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Drumming Workshops

Achieve the Flow State as a team.

If you have been to Carnival you will have experienced the hypnotic impact of massed drumming and one look at the faces of the drummers will tell you how much pleasure they get from it.

These workshops are your chance as a group to experience the same feeling and discover how you can unconsciously connect to each other without thought and move from a conscious struggle to keep the rhythm to simply unconsciously keeping with it. In California they call this the flow state when your senses are heightened and you can effortlessly achieve something.

All the workshops tend to follow the same pattern of being a half-day (3 hours) and can be held both in and out the office. They also work really well as an afternoon session leading into the evening as part of a wider corporate event or party. 

During the workshop we will introduce you to techniques  and give you and understanding of rhythm and how it operates within us. Then over the course of the workshop we will work you up towards larger and more complex rhythms and syncopations. We are not trying to teach you how to be a drummer, but how to drum with others and how to let your body do the work.

Absolutely no previous experience is required and no equipment: you just bring yourselves and the hidden beat inside of you. By the end you will be swaying and drumming beautifully and you will experience the absolute joy of massed drumming.

What to Tell Your Manager:

Massed drumming is about having some fun, but there is a wider message about how we achieve effects working together rather than just as individuals and how the sum of the whole is more than the parts. Managers often like team building exercises to be simply problem solving, but teams are a lot more than problems and helping people to understand the power of non-verbal is every bit as powerful and interesting.

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