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Bristol Hen Party Ideas

Bristol is one of our favourite cities and a great place for a hen weekend.

Bristol is a party city. It is unexpected just what a great place this is to have fun. Bristol’s combination of students, artists, musicians make for a very lively nightlife. We also have a lot of different activities for you whether you are looking for country, outdoors or something more relaxing in the city centre, we have got you covered.

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Why You Should Come To Bristol!

The first thing that you notice about Bristol is just the crazy amount of bars that are in the place! If that is not a good indicator that this is a great place for your hen weekend then I do not know what is! Bristol is a cool place as it offers you ladies a wild night time scene, but there also plenty of fun things that you can do during the day as well.

If you ladies want to do some of the touristy stuff, perhaps something with a little culture to make you feel better about the debauchery you will be involved with at night! Then check out a couple of Bristol’s museums such as The Red Lodge Museum and The Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. And you cannot talk about tourist locations in Bristol without mentioning the amazing, Bristol Zoo.

The Best Of The Nightlife In Bristol

Now as much as I would love to list all the amazing pubs and clubs in Bristol it would be impossible! But what I do have for you ladies are a few of the highlights of what Bristol has to offer when it comes to a fun hen night.

Pleasure Ladies Strip Show

If you ladies what to see some buff and sexy men in all their glory then you need to check out this amazing strip show! The Pleasure Ladies Strip Show is a great night guaranteed and there is no better way to get your blood flowing than a few hours looking at some sexy men. These guys know how to shake their stuff and you will be very happy by the end of the night!

Pryzm Nightclub

What we have here is one of the most popular nightclubs in Bristol. This nightclub is just stacked! With three different areas to party in, plus a special VIP area as well. This is one of the most modern clubs in the UK and it’s just state of the art with a pumping sound system and just a general really fun, party atmosphere all over the place. If you ladies want your hen night to end at a club that is cool as ice then Pryzm Nightclub is where it is at!

Colston Hall

If it is a little bit of live entertainment that you are after during your hen do then it’s well worth seeing what is on at Colston Hall. This is the largest music hall in Bristol and is home to all kinds of music acts during the year. As well as live music though, Colston Hall is known to play host to many of the top comedy acts in the UK.

Pop World

Here I have for you ladies a really fun place to party during your hen night. Pop World is a club that is all about cheese! Well not the cheese that you eat, but I am talking about all the cheesy music and fashion of the 80’s and 90’s as well as a little bit of modern thrown in as well. Pop World is just a great place to party and if you want a club that is all about fun then Pop World is where you ladies need to party.

Places To Shop & Eat In Bristol

If you ladies like to shop then you will fall in love with Bristol! The Bristol Shopping Quarter is home to the better part of 500 stores! You have a great mix of shopping malls and high street stores. You can easily spend a whole day here and still not see everything that is on offer.

As far as eating goes, Bristol has what seems like a never ending supply of cafes and restaurants. Places like The Urban Tandoor which is regarded as the number one Indian restaurant in Bristol offering great food and a nice, friendly atmosphere. Casamia Restaurant is a great place to come no matter if you are looking for a nice lunch or a special evening meal.

Things To Do During The Day

Here I have for you ladies just a small taste of the fun things you can get up to during the day here in Bristol.

Cadbury House Spa

If you want to have a spa day in a place that just oozes class then you will really struggle to top what is on offer at the Cadbury House Spa. Here you ladies will be treated like princess as you are pampered and preened to the point where you will feel like a whole new person. No matter if you are getting a Earth shaking massage, a nice facial or pedicure, you will be in heaven here!

Burlesque Dancing

Now you can pretend that you are in the movie Moulin Rouge. Have a laugh with your friends as you learn the sexy and seductive art of burlesque dancing. You will be taught all kinds of sexy moves that will make you feel like some kind of sexy Las Vegas showgirl. While you will learn a few tricks to spice things up in the bedroom at home. This at the end of the day is all about having a great time with your friends.

Boat Trip

If you are looking for something that is laid back…… but still lets you eat and drink then a nice boat trip around Bristol is just what the doctor ordered. A boat trip is a great way for you ladies to be really able to sit down and talk and in general just enjoy each other’s company all the while cruising along down the river. And if you want to add in a few cocktails then who am I to judge, but like with most things in life the addition of cocktails only make the experience better!

Bungee Jumping

Now for my last recommendation for your Bristol hen do I have went for something a little different and crazy. A hen weekend should at least once see you ladies get out of your comfort zone a little bit and that is what you get with bungee jumping . You can either jump over giant air mat or over water. And if you are to scared then you can to a tandem bungee jump where you and a friend do it together. Bungee jumping is just so much fun and while at first it’s scary, you do get a real rush from doing it.

How To Get To Bristol The Easy Way

Thankfully getting to Bristol is not going to cause you any headaches. The bus and train station has coaches and trains pulling in from all over the UK. Train if you ask me is the easiest way for a hen group to get here, but if you want to drive then you can get here on the M4 without any hassle. And if you really want to live it up then you can fly to Bristol

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