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Newcastle Stag Weekends and Ideas

If you like lasses with bright orange faces and huge Lion's manes of hair held up with industrial strength lacquer then Newcastle is the place for you!

Choose Newcastle as your stag destination and we promise you won’t be weeping like Gazza - more grinning like Ant...or Dec. Either one, no-one knows the difference, anyway.The thing about Newcastle is, it’s a city that really knows how to have fun in a no-holds-barred, balls-out, turned up to eleven kinda way.

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Newcastle is a place that’s really hot right now, not so much temperature-wise, admittedly, though you’d be forgiven for thinking it was 100 degrees the way everybody walks about with no coat on. In fact it seems that there’s a competition amongst the Geordie lasses to keep as much flesh on display as possible. You won’t hear any complaints from us, pet!

Below are some of our most popular stag weekend packages in Newcastle

Feel free to call our dedicated Newcastle team today let them arrange a wicked weekend.  Don't worry, even if you don't have exact numbers (team members) right now just give us a rough idea and we will do the rest.

But don't forget to ask yourself one question, “when was the last time you went GoBananas”!

Top Day Activities in Newcastle

  1. Rage Buggies
  2. Paintball
  3. Clay Shooting
  4. Quad Biking
  5. 4x4 Off Road Driving

Up and coming London Stag favourites

  1. Hovercrafting
  2. Canyonning
  3. Adventure Bus

Top Stag Night Ideas

  1. Club Class Bus
  2. Strippers
  3. Meal
  4. Nightclub
  5. Comedy Club

No, Newcastle scores high on the hot-o-meter for an amazing Stag Do thanks to its naughty party vibe where everyone is up for a laugh rather than trying hard to look cool. If it’s a simple combination of bevvies and beauties you’re after then a Newcastle Stag Do gives it to you straight with its shed-load of nice’n’cheesy clubs offering 2 for 1 deals, cocktail pitchers and cheeky shots (most probably on fire). Fancy something more sophisticated and you can head out to the Geordie Shore territory of Quayside with its swanky bars serving up grog on the Tyne.

Get the lads into one of our double-decker Club Class party on a bus and large it up on the move. We can tour you round the best pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and casinos and give you a night you’ll want to remember. Not that you will remember it after your 12th flaming sambuca, but at least you’ll see the photos on Facebook.

Enquire now about the availability of the Newcastle Club Class bus on 0800 567 7101

Newcastle knows what Stags are after and makes sure that all your go-karting, paintballing, laser-firing and clay pigeon-shooting needs are taken care of. It's also a beautiful city, steeped in history and full of character by day. But when night falls Newcastle really proves itself as the Stag Do capital of the north, and for an added bonus it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to really push the ‘boot oot’ here, either.

Newcastle is THE stag destination of choice. We believe that it's the future. The future’s bright and the future, (like the locals, thanks to the fake tan) is orange.

Remember to try out one of your famous chat up lines on some unsuspecting "George lassie" who will probably blessed with an innate penchant for non stop chatting; and the topic for discussion? - Anything under the sun!

There are countless activities to choose from such as clay shooting, archery, karting, paintball, laser shooting and more. The casinos are also essential stopovers and with an element of luck you could earn a few green bucks that would come handy to enhance your Newcastle stag weekend!

The Club Class party bus will take your stag night to all the happening places in the city where you can enjoy lap dancing, live music and entertainment all through the night. Have a great stag weekends in Newcastle.

Top Packages & Activities

Action Man - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package
As the name suggests you and the guys will see some action during the weekend - plenty to keep you entertained.


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Carry on Partying - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package
Guys its time to get away with one of our best Stag deals....


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Dirty Shoot Out- Newcastle Stag Weekend Package
Weekend Package of Mud and Clays in Newcastle. Includes lap dance, mud buggies, clay pigeon and guest list entry.


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Laugh Your Socks Off - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package
Start your weekend with a laugh and make it last throughout your stay in Newcastle... a few other surprises are in store for you with this package.


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Mud and Clays Stag Weekend Package in Newcastle
Mud and Clays Stag Weekend Package in Newcastle. Includes 2 nights accommodation, lap dancing entrance, clay pigeon shooting, guest list pass.


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Need for Speed - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package
How fast can you go?  This package will certainly sort that out for you..


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No Frills - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package
So you picked the short straw to organise the stag weekend -  no-one wants to pay a load of money - this is so perfect for you.


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Package Quads and Karting in Newcastle
2 nights of central accommodation with this package of quads and go karts. Includes guest list entry and lap dance.


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Paint The Town - Newcastle Stag Weekend Package
So you have your mates to entertain for the weekend...this package will do just that...


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Paintballing and Karting
Package Paintballing and karting in Newcastle. Includes central accommodation for 2 nights, club entry and lap dancing.


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