash of the clans at the mini Highland Games, who needs an App when we have the real thing. Authentic Scottish Games with some modern twists, can be combined with food and other activities.


Murder Mystery Night - Staff Party

This Is A Highly Interactive outrageously funny James Bond themed Murder Mystery Show where You All Take Part!


School Sports Day - Energiser

Need to get the team energized maybe before a conference or training event or even just a Monday and you want the week to be different, School Sports Day is a great option.


TeamWorks In - Team Building

With a set of challenging scenarios to overcome, teams discuss, agree & implement a strategy using only the resources available. Teams can stop to review their strengths & weaknesses.


Treasure Hunt - Team Building Event

This treasure hunt is a great and engaging team event which will involve everyone, great fun for all of your team. This is a great activity for all sizes of companies.


Brighton Team Activities

It’s important for your office or team to always be supporting each other and know that they are in a friendly and trusting environment. When a company has a strong social foundation then there is a massive opportunity for growth and development. However when a company’s employees start distrusting each other and looking out for themselves then it becomes a selfish culture where people lie and cheat to get their way. The customers feel this negative attitude and the business will lose profits and eventually collapse. The success or failure of a company is based on the connectivity of its people, so team-building exercises are crucial for a companies growth.

There are many team building events and activities to be had in Brighton from adrenaline pumping outdoor activities like races and watersports to more relaxed activities that focus on creativity and building trust like treasure hunts or classes. Here are some of the activities you can take your office on to bring them together and have loads of fun.

For a relaxed time for learning and fun, try out the Brighton cookery school. They have arranged some exciting team building activities and lessons for your office to learn. A kitchen is a hectic place where everyone has to work together to perform at its peak, so this is a perfect opportunity for your office brush up on their skills while learning new things and developing a team attitude. You will be able to improve your productivity, communication and general morale. They can emphasize training, challenges or team effort so it’s a perfect activity for your needs, and on top of that your team will learn how to cook a great dish. Check out more at

At Fresh Tracks you have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and you can have a tailor made day for your office. You can do an art class where you have many supplies and your employees get to test and show off their creative talents. There are some joint activities which require planning, communication and of course, teamwork.

Fresh tracks also offer treasure hunts, which require diligent communication and planning and constant organization in order to work as a team to solve clues, collect items and find the treasure. It s fun day out and it really bring everyone together in a challenging and exciting team building day.  If you want to find out more, go to

Brighton Racing and events work in partnership with Pretty Clever Events to create a fun and exciting team building experience for you and your office. There are team games, circus skills training, treasure hunts and much more at this exclusive and personalized  team building day.  To see more, check out

There are many more fun events to choose from in Brighton that will bring your team together and provide a fun and exciting day out. You can go for adrenaline pumping activities, fun classes or team activities that require everyone to collaborate to get to a result. Whatever you decide, your office will become stronger, more socially connected, more productive and will work better as a team in the future. 

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