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Team Building Ideas & Events

Office Parties

Ideas for a corporate team night out

Team Building Ideas

Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Ideas

Corporate Events mark great way ahead any corporates. You can provide new and exciting solutions to your clients or staff by arranging a Corporate Event in UK.

We help you organise corporate events across UK at our selected event centres. The diverse states of UK are ideal for visitors to hold an event. Explore the links below to find a  range of activities available across UK. Make sure that you check details, rates and availability before booking. Feel free to give a call on 0800 567 7101 to discuss your event requirements.

Any company with staff can benefit from spending some time together outside of the working environment.  We can offer both indoor and outdoor team building events and activities. We can also arrange packages including golfing breaks and other sporting breaks.

Team Building Challenges

Example of different sections within the day.

Break the Ice – 5 to 15 minutes at the beginning of any team building or conference programme. Start the proceedings with Inside the Puzzle Zone.

Energisers – An event lasting approximately 15 minutes after a break, designed to lift all the delegates and encourage maximum attention span and concentration. Choose from our expansive range of interactive and upbeat challenges, including Blue Beat indoor team building activities such as Boom Whackers or Bin Bag Ladies.

Team Building Session – Choose from a diverse range of events lasting between 45 minutes and 3 hours. We have a comprehensive portfolio of activities, including Big Picture and Camera antics.

Incentive and Reward Event – Select from a number of fun events, lasting between 1 hour and a full day. These include Highland Games and a wide range of outdoor activities.

Evening Entertainment – End the day with one of our exciting 45-minute to 5-hour evening events, ranging from James Bond Evenings to Poker Nights.

We can arrange corporate events and activities anywhere across the UK.   We can book venues, activities and entertainment to fit your budget and needs.  We have contacts from large resorts to castles in the Scottish highlands.

When considering your next corporate team building event, day or exercise get in touch with GoBananas to discuss your event requirements. After discussing your needs and requirements in detail we will put together an outline of the exercises and events that will fit within your goals.

Corporate Events & Christmas Office Parties

Having a well planned corporate event can achieve more in terms of motivation, rewarding staff and team building than many other easier incentives.  We have seen it with our own sales staff, sales and production increases massively after such events which is always a reminder of why it's so important to run such event. Work Hard, Play Hard!

Sales Team Building

Believe it or not sales people or not often natural team players, however in today's climate it is really important that they learn to work and trust each other more, as the old saying goes there is no me in team.  We at GoBananas have found weekends away together has produced fantastic results.  Sales really comes down to staff having positive mental attitudes (PMA), this comes from motivation, showing you care about your staff is a sure way to get much more out of them.

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