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Scavenger Hunts

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Hen Party Games - Scavenger Hunts

These hen party games are usually combined with a bar crawl; here are some ideas for the hunt. Some hen weekend parties just have the bride do them all.

Dance with a stripper. Kiss the first guy to walk in the bar with his hat on backwards. Get a guy's boxers. Take photos of a bar's urinals. Buy a drink for the first red haired guy you see. Dance on a table. Sip a drink held between some strange man's legs. Ask a strange guy for a condom. Get the next man to walk in the bar to buy you a drink. Have some stranger sign his name on your bra or shirt or whatever. Buy something horrible in a porn shop. Go to the next bar wearing it. ("It" being the item in #11.) Flash a group of men from the sunroof of the limo. Get some poor guy's chest hairs. Find a fellow willing to serenade you.

If the group breaks up to pull some of the stunts, take Polaroid photos to prove that the stunts were accomplished. Later, you can put these hen do photos together in the album for the bride

Our Scavenger Hunt Suggestions: The basic rules of a Scavenger Hunt are that the Party Guests are divided up into teams, and given a list of items to return to the party with. Certain items are assigned a point value, with a time limit given. The time limit is determined by whoever is hosting the hen party. Here are a few of the suggestions that the fertile (and a little warped!) imaginations at have come up with.

Have Fun! Worth Five Points. b>A Condom b> A Box Of Altoids b> A Cucumber b> A Can of the Groom's Favorite Beer or Soft Drink b>Sunscreen b> A single man's Business Card b>A copy of Playgirl Magazine b> A Plunger b> A Beef Jerky or Slim Jim b> A Temporary Tattoo b>A Magnifying Glass and Tweezers b>A Slurpee Cup (empty) b> A Happy Meal Toy b> A Fortune Cookie Fortune b>A Copy of The Bridal Registry b> A Banana Hair Clip b> A Sex Quiz from Cosmo, Glamour, or any Woman's Magazine b> A Baby Bottle Worth Ten Points b>A Restaurant Menu from where the engaged couple had their first meal. b>A Centerfold Picture of a Specific Celebrity/Movie Star/ Performing Artist b>A Whip b> A Pair of Handcuffs b>A Policeman's Hat b>A Wig b> A Witch's Hat b>A Deck of Nude Male Playing Cards b>Any Item of clothing with a cigarette brand/logo on it b>Any item of clothing with a Harley-Davison logo on it b> A Penny from the Bride's Year of Birth b> A Penny from the Groom's Year of Birth b>A Casino Poker Chip b> A pen or refrigerator Magnet with the Bride's name on it b>An expired driver's license Worth Twenty-Five Points b> A Pair of the Groom's Underwear b>A Street Sign from where the Bride and Groom will live/are living b>A Barry Manilow Tape or CD b>An 8-Track Tape b>An LP or 45 b>A Slo-Poke Sucker b>A picture of the Bride as a Baby or very little girl (if more than one, the youngest wins) b>A picture of the groom as a Baby or very little boy (if more than one, the youngest wins) b>An X-rated Video starring a particular Actor (John Holmes, Linda Lovelace, etc.) b>An old Mobile Phone (circa 1990-not a small, modern cell one). b>A Lava Lamp b>A Male Stripper's G-String (an extra fifty points if he's in it!) Worth Fifty Points b> A Betamax VCR b>An original Nintendo or Atari Pac-Man Game b>A Twister Game b>One Penny Loafer b>A Viagra Pill b> A Rock-em-Sock-em Robot b> A Sexual Vibrator b>A Locket of Chest Hair (man's)

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