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Scavenger Hunt Hen Game

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  • Length of Game: all night
  • Minimum Number Required: 3
  • Complexity: medium

This game seems to be the most popular hen party games ever. At the beginning of the night have the guests write down on a piece of paper an item or task that they would like to have the hen complete by the end of the evening. Hand her these tasks and see how many she can complete over the course of the evening.

You may want to create some tasks that require extra help and then nominate another member of the party.

Scavenger Hunt Task List Ideas

  • Have her be serenaded by "Joe Stud" while she sits on his lap. Have him sing an Elvis love song. Love Me Tender or Are you Lonesome Tonight? (Bring the words)
  • Have her say to the bartender, "Do you know how to make a shower? I heard they were cool and refreshing."
  • Find someone to buy her a blow-job shot with extra whipped cream.
  • Obtain a pair of men's undies. One pair of Y-fronts and one pair of boxers.
  • Have her request the weirdest song you can think of from the DJ. Then make her dance like a monkey to it. 
  • While you're at it, why not give her a banana you just happen to have brought with!
  • Have her obtain a colored condom.
  • Kiss a bald man's bald spot and leave lipstick marks.
  • Find a guy w/ a concealed tattoo and have the bride find it and kiss it... (Sent in by Wendy) 
  • Drink a shot made with each color of the rainbow...
  • Have a guy put a dollar somewhere "interesting" on the bride...
  • Have a group of hot guys sing "you've lost that lovin' feeling", preferably military from Top Gun! ...
  • Try to find the guy with the weirdest thing in their'll be surprised!....
  • A barmat or coaster signed by a barman
  • A hand stamp
  • The phone number of a guy over 50
  • Any item that looks like the private parts of the male anatomy
  • A pair of boxer shorts
  • A cocktail glass
  • A pair of pink socks
  • A poster advertising a band or karaoke evening
  • A condom
  • A breath mint
  • A business card with the same first name as the groom
  • A girl with the same first name as the bride or the bride’s mother
  • A garter
  • Words of advice for the bride from 5 different people written on napkins
  • A penny from the year the bride was born
  • Get a man who allows you to apply polish to his toenails. You get a bonus for toejam.
  • Ask a man (not including the bartender) for change for the machine that has prophylactics in it.
  • While you stand upon a chair, take off your brassiere. Many guys would enjoy watching you do this with your shirt off, but most girls I know are capable of removing their bras with their shirts still on.
  • Kiss the most handsome man in the room. Deciding on the one to kiss in this debate could be a game in itself. Advice: don't recommend a guest's husband or family.
  • Gather together 10 men's business cards with a "good luck" note written on them (give these to your single friends).
  • Get a poster of a man: kiss the picture in a sexual manner and caress it. A really good spot for this is at a movie theater--many individuals waiting in line for Star Trek will be aroused when your hen goes wild over a poster of some actor deemed unattractive by the party-goers.
  • Put two kinds of liquors on your neck, one on each side. Until an individual identifies both liquors correctly, have the guys sample them and make guesses. Laugh insanely as strange men lick your friend's neck and wonder what they have just tasted.
  • Do a tequila body shot: drink the tequila out of a shot glass; lick salt off a man's neck; take a bite of lime from the man's mouth. Locked lips might happen in the end if the bachelorette thinks the man involved looks good.

What you need

  • paper, phones

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