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Dundee Stag Weekends and Ideas

Home to orange coloured women, Dundee at night is an experience. Just remember that Dundee's top selling Birthday card is " Happy 21st- Granny "

Need to arrange a Dundee stag do? Based on the East Coast of Scotland, having Dundee Stag Do wont be disappointing when it comes to the Day Time activities and not forgetting the Night Time antics.

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Why You Should Come To Dundee

Ah Dundee, as one of Scotland’s four largest city’s there is far more to Dundee than two below average football teams, relax I am kidding, only one of them is below average, but which one? Anyway, Dundee is a great city for a stag weekend as there is not only a number of cool things you guys can do during the day, but there is also a good nightlife as well. And Dundee is really close to some of Scotland’s other popular areas so if you want you can drive a wee bit and go to other places for special activities if you want.

Dundee may not be jam packed with tourist locations, but there is still plenty to see here. If you are fans of boats and things like that then you will want to have a gander at the amazing RRS Discovery and the HM Frigate Unicorn.

Is It Hard To Get To Dundee?

Nah, Dundee is very easy to find you can get here directly on the train from Edinburgh and other places as well. On the A92 its really easy to find Dundee and as one of Scotland’s largest cities the place is sign posted really well.The Exit routes are sign posted even more prominently

Try your hand at quad biking at Auchterhouse outside Dundee

Good Places To Get A Bite To Eat

Manchurian Chinese Restaurant

Here I have for you one hell of a great Chinese restaurant The Manchurian. This here is the first Dim Sum restaurant in DundeeThe thing I love about here is that they just do everything so well. They have a large and diverse menu, but the staff are quick and friendly. The actual restaurant itself is really nice, tidy and cool looking. In all this is just a great place for a nice meal.

Castlehill Restaurant

For a nice slap up three course meal to make your stag weekend really special then I recommend The Castlehill Restaurant as one of the most popular places to eat in Dundee, you will want to make sure you book well enough in advance. The restaurant is tucked away in a quite side street but is easy to find and just round the corner from some very popular boozers They have friendly staff, a great menu and plenty of booze. What more could you guys want?

How To Have A Mental Stag Night In Dundee

Dundee is a mental town with mental people- To get a flavour of how mental- watch this video or Click Here for another dundee classic

Here are just a few ways you guys can have the ultimate stag night in Dundee! I can personally say that all these places are great and you guys will have a fun time!

Lap Dancing Club

While Private Eyes may be the only strip club in this part of Scotland that does not mean they do things half assed. As a matter of fact you will be seeing plenty of full asses in tiny thongs all over the place. Any stag do in Dundee simply must come to this club. They have a great bar, friendly staff and of course some of the sexiest women that you guys will ever see. So do the groom a solid and book him a private dance.

Underground Nightclub

I honestly think that Dundee is under rated as far as its nightclubs go. Underground is one of the most popular clubs in the city. They have a number of different theme nights here during the year and in all its just a really cool club that has a funky decor and they play some pretty damn good tunes as well. It’s the kind of club where you can get on the floor and show you amazing or lack off dancing talent or you can sit down with a few beers and have a laugh with your mates. Either way you are in for a fun night.

Dundee Bright Club

If you like things like the Big Bang Theory then you will get a huge kick out of the kind of comedy that the guys of the Dundee Bright Club do. These guys perform regularly and the reviews are just amazing. This is a comedy night unlike no other. And if you are having a stag night in Dundee then you simply have to see if they are performing during your stay. Many people do say that the best way to start a stag night is with some live comedy.

What You Guys Can Do During The Day

Dundee has some really cool stag do events that you can get up to. Here are my personal picks to ensure you have an awesome stag weekend!

Go mental in a hairdressers

Dundee Karting

Go karting is one of the classic stag do events that there is! Here you guys will be racing on one of Scotland’s most amazing go kart tracks. What is really cool about these guys is that they love stag groups and they will make sure that your day of racing is just that wee bit better by going all out. This is a great place to race as the track is full of twists and turns so every race is unpredictable and you will also be racing on some of the most powerful go karts you have ever seen.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Is there anything more manly than firing off some rounds with a shotgun that has some serious kick? I do not think there is and this is why I think making clay pigeon shooting part of your stag weekend is a great idea. You guys will be taught the proper way to handle and use a shotgun.

In fact one of the instructors won a silver medal at the 2014 commonwealth games!. So by the end of the session you will feel like some kind of action hero. The one question that needs to be answered here though is who is the best shooter in your stag group. It’s only fair that the winner gets a few free pints when you hit the pubs and clubs of Dundee!

Battlefield Live

Have you ever played Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Halo or some other kind of video game and thought that you could be just as much a bad ass in real life? Well now is your chance with a game of laser tag. This place is amazing and it takes many of the things that make paintball awesome and gets rid of the parts that suck. There is no danger of ever running out of ammo here, the guns are way more accurate and it does not sting like hell when you are shot. This is a fantastic day out and one that will make you feel like you are in a video game!

Indoor Climbing

Now this is a fun way to spend an hour or two. You guys will certainly see who has got a pair when you try your hands at rock climbing. You will not just be pointed in the direction of a rock wall and then told to climb like you are Spider-Man. You will be with an instructor at all times to teach you how to do it and make sure you are safe. This can be quite nerve wracking, but I am sure with some encouragement and maybe a bit of ridicule from your mates you will be able to do it.

Top Packages & Activities

Gary Tank Commander - Dundee Weekend Stag Package

If you love the TV show why not try being Gary for a day? Get yourself in the driving seat of one of the most powerful military vehicles. Includes a game of paintball for great fun!



No Frills - Dundee Stag Weekend Package

A group of gorgeous ladies with excellent local knowledge will help you discover all the best venues in Dundee as well as letting you know where to avoid.



Wet and Wild - Dundee Stag Weekend Package

This stag weekend package keeps you and the group busy through out the weekend from friday. This is an opportunity to try one of the top activities we offer in Scotland.



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