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Newcastle Stag Day Activities

Daytime Ideas for Newcastle Stag Do

"Howay the lads!" as they say in Newcastle. The "Toon" is easily one of the top stag locations in the whole of Europe! A Newcastle stag day is one that is full of great activities, bucketfuls of drink and lots of Geordie lassies who like to wear next to nothing. So consider this - before you have a mental Geordie stag night, you get to experience all the best that Newcastle can throw at your bunch of crazies during the daylight hours. Check out all the madcap ideas below to find out how to have the most kick ass Newcastle stag day ever!

We have a shedload of different things for you to which we book and manage for you! We can hold and reserve activities and we can combine them together to make the perfect stag day out. You can spend the next two weeks frantically googling for things or you can get us to do the job for you. Since we have organised hundreds of stag dos in Newcastle, you can be pretty sure that we know what we are doing.

Useful Georgie expressions


Non Geordie translation: bed

Usage: "I've had enough. I'm gan to me scratcha."

Scroll down to see some of what we offer!

4x4 Driving Experience

Time to find out what this machine is capable of...or what you can make it do...up steep hills down the other side and through muddy water obstacles - don't be the one who gets stuck...



5 Activity Deal

Spend most of the day at the one location attempting different activities - Karting, 4x4 Off Road Driving, Rage Buggies, Paintball, Archery & Tomahawk and Lunch...



5 a Side Football

Cure the hangover...5 a side football is still the favourite past-time in the UK. Will you have your teams picked before you go or will you be picked last on the day...



Archery Tag Game for Stags

This is an exciting new adrenalin game, mixing archery, paintball and dodgeball together, where players get the chance to shoot each other with specially designed arrows.




Here is an opportunity to twang more than just bra straps at this Archery range. Will you strike gold here?



Brewery Tour

See how a a real brewery functions. Opportunity to purchase award winning real ale in 9 gallon casks, and 20 litre "beer in a box” packs. Perfect for the Stag Do



Bubble Football

So you think you can play football - think again...put on the zorb ball and see if you can kick the ball...



Choose 3 Outdoor Activities Durham

Save a fortune by doing a multi activity day, individually the activities are £39.99



Clay Pigeon Shooting 25 Clays

Imagine the feeling of firing a real shotgun at 25 clay pigeons. How good will you feel if you hit them all?



Club Cruise in Newcastle

Get a hold of your mates and head to the Quayside and board the party boat - a great evening in store.




Are you up for this exhilarating experience of cliff jumping, rock climbing, sea level traversing and sea cave exploration. Do you have what it takes?



Fun Woodland Bush Craft Course Near Consett, Durham

During this bushcraft event in Durham you will learn about woodland craft techniques including fire lighting, axe felling of trees and outdoor cooking.



Go Karting

This outdoor 1200m championship karting track is the best in the North East. With up to 20 karts on the track at any one time this is destined to be the highspot of any weekend



Go karting Indoor - OPEN GRAND PRIX

1hr 45min of Go Karting Indoor in OPEN GRAND PRIX. Includes Practise session: 3 x 10 laps heats each, 1 x 10 lap semi final and professional instructors.



High Ropes Near Stocksfield, Northumberland

3hr session of High Ropes in Northumberland. Includes lots of challenges, team building tasks, professional training and safety equipment.



High Ropes North of Durham

2hr session of High Ropes North of Durham. Includes professional training, safety equipment and lots of physical challenges.



Human Table Football

Always a complete laugh. Human Table Football is 5 a side football event in an inflatable replica of the table football game. Hilarious time both as a player or spectator



Hummer Hire

1hr Cruise in a Hummer around Newcastle. Includes professional chauffeurs and luxurious facilities. Accommodates 10 to 16 passengers.



Its A Knockout Competition for Stags

This is probably the best team game ever- the recreation from the infamous 70's TV hit show. It will have everyone in stitches



Newcastle Clay Pigeon Shooting- 25 clays

Find out how to add this exciting Clay shooting session to your Newcastle Stag weekend. Which of your stags will hit the most targets?



Newcastle Recording Studio Party Experience

Be Madonna, Britney, Christina or Leonna in our 2 hour studio session. Record your favorite track in a CD and then take a mixed copy home.



Newcastle Speed Paintball for Stags

Most popular paintball format in USA for its speed and excitement. Indoor so no mud and dirt! Great daytime stag activity!



Newcastle Stag Quad Biking Session

An adrenalin rush is waiting for your mates and you of course as you negotiate your way round this muddy quad track. Will you still be laughing at the end...



Off Road Buggies

Do you think you can handle the most powerful Rage Buggies in the North East. Will you be able to master them?



Paddle Surfing Lesson Near Tynemouth, North Shields

2hrs pf paddling near Tynemouth, North Shields. Perfect for all ages and abilities. Test the waters with this paddling technique.




With six different game scenarios for all skill levels, this site will set you challenges - your job is to conquer them all...



Pole Jousting Event for Stags

Wallop your opponent with the special Pugil sticks and try to knock them off the posts . Hilarious round robin style event where everyone gets involved



Quad Biking South of Newcastle

You will soon find out why these Yamaha Grizzly quad bikes are called All Terrain Vehicles as you rip round the countryside covering seemingly impossible terrain



Quad Biking Trek with 4 x4 driving , Hexham, Newcastle

Rip round this Hexham estate on fast Honda TRX 250 cc tiptronic quads. Experience 4 x4 off road driving at the hands of an expert.



Quad Biking for Stags Newcastle

Take on the challenge of deep mud, water pools and slippery descents on our Yamaha 4 stoke quad bikes, you will be accompanied by qualified instructors who will explain the bikes controls.



Quad and Off Road Buggies in Newcastle

Quad and Off Road Buggies in Newcastle. Includes professional instructions, safety equipments and lots of fun.



Segway Safari

Whizz over tarmac and zoom round corners on a one hour Segway Safari. Can you master these space-age vehicles which seem to hover over the land.



Stand Up Paddle Surfing Taster Session North Tyneside

2 hour session, either 11am or 2:30pm with all equipments provided near North Tyneside. Professional training, enjoy surfing both for beginners and pro.



Tank Driving

So you want to play with the big machines. The perfect chance to get behind the wheel of some military vehicles...



The Stag Party Geordie Games

Great stag version of the Highland Games, Newcastle style! 10 different games to make for a great half day!



Whitewater Tubing and Cliff Jumping

A full day of drama and excitement! Ride the waves and then see if you have enough bottle left to jump off a cliff.



The Most Popular Stag Day Activities In Newcastle

  • Paintballing
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Go Karting

Exciting Newcastle Stag Day Activity Ideas

"Wey aye, man- keep on reading like" and you will see some of the best Newcastle stag day ideas around.


Holy crap will you guys have an awesome time having a game of paintball here. You blokes will be putting on all this bad ass camo gear including your safety goggles of course, be put into two teams and then you will proceed to blast the hell out of each other! Paintball is just such an awesome way to spend a few hours. What makes a day here even cooler is that they have 8 different game scenarios for you to pick from game scenarios involve things like real warfare, zombies and a ton of other stuff as well!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

I am pretty certain that there is no way to feel more like a big man and over compensate for something that is small than by shooting things with a shotgun! Clay pigeon shooting is an absolute hoot (do people still say hoot?) you guys will be with an instructor who knows all there is to know about shotguns. He will ensure that you maniacs are safe and teach you all how to actually handle and shoot properly. One thing that I highly recommend is that you make sure to keep score and see who is the best shooter in the group.  It is only fair that the best shooter is showered with riches and scantily clad Geordie women.

Go Karting

Karting Nation is the closest place to race go karts in Newcastle. This is just an awesome track that is set over two levels! The second level is a crazy 12 feet in height which when you are driving really fast can be pretty damn scary! This is just such an awesome Newcastle stag day idea! You guys, even those of you who are just absolutely horrible drivers on the Playstation let alone in real life will have a good time here. This is a fast and furious track and flying round it will show who is the best driver. The people who run this love stag groups so you can be sure they will make sure you have a tremendous time.


There is a calm and a serenity that comes with a round of archery that you just do not get with any other sport. You guys will have a quick little lesson then it’s time to see who was actually paying attention to the instructor as you see who can score the highest by smashing those arrows into the targets. This is a lot of fun and it is actually not hard at all to pick up so even people in your stag group who are terrible at sports will be able to do this. Archery is a lot of fun and its not to physically demanding which is great if you cannot be arsed to run around or stuff like that.

Quad Biking

If you fine gents want to get a little bit dirty and have an awesome time in the process then my friends you need to do a little quad biking. This is one of the best places in the North East to go quad biking and it’s a perfect Newcastle stag weekend event. They have acres and acres of land for you guys to ride around. There is a fun track that you can use and really push these quad bikes to the limit and see just how much crazy terrain they can handle. It can be a tough track, but it is always funny as hell when one of your mates loses control and rides into a bush! The staff here are great and will make sure you know how to ride and that you have all your safety gear on. 

Zorb Ball Football

Alan Shearer, Les Ferdinand, Gazza and many more have played for Newcastle now you can…….. well not really, but you can play a fun and crazy game of Bubble Football. Your upper body will be inside a zorb ball and from there on it’s a classic game of five aside football. Except you are actually encouraged to slam into your opponents and send them flying onto their asses! This is just so much fun and even people who are not too keen on football will enjoy this. This is not about skill! It’s just all about having fun and knocking down your mates and then laughing as they struggle to get up.

Even More Fun Newcastle Stag Day Ideas!

That is right lads, The Toon is not done with you yet and here are a few more cool things you blokes can get up to in Geordie land.

White Water Rafting

Hey I was as shocked as you are that you can do white water rafting this close to Newcastle! White water rafting is a fantastic idea for your Newcastle stag weekend! This is an activity that is all about you boys working as a team and pulling together to make it down the rapids with you all alive. I won’t lie some of you might die here……. ok so no one will die, but you may die of embarrassment if you are crying like a little girl! This is a great laugh and for you thrill seekers, white water rafting simply must be an activity that you do!

Canoeing and Kayaking

There is a really cool, Canoeing and Kayaking club in Newcastle which is well worth you blokes checking out. Offering both sports it really depends on your mood as to what one you do. Kayaking is more fast paced and balls to the wall and will see you trying to go really fast. Canoeing on the other hand is a much more slow paced, relaxed type of activity. Honestly both are pretty cool and you cannot really go wrong with either one of these. 

Off Road Rage Buggies

Wow is all you will have to say when you sit behind the wheel of one of these kick ass, rage buggies. The easiest way to describe rage buggies is that they are like a hybrid of go karts and quad bikes……. But they haul some serious ass. These things just rip up the track and you guys will be loving it! You will get very muddy and possibly wet here.  But trust me when I tell you that this is all part of the fun. If you are in the market for a driving experience that is a little bit more hard core, you really cannot beat rage buggies.

Gorge Walking

See a side of the North East that many of your probably did not know existed with a fun day of Gorge Walking! Gorge Walking is all about getting you guys back to nature and feeling like you are on an episode of Bear Grylls. You will be going through all kinds of terrain from climbing up rock walls, jumping into deep water pools and maybe even exploring a few caves as well. You never know what the hell is coming next here. Your guide will make sure you are all safe, but also take you guys to all the cool and interesting spots. This is one hell of an adventure and it would make a great activity for your Newcastle stag do.

Making The Best Of Your Newcastle Stag Day!

The Toon is a crazy place, but if you follow my little mini guide down below you boys will be fine.

Great Breakfasts In Newcastle

If you are looking for something to help your hangover then go to The Fat Hippo where you can get a nice big fat, full English breakfast that will kick that hangover to the curb! Nothing better than some bacon and sausages to get you ready for the day of action ahead.

Grab some Lunch

Ok so Lane 7 may be a bowling alley, but that my friends just makes eating here that little bit more awesome! The main reason that I want to recommend this place to you guys is because they serve some of the best damn burgers in the whole of the North East. These things are freaking huge and so tasty that I could just go for one of these right now!

Taxis In The Toon

Budget taxisDixons Taxis and  Blue Line Taxis are just three of the what seems like a billion taxi companies in Newcastle. So if you have had a hard day gorge walking, paintballing or whatever and cannot be bothered to walk just call a cab!

Busiest Time of the year In Newcastle

Newcastle is a pretty busy city most of the time. It is a popular stag and hen do location, is a University city and just a popular tourist destination in general. So it is always going to be busy, but when the Sunderland Air Show is on the whole North East is extra crowded for a couple of days and it leads to the roads and public transport being a nightmare!

Sport In Newcastle

Home to Newcastle United, Geordies are very passionate about their club and it does have a very interesting history. Which you can learn all about when you go on a really cool stadium tour of St James Park and see the history of this amazing club. 

The Best Festival In The North East

For a group of blokes the best festival in the North East is The Gateshead Beer & Music Festival you know a festival is awesome when it has beer and music in the title. With plenty of booze, music and other forms of live entertainment going on this is one festival that you will freaking love!

Howay Man I Broke Me Leg

If you do need a little medical treatment, maybe some bandages to cover a bleeding forehead (hey I won’t ask any questions) or some tablets to try and get rid of your hangover then there is a Boots Pharmacy pretty much in the heart of the city centre.

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