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Aberdeen Hen Party Ideas

Aberdeen is the perfect place to enjoy time with your hens.

Aberdeen might be the perfect hen weekend destination. It is the only place in the UK full of hunky oil workers.

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Aberdeen Hen Party Daytime Activities
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Why You Hens Should Party in Aberdeen

With its reputation as one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, Aberdeen is becoming one of the most popular places in Scotland for a hen weekend. The city is amazing and has many great places you ladies can have a wild and crazy hen night, but Aberdeen does also have a vast amount of things you can do during the day to make your hen weekend one for the ages!

If you ladies have your cameras and are looking to do the tourist thing and maybe score some killer selfies. Then Aberdeen has many tourist hot spots you might want to check out. So if you want a little bit of culture on your hen weekend then places such as Aberdeen Art Gallery and the imposing Duff House are two of Aberdeen’s most popular tourist locations.

How To Get To Aberdeen Without Any Hassle

Located up North, Aberdeen is really not going to cause you any kind of problems getting to it. If in the car the A1 and the A90 will see you get here easily. But if no one wants to drive then you can get a train here. The train station is right in the middle of the city and trains from Glasgow and Edinburgh pull into Aberdeen almost on the hour!

Places To Eat & Do Some Shopping In Aberdeen

Aberdeen has loads of great places to eat during your hen weekend one of the most popular places to eat in style is the Sand Dollar Cafe if you want some fine dining in a place with a menu that has a little something for everyone then you will want to book a table here. For a nice lunch then I highly recommend that you go to the Moon Fish Cafe which with its friendly staff and awesome menu will serve as the perfect place to recharge your batteries at lunch time.

As far as shopping goes in Aberdeen the city may not offer the huge high streets like say Glasgow, but there are still plenty of shops here. For a nice new outfit for your hen night you will surely find something at The West End. And if that is not enough for you then you will want to head over to Union Square where as well as plenty of shops there are a few places to grab a bite to eat as well.

The Most Fun Daytime Activities In Dundee!

Aberdeen has some truly cool things for you ladies to do during the day and down below I have just a small sample of what is on offer.

Salsa Dancing

Now this is fun! Think of this as learning how to do all those cool moves that you saw in Dirty Dancing when you were a kid. You ladies will get to dress up, have fun and learn how to salsa dance. They love hen groups here and know that you will be doing this for fun rather than being all serious. If you ladies want a great laugh then this is something I highly recommend.

Go Karting

Once seen as just an activity for a stag weekend, go karting is fast becoming one of the most popular activities for a hen weekend also and as us ladies are better drivers I say quite right!. Here you ladies will be kitted out in racing gear, given a quick lesson on how to drive the karts and then you are off. Even those of you who are not too into racing will have a blast here. They go above and beyond to make sure that hen groups are well taken care of here. So if you have the need for speed, you will want to come here.


I really wanted to suggest an activity that is just pure nuts and that is what we have with zorbing. Have you ever wondered what it is like for a hamster to be in one of those balls? Or what it’s like for your pet hamster when you “accidently” put him in the washing machine? Well with zorbing no matter if it’s on land or water you can find out. Zorbing will see you go inside these huge balls and then you will be running around like a maniac having a ball! If you want to do something that is really crazy and you would never normally do then a hour or two of Zorbing is for you.

Laser Tag

Now hear me out before rolling your eyes and moving on. Laser tag is a great day out and it will see you ladies feel like some kind of super hero team or maybe like Charlie’s Angels. What I love about laser tag is that it’s a team based game and that you get all the benefits and fun from a game of paintball, but you do not need to buy more ammo and best of all you do not get covered in welts and bruises like you do with paintball. A hen weekend is a time when you should do ssomething a little crazy and fun and that is what you have with laser tag.

What You Can Do On Your Hen Night In Aberdeen

Here I have for you some of the best ways that you can have a great time on your hen night!

Espionage Nightclub

Aberdeen does have some really cool night clubs, but if you want to come to a place that pretty much ticks all the boxes of a great venue for a hen night then Espionage is the club for you! Here you have many different bars inside the club which means there will always be a place for you to grab a drink. They play a great mix of different types of music that will have you all up and dancing. To make things even more awesome, we know this club very well and can make sure you ladies are given the VIP treatment by getting you on the guest list.

Male Stripper

A hunky male stripper is a real staple of a wild hen night. Here you ladies will be able to surprise the bride to be with a sexy bloke who will come to a location of your choice, be it a hotel room or perhaps even a bar (you need to check with the place first!) and then they will either drive the bride wild with excitement or make her embarrassed!

Orchid Cocktail bar

I do not think that there is a better place in the whole of Aberdeen for you girls who love your cocktails than Orchid. Some of the stuff they come up with here is just crazy, but it all works and you ladies will be taken to heaven with some of the amazing cocktails that they have here. Orchid is the kind of place you go to when you want to party, but also have some really nice drinks, many of which you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Live Entertainment

Aberdeen has a great reputation when it comes to live events, be it music, a stage show, comedy show or whatever. The people at the Aberdeen Performing Arts make sure that His Majesty’s Theatre, The Music Hall and The Lemon Tree all have great live shows on pretty much every night of the week. So if you ladies want to take in a stage show or perhaps want to catch a live band to put you in the mood for partying, well the good news is that Aberdeen is a city that more than has you covered.

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