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Dundee Stag Weekend Packages

Get started organising your Dundee stag do for your best mate by taking a look through our different stag packages. Even if you don't book 1, they will still inspire you and prove that the world really is a wonderful place.

Gary Tank Commander - Dundee Weekend Stag Package

If you love the TV show why not try being Gary for a day? Get yourself in the driving seat of one of the most powerful military vehicles. Includes a game of paintball for great fun!



No Frills - Dundee Stag Weekend Package

A group of gorgeous ladies with excellent local knowledge will help you discover all the best venues in Dundee as well as letting you know where to avoid.



Wet and Wild - Dundee Stag Weekend Package

This stag weekend package keeps you and the group busy through out the weekend from friday. This is an opportunity to try one of the top activities we offer in Scotland.




The last 10 years has really transformed Dundee. What was once, to be frank I rather know dish city struggling to escape its post industrial heritage has now become one of the Scotland's coolest cities. Transformation of the waterfront and the city's emergence as a hotbed of computer game design has really given the place a new feel and a new buzz.

It's a great wee city for a stag do. You've got tons to do around the city and outside in the countryside and you can have a great night out as well. There's lots of good accommodation ranging from cheap as chips through to luxury four and five-star, which as a stag you certainly won't want.

Dundee packages are designed to help you think about what the party will cost and what opportunities exist. You can either choose an activity as it stands, or you can make up your own packages. We are here to help you have a great party, and that means that we hear to help you navigate your way through the organisational maze. We know that your friends will be pretty useless, will not reply to emails, will not send you back text messages, and just generally make your life hard. We know that numbers will keep changing and we know that some of your mates will suddenly have great ideas about different things that should be done. Not a problem! Pass the course!

So you have a choice, book a package or simply send us an enquiry and ask us to put something together for you. We are perfectly happy to do the latter. All we need is some ideas from you on what is the best way to proceed and the sorts of things that your friends like and what your budget is and we will proceed.


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