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Bridal Shower Hen Party Game

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This game is very popular. Good for an Ann Summers party, hen nights or bridal shower. Everyone gets a piece of paper and have to make a numbered list from 1 to 13, and alongside each number, they have to write:

* (1) a place,
* (2) a colour,
* (3) a number between 1 and 15,
* (4) a country,
* (5) a size (small, medium, large, massive, tiny),
* (6) a number between 1 and 50,
* (7) a wild animal,
* (8) a number between 1 and 20,
* (9) a cartoon character,
* (10) an insulting name (slag, bitch, slapper),
* (11) a vegetable,
* (12) a TV show,
* (13) an emotion (happy, sad, angry, jealous).

Now read out! You met your perfect man at (1) His hair colour would be (2) His height would be (3) feet tall He would be from this country (4) The size of his bum would be (5) His b>b>b>b> would have to be so many inches long (6) In bed he would be a (7) The number of children you would have would be (8) Your man's name would be (9) His pet name for you would be (10) You would spend your lives living in a giant (11) You would earn your money having sex live on (12) You would grow old together feeling (13) You read these out and go around the room getting the answers from them e.g.. I would meet my perfect man at a sex shop (1), his hair would be green (2), He would be 14 (3) feet tall, he would have to be from Egypt (4), the size of his bum would be extra extra large (5), his dick would have to be 29 (6) inches long, he would be an Ostrich (7) in bed, you would have 15 (8) children, my man would be called Donald Duck (9), his pet name for me would be 'Old tart' (10), we would spend our lives living in a giant potato (11), we would earn our money having sex live on Wheel of Fortune (12) and grow old feeling jealous (13). Some of the answers will having you nearly wetting yourselves. Good luck! ;-)

Try out one of these dreamy men for real, click on the links below : -

Butler in The Buff

Male Stripper

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