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Trust the Groomsmen

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A team game for any stag party. The game is quite fun and intresting for the Groomsmen and brings you back to the fraternity days. This game involves the groom to trust his groomsmen and stand on a chair or table…barefooted. He will be standing on shards of glass…now blindfold the groom and then turn his chair around 2-3 times. What the groom is unaware about is that you have cornflakes on the otherside of the chair. So, when he jumps trusting the groomsmen, he is jumping into those cornflakes which for a moment will feel as if its shrads of glass.

Well, you can even make the game a bit more fun…get a glass with a goldfish inside…now blindfold the groom and tell him to drink the cup of goldfish. Now the catch is that…the groomsmen will change the glass of goldfish…telling the groom that you are adding one more goldfish into it. But you’ll be replacing the glass with a glass of apple juice with two slices of peaches inside…Surely the groom will sweat out doing the two fun yet exciting stuffs,trusting his groomsmen.


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