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Cardiff Stag Party ideas

Cardiff is one of the flattest cities in the UK. It has more hours of sunshine than Milan. So anyone that complains its always pissing wet in Cardiff is clearly in Milan

If you have ever been to the Rugby in Cardiff, you will have had a glimpse of what partying is all about in Wales. The Welsh have a reputation for singing, but singing is always associated with partying! Rest assured, any Stag weekend in Cardiff is gonna be all about the very best of partying, singing, dancing and girls!

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Why You Blokes Should GoBananas in Cardiff

Cardiff is a place where it’s pretty much impossible not to have an awesome time. You see in Cardiff, you have truly mind blowing nightlife that is full of great clubs, drinks and lots of sexy Welsh ladies, but here you also have some awesome daytime activities, many of which make great use of all the outdoor space that is available in Cardiff.

Cardiff is home to a great number of tourist spots that people from all over the country come to see. Also there are many places here to catch some live entertainment such as the criminally underrated Wales Millennium Centre and the awe inspiring huge ass, Millennium Stadium.

Some Cool Things You Can Do During The Day

There are a number of amazing ways that you men can blow off a little steam here in Cardiff. I have for you four of the very best stag do activities that this awesome city has to offer.

Cardiff Paintballing Centre

You can play paintball in many places, but for your stag weekend, you want to go to a place that is all about fun and that is what you get here. Paintball has a reputation for being a little bit of a pain in the ass and I mean that literally. But here you guys will be using the latest state of the art guns that shoot smaller paint pellets which do not hurt like a bastard. Instead they go faster, further and let you shoot with far more accuracy. There are 12 different game scenarios for you guys to play over a huge woodland estate. If you want a little action with your fun then a game of paintball is for you.

Gorge Walking

Gorge walking is the ultimate outdoors adventure and the perfect way for you guys to get a little primal as you alongside a guide will be going on one hell of an adventure. Gorge walking will see you guys needing to explore creepy caves, jump down huge waterfalls, climb up rock walls that look impossibly high, slide down water flumes, swim and a ton of other stuff. Gorge walking is about getting from point a to point b, but it’s about getting there in the most bad ass and cool way possible.

Laser Clay Shooting

Now here I have for you guys a really cool and unique stag do activity. I am sure you have all heard of clay pigeon shooting, well laser clay shooting is similar except you guys will be firing off lasers at the clays. Now what I love about this is that five of you guys at a time can shoot and you all will be going after the same clay! This means that there is a real competitive edge here and thanks to the state of the art guns and clays, you always know who hit first!

Go Kart Grand Prix

At just 20 minutes away from Cardiff this place is just an awesome day out. Go kart racing is always a great event for a stag weekend, but these guys take things a step further. You see here you will be taken part in an actual mini grand prix. Where you guys will have to compete in heats to see what position your start in the final. The track is amazing, the karts are just flat out awesome and can get up to 60mph! If you boys want to get the need for speed then this is what you need to do.

Ways To Party The Night Away In Cardiff

I am sure you have heard stories about the mental Cardiff nightlife, well here is just a wee taste of what you gents can get up to during your stag night!

Fantasy Lounge Lap Dancing Club

If you boys are looking for a little, let’s just say erotic entertainment. Then a night at Fantasy Lounge is a great idea. Here you guys get to kick back with a nice drink and admire the sexy women that are walking round and the ones who are on stage getting into all kinds of crazy positions. This is a great night out and any stag night that is worth talking about the next day simply must have a stop at a lap dancing club.

The Glee Comedy Club

If you gents want to laugh your asses off then a few hours here at The Glee Comedy Club is the perfect way to start your stag night. Here you will get to see some of the UK’s best comedy acts. A nice range of people you have heard of and some up and coming comedy acts as well. In addition to this the night is moved along by a really funny MC who will keep the jokes going in between acts. This is just a great night and one that is sure to put a smile on all your faces.

Grosvenor Casino

A stag night is the perfect time for you guys to dress up nice and feel like a bunch of high rollers. Here at Grosvenor Casino you guys will have a great night here playing games like poker, slots, black jack and so much more. Winning some money is a great way to make your stag night even better. What I love about this place is that for the non-gamblers in your stag party there is a nice bar and some damn good food here as well. So you can have a great time here without betting a penny if you want.

Revolution Bar

If you guys want to go to a place where you can get some good booze for a not over inflated price then spending your stag night here at Revolution is a great way to party. This is a popular bar and is always filled with plenty of the sexy locals. So you single men once you have drank a little courage can try out your best moves to impress the ladies. If you want a bar that has a fun, but laid back vibe then, Revolution is a great place for your stag party.

Great Places To Eat In Cardiff

Shaam Nights

Despite the odd name, Shaam Nights is a great place for your main evening meal. It has a huge multicultural menu and the place just oozes class. If you want a restaurant that can handle a large group of rowdy blokes then look no further than here. A well stacked menu, great drinks and a fun atmosphere make this a great place to eat.

Bombers Sandwich House

If you are looking for a fun and special place for a nice lunch then I cannot recommend Bombers Sandwich House highly enough. Some of the sandwich combinations they have here are just nuts and for you boring fussy eater types they do have some plain sandwiches. This is the kind of place where there is something for everyone on the menu.

Getting To Cardiff Without Any Hassle!

Train is the easiest and most hassle free way to get to Cardiff if you ask me. Depending on what area of the country you are coming from, you may have to make a change somewhere, but for the most part, you can get here on a pretty direct train route. Or you can always look into a coach. With Cardiff being so popular these days many places offer a direct coach service to Cardiff.

Top Packages & Activities

Bundle of Laughs - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

Its that time.... a boys weekend away... We have the perfect weekend for you which will have you laughing your head off...► 2 nights accommodation, Comedy Club, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry.



Need for Speed - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

How fast can you go? This package will certainly sort that out for you..►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Karting.



No Frills - Cardiff Cheap Stag Weekend Package

You have the task of organising a boys weekend away and already the guys have no money...We have the perfect solution.....



Paint the Town - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

A boys weekend away.... This package will be sure to have you smiling and leave some pennies in your pocket ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Paintball.



The Magnificent Seven - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

Let the boys have fun with our specially designed Stag package which offers you plenty of thrills and spills.



Wet and Wild - Cardiff Stag Weekend Package

So you have done the drinking weekends before - let us organise something different.........



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