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Inverness Hen Party Ideas

Inverness hen weekend guide will come handy if you have so many things to do and want to choose the best possible options in Inverness.

Let us help you plan great hen weekend in Inverness with accommodation and activities organised and booked.

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Why Have Your Hen Weekend In Inverness?

Here is a little bit of information for you, Inverness is one of only seven cities in Scotland. Now that we have the school lesson out of the way let me tell you why this is a great city for a hen weekend. Inverness is one of the best places in the Highlands. There is just so much to do here, you have a great mix of fun things to do in the evening and plenty of great activities during the day as well.

Inverness also offers many great areas to go for a nice walk and where you can really get back to nature. A nice walk along the River Ness is always a favourite with the tourists. And if you want a wee bit more of the outdoors then head to Ness Island.

Getting To Inverness

Despite being a “highland city” Inverness is actually easy to find. The A9 is the easiest way to get here by car, but there is also a great train station that has trains coming in from all over the country. So no matter what, you will find Inverness easy to get to. So do not let the fact that people tend to over exaggerate just how far North Inverness is put you off.

Inverness During The Day Time

Here I have for you some of the best things Inverness has to offer when it comes to making the most of the day part of your hen weekend.

Pole Dancing!

Yep you read that right, pole dancing. This is one of the top five most popular hen do activities these days. The idea here is that you and your friends will have an absolute blast learning all kinds of sexy dance moves and even get to have a go on the pole. This is not meant to be taken serious and is all about you girls having a wild and fun time.

Sleeping Beauty Spa

Now if you ask me as well as drinking a crazy amount of cocktails and checking out the local talent. A hen weekend simply must have you ladies being pampered and treated like royalty. That is what you get with a spa day here. Prepare for you crazy hen night by getting a pedicure, facial, massage and many other wonderful treatments that are on offer here.


As this is the highlands I really wanted to have at least one activity that would get you ladies outdoors and I really think that a round of archery is the best way. After a quick lesson, you will be firing off arrows like you are the character from the movie Brave! While some of you will no doubt get super competitive and want to get the high score, this is fun and even if you are terrible you will still have a fun time here.

Laser Strike

Here I have for you a way to get down and dirty…… no not like that. I am talking about a fun, over the top and crazy game of laser tag. Laser tag is kind of like paintball in that you will be on teams and trying to shoot each other to make sure you are the winners, but it is without many of the “issues” paintballing has. For example you never run out of ammo here which is great if you are like me and are a terrible shot! And also it does not sting when you get shot! This is just a fun day out and if you have kids when you go home and tell them you did this then you will be very cool in their eyes!

How To Have A Great Hen Night In Inverness!

Just below I have for you the best of what is on offer when it comes to the Inverness nightlife. This is a really cool city and you will have one hell of a hen night here!


Now this place is cool! This is a bar/restaurant that really goes above and beyond with the Scottish Highlands theme. Hootananny is a great place where you ladies can come and enjoy a nice meal if you want. Have some drinks and perhaps even see a live gig. This is just a really cool traditional Scottish bar and a place where many hen groups aim to start their hen night, but end up staying for most of the night as it’s that much fun here.

Eden Court

What started out as a place for pretty much just live stage shows, Eden Court is a place that these days plays host to pretty much every kind of live entertainment that is under the sun. they have comedy acts playing here, live music, stage shows and many other forms of entertainment here, heck they even have a cinema! So if you want to take in a show then you will simply have to see what is on at the Eden Court during your hen weekend.

Johnny Foxes & The Den

No this is not the name of some 1980’s pop band that you have forgotten about. This is just a really cool bar where you have a fantastic vibe, plenty of awesome drinks and even some live music on most nights as well. If you want to go to a bar that is just all about having a fun time then you will struggle to beat this place. I hand on heart can say that this is one of the best pubs in all of Inverness and on a hen night, you must come here for at least a few drinks.

Vinyl Nightclub

Ok this is actually two in one as the real name of the place is Gs & Vinyl, but I want to focus on the Vinyl Nightclub part of this place. What is awesome about here is that this a retro club. They play music from the 80’s and 90’s here which is just the perfect kind of tunes for a great hen night. This place claims to be the number 1 party destination for hen groups! And honestly I really cannot dispute that. So get your retro dance moves ready and party here likes its 1986!

Places To Shop & Eat In Inverness

I will say that Inverness obviously does not have the same kind of shopping experience as say Edinburgh does, but there are still some really awesome places to do a wee bit of shopping at. You have the large Eastgate Shopping Centre which is the most popular place to shop in the city. But As well as this there are other places such as the cool Inverness Victorian Market.

If you want to have a nice main meal for your hen weekend then I highly recommend the  Bella Italia. This is a great Italian where you have a menu that has something for even the fussiest lady in your hen group. Bella Italia may be a chain restaurant, but it’s a great place to eat, have a few drinks and a lot of laughs. Inverness is just full of great places to eat ranging from up market restaurants to cool wee cafes where you can grab a light lunch…….. or a big fat, giant slice of cake!

Top Packages & Activities

Any Pole's a Goal Inverness Hen Weekend Package

Not only fun and sexy, pole dancing is also an excellent fitness workout. Burn some of them calories before you head out to fill up on some more



No Frills Inverness Hen

Starter package for budget groups that gets you the foundation of a party with ► your accommodation sorted ► nightclub entry. You can add indoor or outdoor activities if you need them.



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