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Newcastle Activity Ideas & Things to Do

Things to Do & Activities for groups in Newcastle

Our Guide to Newcastle - Things to do and places to visit

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Way Eye Man, get ya self doon the toon for a good night out lad. Howay man if ya want a git night oot then Newcastle is the place for you. Now if you have been to the colourful city of Newcastle before this will make sense. If not you may think I just fell asleep on the keyboard, but read on to see why Newcastle is a place made for a wild weekend.


How To Get To Newcastle

Newcastle is the main city in the North East (sorry Sunderland) and getting on the A1 will get you there. As far as places up north go. Newcastle is by far the easier to find. And if you want to have some real fun. Get yourself sat nav and download the Geordie accent to get you there.

What’s On & When To Go

Newcastle is a city that is alive all year round. Newcastle have events on all the freaking time! And I am really not making that up. As a result this can be a city that is very busy. Which means if you want go to say one of the music festivals or the Newcastle Pride, The Great North Run or one of the other events then great, but if loads of people are not your thing then I would recommend doing a little research and going to the city when there are no special events on.

Activities during the day

Newcastle is a city that is more thought of as a place for a lads or lasses wild weekend and this for the most part is true. You cannot walk two feet without coming across a bar. But the toon does have some great attractions for you to check out.

The Gate:-The Newcastle Gate is pretty awesome. It has a huge Odeon Cinema and a whole bunch of pubs and restaurants inside. There is even a casino here as well. The Gate is a place that can keep you entertained.

The Metro Radio Arena:- This is the main place to go for all your shows in the city. The Metro Radio Arena always has something going on. They have events for families such as Disney On Ice, pro Basketball, wrestling and many more. They also have comedians, and pretty much any band that does an arena tour of the UK will do at least one show here. This is a great venue for live music as its small size means you have a great seat no matter where you sit.

Centre For Life:- this is a pretty cool place that has a variety of attractions on through the year. The Centre Of Life is best described as an interactive museum that has a whole bunch of fun and crazy stuff going on inside. This is well worth a visit if you are in Newcastle and you really never know what is going to be going on here.

Metro Centre:- The Metro Centre is located in Gateshead which is a short drive, train or bus ride away from Newcastle. This is a huge shopping centre that also is home to a large cinema, bowling alley and arcade. You can easily spend a whole day at the Metro Centre.

Newcastle has a wealth of places to get something to eat. No matter what you are in the mood for, the toon has you covered.

After Dark

Now we are talking. If you have seen an episode of Geordie Shore then you know what to expect from a night out on the town in Newcastle! Joking aside Newcastle can have a very wild night life, but if you want to take in a show or have a more low key evening you can do that as well.

The O2 Academy is a great place to go and check out a live band. This venue offers a really cool setting and quite often you get bands who are not quite popular enough to fill out the Metro Radio Arena playing here.

Newcastle Theatre Royal:-Home to a vast number of shows both amateur and professional. There have also been a few low key music concerts held here as well. Grosvenor Casino, There is a casino in The Gate, but there is also a larger Grosvenor Casino located in the city as well.

As far as pubs and clubs go, Newcastle is one of the very best cities in the whole of the UK when it comes to its night life! If you love to go on a pub crawl or hit the clubs then you will not be disappointed with Newcastle.

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