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Inverness Stag Party ideas

At one time the people of Inverness were descended from the Caledonians who terrorised the Romans, hammered the Vikings and kept the Angles at bay. Sadly todays populace seem to be descended from Edinburgh zoo

Stag Weekend guide to Inverness with exciting daytime activities and stuff to do and evening and night time bars, clubs and general naughtiness.

Inverness is famous for its spectacular natural finery and the multitude of outdoor activities on offer. From a wild team challenge to an adrenalin pumping motor race or the thrills and spills of water sports,  Inverness offers a range of options to cater to every calling. Kick up the dust and earn a few glances from the pretty damsels around with a no holds barred go karting session.

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What Makes Inverness A Good Stag Do Location!

Inverness is a damn fine highland city and it’s the place that you go to when you want to get back to nature and enjoy the real Scotland…….. But at the same time you still want some of the cool and more practical things that come with staying in a nice city. Inverness is just flat out awesome and it has a fantastic amount of cool stuff you can do during the day where you really make the most of the Scottish outdoors, but the nightlife here is surprisingly good as well.

Inverness as well as having a ton of awesome stuff to do is also perfect for you nature lovers who like to go on a good walk, be it to either see such amazing places as Plodda Falls and The River Ness and take in the scenery. Or if you just need a nice place to go and walk off your hangover.

Great Places To Grab Some Food In Inverness

Inverness Bella Italia

When it comes to Italian restaurant chains the one place you know you are getting a damn good meal every single time is the Bella Italia. They have a great menu with plenty of pizzas (I love the double decker peperoni!) many different other Italian based dishes such as pasta, spaghetti and all other kinds of good stuff.

Saffron Indian Restaurant

This may not be the biggest restaurant in the world, but if you want some tasty, home cooked Indian food then you cannot beat Saffron Indian Restaurant there is just a real family feel to this place and if you like your food spicy then you will love this place!

How To Have Fun In Inverness At Night!

There are many fun things you guys can do at night to make sure you have a wild stag night and here is just a small sample of what Inverness has to offer!

Private Eyes Gentlemen’s Club

If you want to see some of the highland beauties in all their naked glory then you guys will sure as hell want to visit this awesome lap dancing club. This is actually the only lap dancing club in Inverness and as a result they have the pick of only the sexiest lap dancers. So you know that all the ladies here are easily a 10! No matter if you guys are wanting to kick back with a couple of beers and enjoy the show that’s on the stage or if you want to treat the main man to one hell of a sexy private dance, a night here is one you will all remember.

The Den Nightclub

The Den is one of the newest nightclubs to open in Inverness the last few years and this place is just flat out cool. If you guys want to party in a place that has a really cool vibe, decor and some very reasonable priced booze, then The Den is a nightclub that you will want to visit. Also with this being seen as one of the coolest pubs in Inverness many of the local sexy ladies like to party here. So for the blokes in your stag group who are single they may even get lucky!

G’s & Vinyl

What I love about G's & Vinyl is that they offer really a two in one party scene. You see the G’s nightclub is like a modern club that plays all the coolest and latest music. The Vinyl portion of the club is all about the 80’s and 90’s and they have a great retro vibe going on all the time! This is just a great place to party and with two places in one going from one to the other is a right good laugh. And to make things even more awesome they have some crazy deals on drinks here.

Live Entertainment At The IronWorks

One thing that many blokes are looking to do on a stag night these days is take in some kind of live show. Well here at the IronWorks you get a great line up of live entertainment through the year. They have a ton of live bands play at the venue and they also have quite a few live comedy acts playing during the year as well. If you ask me when having a stag weekend in Inverness, you should always check to see who is performing at The IronWorks.

The Best Daytime Stag Things!

While Inverness does have a pretty fun nightlife its said that many people come here for a stag weekend to make the best of the crazy stuff the city offers during the day. Here are four of the coolest things you can do in Inverness on your stag do!


Look I will admit that this is a bit of a trek from Inverness, but if you want to do something that is truly out of the ordinary that will make your stag do something your all remember for the rest of your lives then a day, Canyoning is just perfect. Think of this like you are on the Bear Grylls TV show, but here you will not have to eat goat balls, bugs and other kinds of weird stuff. You will be climbing, running, jumping, swimming and all kinds of other cool stuff. This is really is the adventure of a life time!

4 X 4 Off Road Driving

Now this is a bad ass stag do activity! Here you guys will get to go on a trek that has some parts that simply look impossible! But as this is a 4 X 4 driving adventure your vehicle will just laugh at what is in front of you. The power of these vehicles is just amazing and the instructors are always on hand to offer some advice for some of the more tricky obstacles. This is one hell of a fun day out and I am sure you boys will have a blast here.

Bungee Jumping

If you gents want an activity that is going to put some hairs on your chest then bungee jumping is it! This is one of those thing that at first really is damn scary as you are standing on that ledge, wondering if the rope is going to hold! But as you fall and start to swing, the fear and terror is replaced with a real rush that you cannot get from other activities. There are a few different locations just a short drive from Inverness, but the truth is no matter what one you pick you are in for a fun day……… and possibly a day where a change of pants is a good idea!


Shooting your mates and seeing them wince in pain is something that will always bring a smile to your face! Paintballing will see you guys split into two teams. There are a few different game scenarios for you to pick from, but most of them will revolve around attack and defend. No matter what side you are on, you will want to make sure you do all you can to take down the enemy. If you want a stag do event that makes you feel like you are in a movie or a video game then paintballing is what you boys need to do.

Getting To Inverness

Now if you want to drive all the way up here then via the A9 it is actually very easy to drive here. But to save arguments over who is going to be the designated driver. Train is by far the easiest way for a stag group to get to Inverness. Trains come here from all over the country and if you want you can even get a coach here as well. So while Inverness may have the reputation for being way up in the highlands, you can still get here very easily.

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