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Birmingham Team Building

Team Building Ideas & Activities in Birmingham

Discover a wide range of exciting and unexpected ideas for a team building day out with your department or company in Birmingham.

Adventure Rally

This activity is fully immersive, groups navigate between 4 venues with a task at each, solving clues along the way.


Birmingham Team Building Activities

Team Building events have long been used to help bring colleagues together and they are getting increasingly popular these days. These events are aimed at motivating staff, allowing team members to use their strengths and motivate each other, and they enable a team of people to work better together, with the hope that once the team building event is over, the staff will use what they have learned during the team building when they return to work.

In addition, it is believed that these events help to bring colleagues closer together, while improving confidence and self-esteem.

Phoenix Leisure organise corporate events with a bit of a difference. They host indoor and outdoor activities, so you can choose something that best suits your needs. Some of the events are a treasure trail around Birmingham, the Office Olympics, giant board games, casino nights, Whacky Races and Mission Impossible.

KDM Events has a range of corporate team events on offer. They hold their events in a number of venues around Birmingham including Birmingham Botanical Gardens, The Belfrey, the National Indoor Arena and Marriot Birmingham.

They have fun events with modern themes.

Among the indoor events are The Krypton Factor, Cast Away, Zero Hour or you can even brave their version of Dragons’ Den.

If you want to test out your mixing skills, you also have the chance to make cocktails, create canapés or make your own chocolates.

Outdoor events include country sports, spy academy and dragon boat racing.

If you feel like going undercover for the day, then Espionage Missions have the event for you. Groups will be divided into two teams and they will then compete with each other in a series of programmes.

Tasks include language translation, forgery tasks, logic puzzles and time trials. The events are aimed at corporate teams, but they are also suitable for hen and stag parties as well.

Every now and then, you need to let your staff vent off some steam and really just enjoy themselves. Having a team of staff that work for each other and with each other is very important – it helps build the right type of mentality and ensures that productivity stays high all year round. A company that doesn’t work to ensure its team have strong bonds outside of corporate duty is going to be in big trouble.

The biggest problem for many companies is actually putting on an event they feel that their staff will enjoy. It’s hard work making sure that everybody has the right level of enjoyment from their big day together and they truly take part and make the most of the team building event, rather than just slog through with minimal effort. If you are struggling to come up with productive and legitimate ideas for your staff to work with, then we can help you deal with choosing a brilliant venue.

If your staff enjoy athletic events and are all fit individuals, why not go for something like The Games that are hosted by KDM Events?  these excellent take on the Olympics has your staff working together but in comical situations – it’s basically the real thing with all of the seriousness taken out of it! Brilliant for improving team chemistry and motivation, KDM Events also host loads of other brilliant team building ideas like GPS treasure hunts.

They also deal with some brilliant country sports – fancy testing our your IT team to see if they are as good at shooting a bow in real life as they are in video games? Then why not set up a brilliant little country sports event? There are plenty of places that you can go to do this in Birmingham, with lots of open land available that make arranging a team building event much easier.

You could go for something a bit more crazy, as well! Garland Leisure provides a huge list of activities like team rowing, quad driving and racing with karts. These various team building activities in Birmingham are set up and provided for by Garland, and they let you choose the selection of what you will be getting up to. They offer everything from events that involve working with bees to a camping session out in the wild where you all need to work together to prosper!

There are plenty of great events held across the Second City both indoors and out that you can really make the most of with GoBananas. These ideas for selections should get your brain racing, but we can help you arrange anything that you are looking to make the most of, too. If you are stuck for ideas or don’t know the best way to go about setting up a great team building event in Birmingham, then give us a call and we can make sure your team enjoy themselves together and get stronger as a group as a result. 

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