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Quad Biking

Quad Biking
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Quad biking is by far the most popular driving activity that we run. Anyone with half a brain can have fun on quads. Not hard to control with its simple controls, quads have the ability to entertain, to thrill and to cause hilarity all in one outing. Suitable for almost all age groups, we offer it at more than 100 venues across the UK. Call the Gobananas team on 0131 603 4860 for help, advice or to book. Alternatively check out some of the great quad biking events from the list below...

What Quad Biking is all about?

Quad bikes or ATV is a four wheeled open off road motorised buggy designed for off road driving experience. This modern day machine was designed way back in 1893 by Royal Enfield for horseless carriage driving. Being all terrain vehicles that travel on low pressure tyres quad bikes are easy to control and drive. With a specially designed engine which comprises of three segments, 100cc single cylinder two stroke, 250cc single cylinder two stroke and 350cc twin cylinder two stroke engine. Its powerful engine helps this machine to race to a minimum speed limit of 20mph to a whopping 80mph speed. With a mass of 550 kilos, the machine can move easily on a selection of off road courses, from mud, dirt, water and even woods.

What you need to know?

A popular daytime pursuit among all age groups, Quad bikes are today one of the most promising motorised event for all group types and skill levels. Whether you are on an activity day out,aacorporate event, or team building day, this driving event will be a perfect choice. 

What more? You can drive a quad bike on public roads too in the UK. It requires you to possess a B1 license along with tax, proper registration and insurance to hit the streets.

Anyone over the age of 16 can try their hands on this strudy off road machines, so you can enjoy a fun time driving with your family and friends. Easy to control and drive, most quad bikes use a ’’one down, four up” gear transmission layout that makes driving simpler than other machines, and is fun for all.

You have a wide selection of quad biking centres in and around England and Wales where one can test his/her driving skills under the guidance of experienced proffesionals.

The choice of outdoor quad biking courses makes this fun sport all more interesting and challenging. You’ll be driving on a number of trails including overhead bridges, underground tunnels, water splash drives, tight corners, large circular tracks, bumpy grounds, muddy ditches to a choice of other courses.

Proper safety gears are advisable before hitting the turf, helmets,wellington boots, gloves, racing jackets all are recommended for a safe biking experience.

Why we recommend it?

This outdoor pursuit is a fun way to do something different with your kids, family and friends. You can try it any time round the year, and you don’t have to be a seasoned driver to give it a try. What more? You can even combine it with other exciting activities, like caving, canyoning, climbing, paintball, clay pigeon shooting and have a splendid day out with friends.

Top Quad Biking destinations in England...

London Quad Biking : 

A great way to kick start your day with loads of action and excitement, driving these off road vehicles will be fun for sure. Designed for everyone, you don’t have to be a seasoned driver to give it a try. Quad bikes are perfect for all, from driving enthusiasts to non drivers; anyone can give it a try.

We have a wide choice of driving courses in London, so make the most of it with friends and enjoy a great time driving these off road machines. Make it a half-day or a multi-activity day and combine with other fun-filled daytime events.

Birmingham Quad Biking : 

You might have tried many motorised events, but driving these zipping quad bikes will be something you’ll remember for a long time. Powered with a 250cc engine, you can race them over 50mph, run them on mud, dirt, water or woods, fun is for sure.

With professional instructors to guide, you can enjoy a hassle free driving session on these powerful off road motorised machines. Perfect for all group size and skill levels, you’ll love doing it any day. So put on your safety gear and head out to those challenging driving courses. The scenic countryside is a bonus.

Leeds Quad Biking : 

Test your driving skills with this popular daytime pursuit in Leeds, full on fun and excitement you’ll enjoy driving these powerful off road machines. These single seater bikes are designed to run on all terrains you can race them on muddy tracks, water, woods and even on dirt.

Being a popular, motorized event among all groups, quad biking is a smart way to try something different with your group. You can even combine it with other fun-filled day pursuits and design a perfect day out with friends in Leeds. All safety gear and necessary equipments to be provided at the activity centre.

Liverpool Quad Biking : 

Driving will not have been this much fun, than driving these quad bikes on our tricky off road courses. A bit messy sporting event, but worth a try with the amount of excitement and challenge it has got in store for you all.

You have a number of quad biking courses in Liverpool for all skill levels, with professional instructors to guide you won’t have to be worried at all. Just make sure you have a fabulous time driving these bikes which can race up to 50mph. Nothing more to think - race up the momentum of your day and enjoy an exciting time biking with friends. Quad biking is a bit messy sport, so a pair of old clothes is a must.

Newcastle Quad Biking : 

Bored partying all night? Then going for a fun-filled quad biking routine will be a smart move. Full on action and excitement you will love doing it any day. With a selection of challenging off road courses, quad biking will be surely a fun daytime event for all you everyone in Newcastle.

We have professional instructors to guide you throughout your quad biking day, from safety gears to necessary equipments; everything will be available at the day activity centre. So go for it! It's all about few practice laps and you’ll get the hang of it.

Oxford Quad Biking : 

The university town of Oxford has got plenty of challenging quad biking courses for all, from a novice to a pro there’s something for everyone in here. So, get ready for a zipping drive on these powerful off road machines which can race up to 50mph.

With a 250cc engine, you can expect a thrilling drive on these zipping quad bikes, fun to race on a choice of tricky courses. Nothing to worry, our professional instructors will be always there to guide you through out your quad biking day. You can even combine it with a choice of events and make your quad biking session all more interesting and exciting with friends.

Cardiff Quad Biking : 

Whether driving is your forte or not, but driving these off road buggies will be fun any day. Designed for both non-drivers and driving enthusiasts, you would love to have a go on these sturdy machines. These 250cc off road bikes can race over 50mph, from dirt, mud, watery tracks to woods, drive them anywhere, and fun is assured.

What more? Our professional instructors will be always there to guide you throughout your endearing quad biking day in Reading. We have selected some of the top quad biking courses in Reading with a perfect driving environment, so go for it.

Southampton Quad Biking : 

Get ready for some off road driving action in a choice of tricky off road courses in Southampton. These quad biking courses are designed to make your driving session fun, no matter you are trying this for the first time or have done this before, fun will be for sure.

With a 250cc engine, these quad bikes can race up to 50mph, so get ready for an exhilarating driving routine with friends. You can go for a half-day driving session or even a multi-activity day and combine your day with other thrilling daytime events. We bet you would love to do it again! 

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