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Red Dwarf Drinking Game

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Red Dwarf Drinking Game

barSmeg! Another way to get drunk! The Rules (Simple enough for Lister to understand) Okay, Here's what you do. Simply start watching Red Dwarf and if something happens that is included in the list below you have 1 (one) drink, shot or whatever you like. Under 18s might wish to have cheezels or spoonfuls of nutella, pizza, or something else legal, if you prefer. Take more if necessary (it isn't), or if you want to (you won't). The game might get a little hectic at times and no responsibility is taken for hospitalisation of any players (Yes, that means you, Simon). Best effect (unconsciousness) is achieved with back to back viewings, i.e. the whole of series IV, for example. Ready? Well then, "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!" (with a hangover). And don't do anything Lister wouldn't do!

Lister Drink every time Lister has a Lager Every time he refers to an old lover (double if he does this especially to make Rimmer feel bad) Have a double whenever he mentions Kristine Kochanski. Also, every time Lister is seen eating a curry (or other Indian Food) Mustn't forget to partake whenever he plays his guitar (or threatens to). One for each joke about Lister being not or barely human. Have a drink when a reference is made to any of Lister's undergarments. Drink whenever he enters an artificial reality computer game. Double if he does so to have sex. Rimmer Every time someone insults Rimmer. And every time he insults someone back, or just does it anyway. Every time Rimmer does something mean to someone else. One drink for each embarrassing fact exposed about him. (e.g. his middle name) Also, every time he mentions one of his dull hobbies or interests (Risk, Hammond Organs, 20th Century Telegraph poles.) One for every whinge about being dead (this applies mostly to series I and II) Have one when Rimmer shows his love of military battles or mentions a great general. A drink for each Space Corp Directive mis-quoted. Drink when Rimmer thinks that aliens exist or even are nearby. Ace Rimmer Whenever Ace Rimmer says "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!" One drink whenever Ace calls Lister "Skipper".

Or whenever anyone says "What a guy!" about Ace Rimmer. Cat One drink if the Cat mentions an "old cat saying". Take a big slurp when Cat mention his favourite pastimes (like sex, food, sleep, etc.) Drink each time the Cat goes "Aaaooooww!" (y'know what I mean) Have a drink when he wants to go out with any woman (Wilma Flintstone, Simulant, whoever) Don't forget to drink when the Cat praises his own good looks, Double if he claims to be centre of the universe. One drink everytime he has a costume change Drink if the Cat refers to Lister and Rimmer as "monkeys" (First Series) Have another glass or two if Duane Dibbley shows up. You'll need it.

Throw back another whenever the Cat 'smells' something, or his sense of smell is referred to by another crew member. Double if he says his nostril hairs are vibrating. Kryten Scul each time Kryten has to explain something to someone Drink whenever he is seen ironing, cooking or doing the laundry. Have a glass every time Kryten's head is described (e.g. "amusingly shaped ice-cube") A drink for each time he corrects a Space Corp Directive quoted by Rimmer. One per each add-on appliance that he can attach mentioned (or seen) Double if he mentions an accident with his groinal socket or groinal attachment. Drink for each "old android saying". Every time he speaks something in binary or hex (e.g. 001100111.... or whatever) A drink for each time he offers to kill himself for doing something stupid or as a sacrifice to save the crew. Drink whenever he enters a mode, such as "smug mode", "lie mode", etc. Holly Drink every time Holly is stupid. (this rule can be dangerous...) Drink when he/she has troubles with numbers or just with counting. One drink when Holly uses a pop culture word, like "Dude" and "Oi!" Have a drink whenever Holly has to explain something to someone. One for every reference to his/her IQ, or lack of. Take a drink whenever Holly pulls a prank on anyone. Also, drink if Holly actually does something right. (I mean something that rare needs celebration) A drink whenever Holly's head appears on something other than a TV screen on a wall. (i.e. Lister's watch, Kryten's stomach.) Kochanski Drink every time she complains about being in a parallel universe Have a drink whenever she complains about the food And also one every time she complains about Lister's habits Double when Lister tries to make a pass at her or flirt and is cut dead One every time she is seen wearing that tight red rubber outfit Double every time Cat calls her "officer-bud-babe" Drink when she demonstrates how spoilt she is And drink every time she is sarcastic (applies to early episodes also) or makes a snooty comment One drink whenever she refers to "Her Dave".

Skutters One drink per each Skutter seen (Quite dangerous sometimes... e.g. "Parallel Universe") Drink when the skutters play Indians and Cowboys or prove that they are John Wayne fans. Of course, drink when they annoy Rimmer. Double if they do the "hand" signal they specially reserve for Rimmer when annoying him. Talkie Toaster Drink whenever Talkie offers anyone a slice of toast. Double if he offers any other type of toasted product. Have a drink when he offers an opinion on something. (Important These rules are not recommended for "White Hole". If you wish to do so, why not just have a bottle each and forget about it. Series I and II are probably better options for these ;-) Polymorph One drink for each disgusting and/or salivating monster it transforms into Also have one when it turns into cute furry animal or toy. Take a drink each time a member of the crew has a false alarm about what/where the polymorph is. And Double when they don't notice it and it's right under their noses. Drinking with friends For when you are playing with a group, drink when a fellow fan. Drink when ever someone quotes a line. (Double if they do it along with the character) Drink continuously whenever someone argues about the rules of this game. A drink and a cheer for anyone who dressed up in Red Dwarf merchandise (hats, tees, socks, etc.) And a hearty toast for anyone who actually dressed up like a Red Dwarf crew member. Drink yet another one when someone spots a continuity error.

One drink per player who is no longer capable of playing, to help make up for them no longer drinking their share. And hide under the couch if anyone comes dressed like Holly (i.e. no body)! General Always cheer then drink when they say Red Dwarf. Sing and imbibe continually when the theme song is played or heard in the background. Yes, this can include the credits. Actually, drink whenever anyone sings. Applies to "I'm gonna eat you little fishie" and even the "Ohm" song. Drink if something wierd happens. Drink if something gross happens. (Applies mostly to Lister.) One drink for every mention of a small, furry animal or a kipper. Have drink for each hostile entity they meet that probably wants to kill them (should be some almost every episode) Have another if the hostile entity can't shoot straight, allowing the crew to survive against impossible odds. A Drink for each reference made to the Danish moron (or even just plain old "Petersen").

Celebrate the usual way when they send up/parody something from another sci-fi show. Double if they're spoofing any Star Trek. Lemming Rule (optional) One drink per "smeg", "smegging", etc. ('Bodyswap' will get tricky) (Note Rimmer insult rule also applies for "smeghead", i.e. take 2 drinks if someone insults Rimmer with "Smeghead") Have a drink for every "old human saying" - Double if in reply to an "old cat saying" One drink per crude joke. Drink whenever they crash Starbug. Have a drink when there is a mention of a practical joked played on someone or one is done to someone. (Double if done to Rimmer) If suicidal, I suppose you could also have a drink for any joke about, or reference to, sex. And when any member of the crew starts to resemble a smoked kipper you should finish the bottle and go home!

The Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society suggests this For safety reasons, pick one thing from each category and only use those rules. This may extend the life-span of your game (and yourself) a little. Or just use one category.

Disclaimer Any injury resulting from this game is mostly your fault and anyway you had fun doing it, didn't you?! I mean, people who take this game seriously should be given a double lobotomy and ten rolls of rubber wall paper.

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