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As the saying goes- " Edinburgh-nice city, shame about the people"! Amuse yourself by sitting on a park bench in Princes Street playing "spot the inbred"

Edinburgh is our town, we work, play and live here, we are also passionate about your party and making sure you have a great weekend. We know all the places for groups on a stag weekend to go to and all the places to definitely avoid.

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Edinburgh has always been a top stag weekend destination with GoBananas being one of the biggest stag companies here, we 've looked after 1000's of stag weekends and can save you a load of hassle. GoBananas will book your whole weekend for as little as a £10 deposit. Not only can we save you time but also money by getting the best possible deals. We know where the city centre is unlike some of our competitors, so if we call it city centre accommodation, then city centre is what it is!

If saving time and money is a priority for you then call our dedicated Edinburgh Stag team today and let us arrange a wicked weekend. Don't worry if you don't have exact numbers right now just give us rough number.

Ask yourself one question, when was the last time you went GoBananas!

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More stuff on Edinburgh or Edinbourgh if you are from the states

Now there's a chance that at some point on your Edinburgh stag weekend you may just fancy a little alcoholic libation. Without wanting to perpetuate a national stereotype, those canny Scots have always been serious about booze, which is just one reason why Edinburgh remains such a favourite destination for stag parties and weekend stag dos.

A plethora of historic pubs jostle with some of the smartest, trendiest bars and banging clubs in the country. Your stag weekend in Edinburgh would not be complete without mentioning one word "Whisky". Whisky is to Scotland is what wine is to France. So if your previous experience of whisky was necking it and falling over then the ‘whisky experience’ tastings that go on in the city will be a real eye-opener, where you can learn to tell your ‘smoky’ from your ‘peaty’ and still get rather pleasantly bladdered in the process. Scotland’s national cuisine has come in from some criticism but, let’s face it, whoever came up with the deep-fried pizza and battered Mars bar has got to be some kind of genius or knows exactly the kind of thing you crave after 10 pints. National delicacies aside, Edinburgh is stuffed full of amazing restaurants of every conceivable cuisine which will keep your bunch of hungry stags more than happy.

The historic town of Edinburgh is very easy on the eye and the same can be said of its women-folk, some of whom have kindly made it their business to populate the many choice lap-dancing clubs in the city and jiggle about half-naked for your viewing pleasure. Just remember if someone asks if you fancy seeing a ‘nice wee lassie’, don’t worry, it's got nothing to do with dogs or watersports.

But if your stag party revellers are thinking about more than just tossing your caber, Edinburgh really has got it all. For a start it’s a stone’s throw from some of the best places to do extreme sports in the UK. We’re talking things like hang-gliding, rock-climbing ( ) and abseiling, so if you’re a bunch of stag mad adrenalin junkies, Edinburgh will definitely be ticking your box.

Small enough for you to stagger back to your hotel without having to hunt down that rarest of critters – a late-night taxi (Click Here), Edinburgh is enough of a foreign city to English and Welsh stags to make you feel like you’ve gone somewhere really different, with the bonus that the locals speak the same language – just. It's amazing how the more beers your bunch quaff down on the Edinburgh stag night out, the more they will understand the locals!

For the night time lovers out there, there is a vast range of bars and clubs to suit every stag's mood. Some of the best lap dancing clubs are also located in Edinburgh. Scots may be Presbyterians but they like nothing better than a good lap dancing club. It's not for nothing that most new labour ministers come from Scotland and the crazy colonel himself (Blair) was educated here.

While pillow fights aren't exactly common on stag do's, we try not to judge! So many things to do in and around the city that it is just perfect as the location for a cracking stag weekend. Edinburgh is easy to get to, safe and relaxed with visitors from all over the world. Because it is small, you can get tanked and still walk home to your hotel without any problem. Try that in London.

Don't bring your car or if you do make sure you park it in the right place as Edinburgh traffic wardens are more lethal than ebola virus: it is not for nothing they are called the yellow meanies. There are also quite a few activities close to the center of Edinburgh Like Paintball, Quad Biking and Go Karting. Why not combine Archery and Clay pigeon shooting ( )  for something a bit different Enjoy with probably one of the best weekends in the country - Edinburgh stag weekends .

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Comedy Night Edinburgh

Comedy Night in the Grassmarket great fun for a night out with staff and work colleagues, why not combine it with a meal beforehand

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Adventure Time Edinburgh Weekend
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Best Value - Edinburgh Stag Weekend Package
All pennies add up to pounds-this package will allow you and the boys to enjoy a weekend in Edinburgh. Inc: 2 nights cheap accommodation, lap dancing entry & nightclub.


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Carry on Partying
As the name of the package suggests this weekend is full of night time action, top clubs that are stag friendly, we can also add day activities if you want to keep the lads out of the pub through the day.


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Luxury Stag Weekend - The Scotsman Hotel - Edinburgh
This hotel boasts views of Edinburgh Castle, the Firth of Forth, Leith, Princes Street and Carlton Hill, all within walking distance.


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Need for Speed
How fast can you go?  If you are competitive then you will love this package as it has all the right ingredients for a great stag weekend in Edinburgh.


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Paint The Town Edinburgh Stag
One of our most popular stag weekend packages for Edinburgh, it's ideal for any size of stag group large or small, no minimum numbers.


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Shoot The Pigeon Edinburgh Stag Weekend
Shooting a clay bird out of the sky is far easier than pulling a bird in the pub - how many will you manage to smash in the sky or pull in the pub? 2 Night Stag weekend in Edinburgh with clays, lap dancing & Party Bus.


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Wet and Wild- Edinburgh Stag Weekend Package
So you have done the drinking weekends before - let us organise something different... with some drinking of course


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