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Perth Stag Weekend Ddeas

The best thing about Perth is the balance between country life and City life... no one seems to mind about the sheep in the hotel bedroom!

Perth has always been a top stag weekend destination with GoBananas being one of the biggest stag companies here, we 've looked after 100's of stag weekends and can save you a load of hassle. GoBananas will book your whole weekend for as little as a £10 deposit. Not only can we save you time but also money by getting the best possible deals. We know where the city centre is unlike some of our competitors, so if we call it city centre accommodation, then city centre is what it is!

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Why You Should Come To Perth

I know that Perth may not be a place that you would normally think of when planning a wild stag weekend, but as a guy who grew up around this area. Let me tell you that Perth is awesome! There is a ton of things to do in Perth, but it’s so close to so many other places in Scotland that it does serve as a great base for many surrounding areas, but if I am being honest there are more than enough things you can get up to in Perth anyway!

Perth is actually pretty under rated as a tourist location and a few places that I think are worth checking out here are the amazing Scone Palace which is actually one of the Scotland’s most popular places for tourists. And as well as this I would recommend you go and look at Balhousie Castle.

How Do We Get To Perth?

Perth is a very easy place to get to so you will have no headaches at all. There is a train station which is pretty much connected to the whole of Scotland as well as sleeper and main-line services all the way from London (aka Westminster, but don't use that expression in Scotland)! And if you want to drive then a hop on the A9 will see you get here without any major pains in the ass. The motorway from Glasgow stops here as well as the motorway from Edinburgh. There is a wee airport at Dundee, but your best bet is Edinburgh which is about an hour away. 

Awesome Things To Do At Night In Perth

Here I have some great suggestions for you guys to have an amazing stag night during your stay in Perth!

The Green Room

Perth may not have the craziest nightlife in the world, but there are a few hidden gems like The Green Room. The Green Room is a really cool venue and you guys are certainly going to want to see what is on here during your stag weekend in Perth. You see this place is like three in one. You have a really cool and laid back wine bar, but The Green Room is also a live music venue and they also host comedy nights here as well!

The Loft

When it comes to cool clubs to party in on a stag night, you do not get much better than The Loft. This place is really bad ass and is the most popular club in Perth. Ladies from all over the Perthshire, Fife and Tayside area make the pilgrimage to party here, so you single boys may very well get lucky! Oh and to make your night here even better, we can make sure that you get in to The Loft by putting you all on the guest list. No standing outside freezing your balls off when you are dealing with us!

Zoo Nightclub & Karaoke Bar

If you guys like to have a wild time and do not take things to seriously then a night here at the awesome Zoo Nightclub is going to make your stag night one to remember forever. This place has a really cool nightclub for those of you who want to drink and dance and maybe try you luck with the local lassies. But there is also a fun karaoke bar so you guys can pretend to be the next big boyband. Or you can pretend you are some kind of rock god like Axel Rose!

Private Eyes Lap Dancing

Ok so Private Eyes Lap Dancing Club may not be in Perth, but it takes no time at all to get to Dundee and when you see the hotties that are on display here, you maniacs will be glad you made the journey. There is a bit of a severe lack of lap dancing clubs in this part of Scotland so while that may sound lame. Actually it works out well as this means that Private Eyes are able to only hire the best looking girls. This is just a really cool place for a group of stags to spend a few hours!

Having Fun During The Day In Perth

I think the awesome day tome activities are a huge reason why so many blokes are wanting to have their stag weekend in Perth these days. I have handpicked for you a few of the best that are on offer!


Canyoning is the ultimate day of adventure! If you guys love the outdoors and want to do something on your stag weekend that you will remember forever then canyoning is it! This is bad ass in the most extreme way! You guys will need to climb up walls, jump into deep water pools, deal with water falls, maybe explore caves, fight off a bear, take on aliens, fight robots from the future and so much more! So maybe a couple of those were not true, but you never know what a day canyoning s going to throw your way!


For you guys who want to enjoy the outdoors, but in a more chilled out way and perhaps with a couple of beers then a day on the river fishing is just what the doctor ordered. Scotland is home to some of the best fishing in the UK. While this is a chilled out activity to make it more interesting have a competition to see who can catch the most or who can score the biggest fish


This is a fun day for you guys who fancy your selves as action men. Abseiling will see you and your mates take to some of the highest parts of the Perthshire highlands. Along with your instructor you will then make your descent down! This is one of those activities that walks the line between being pant pissing scary and giving you an adrenaline rush. This is an activity that you guys will be talking about for years to come!


While it may be predictable, you cannot go wrong with a game of paintball. This place is freaking nuts. They use the latest paintball equipment to make sure that you can shoot with accuracy and that you are always safe. Hey do not get me wrong, you may be safe, but when you shoot mate it will still hurt! To make things even more awesome they have over 10 different game scenarios for you to play out!

Places To Eat

North Port

If you guys want to eat in a really nice place where you can get some good Scottish food then a nice meal here at North Port is sure to be a highlight of your stag do. As well as having nice food, I just love the whole look of this place it has a real “Scottish” vibe to it.

Pacos Restaurant

Man I freaking love Pacos Restaurant! This place is just awesome. Not only do they have a very diverse menu and a well-stocked bar. The place is set up to look like an old timey restaurant. It’s kind of like Frankie & Bennies, but with way more soul and none of the corporate BS. If you want a fun and cool place to eat then I cannot recommend this place highly enough!

If saving time and money is a priority for you then call our dedicated Perth Stag team today on 0131 5168222 or 0800 567 7101 and let us arrange a wicked weekend. Don't worry if you don't have exact numbers right now just give us rough number.

Ask yourself one question, when was the last time you went GoBananas!

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